April 22, 2022

Chapter 39: I Know That She Has Long Been Deeply in Love with Me

Zhizhi hummed a song in a good mood and returned to the Qins’ house.

As soon as she got out of the taxi, she found that something seemed to be wrong with the Qin family. All the servants were busy in the yard and the housekeeper was commanding everyone, “Madam will be back tomorrow, so all of you, hurry up!

“I’m telling you that there can’t be a bug, an ant, or anything that neither Madam nor the eldest miss like on the ground! Understood?!”

Zhizhi raised her eyebrows. The original owner’s mother is coming back?

Jianwen said that her mother took Yanran, the eldest daughter, to participate in some kind of competition.

When the housekeeper saw Zhizhi, she was surprised. “Young Miss, don’t you have a fever and should be in the hospital now? Why didn’t you tell me when you were discharged from the hospital, so I can send someone to pick you up?”

“The hospital is too stuffy, so I decided to come home,” Zhizhi responded casually.

She walked inside and took out her cell phone to send a text message to Yifan.

I almost forgot about this stupid brother.

She didn’t come out when she returned to her room. She just kept lying on the sofa on the balcony, holding her cell phone and browsing Weibo and other major short video apps.

After a while, she exclaimed, “Wow! Bai Qinyun’s figure is not bad!”

Soon after that, she muttered, “There are several revealing photos.

“Wow! This one is kind of hot.”

She took out more than a dozen USB flash drives from her bag which she bought on the way, and copied all the videos and photos she found online about Bai Qinyun.

Photos and videos when Qinyun was strip dancing?

Collected, collected!

Revealing photos and videos?

Collected, collected!

Hooking up with a passer-by and with a young man?

Collected, collected!

Dancing on the old man’s lap?

Collected, collected!

That night, Zhizhi’s eyes shined while clasping her cell phone, like a mentally retarded person.

Then suddenly, notifications popped up on her screen because she was tagged to a few messages on WeChat.

She reluctantly stopped dealing with Qinyun’s stuff and opened the group chat on her WeChat.

White Lotus No. 3: [Zhizhi, have you checked the news? Bai Qinyun, the woman that Qingchen brought back, lost her face in public and flew abroad already!]

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Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [I was nearby at the time, so I clearly saw everything. It was too embarrassing. Why did Qingchen find such a woman?]

Green Tea Bitch No. 38: [Here’s the latest video which shows her sitting in that wheelchair, the old man is…]

Zhizhi’s eyes lit up as she watched the video.

She clicked on the download button right away.

White Lotus No. 5: [I also have a photo here. I have seen several moles on her body!]

Naive and Ignorant No. 23: [I have also seen several videos.]

White Lotus No. 7: [I have all the videos and the photos of her!]

Green Tea Bitch No. 1: [Zhizhi, why don’t you come out and say something?]

Qin Zhizhi: [Do you still have more photos and videos of her? None of my more than a dozen 128GB USB flash drives are full yet!]

Everyone in the group chat was rendered speechless.

After searching for Qinyun’s videos and photos, Zhizhi went to bed with her arms around the USB flash drives contentedly. She slept until ten o’clock in the morning and was awakened by Yifan’s call.

She answered the call angrily, “Qin Yifan, are your buttocks no longer in pain?”

Yifan took advantage of the quick break after a class to call her.

Hearing her say this, he immediately became angry as well, “Qin Zhizhi, you really can’t tell good from bad!

“I’m afraid that you will be deceived all the time, so I’ll give you a tip this time!”

Zhizhi rolled over on her bed lazily. “Something happened again?”

“Didn’t you say that you already annulled your marriage contract with Qingchen? Well, it’s now the number one trending on Weibo’s search list. What does Qingchen mean when he said that you will hold an engagement ceremony next month?”

Zhizhi woke up immediately after hearing that.

She sat up on the bed and hung up the call in a snap.

Next, she opened the Weibo app on her cell phone.

Qingchen stood in front of the camera, dressed up like an animal, and talked about it, “I grew up together with Zhizhi and she has long been deeply in love with me. She is not only my sister but also my fiancée. Our engagement ceremony will be held on the ninth of next month.”