April 13, 2022

Chapter 30: Fourth Master, Do We Still Need to Inject the Drug?

Zhizhi lowered her head and saw a little boy who looked like he was carved from white jade, had delicate and fair skin, and refined facial features. He was hugging her legs tightly and his deep eyes seemed to have peach blossoms.

As he looked at her sternly, she actually saw some deep affection from inside of his eyes.

She saw that this child was so cute and fell in love with him at once. She put her hand on the little kid’s head and said, “Kid, I am not your mother. You’ve got the wrong person.”

The little kid’s mouth pouted. “No, you are! You are!

“You are extremely beautiful, charming, outstanding, elegant, astonishing, graceful, extraordinary and refined, delicate and attractive, so you must be my mommy!”

Zhizhi was rendered speechless and asked herself, whose child is this?

She really wanted to know who his parents were because the way he fawned on someone looked similar to her.

She had fawned on people with a lot of flowery words. And for the first time, she was fawned on by someone else, and furthermore, she was somewhat fluttered.

She rubbed the little kid’s hair and said, “You are so discerning and promising at a young age!”

The child’s eyes lit up and he opened his mouth to continue.

Zhizhi seemed to have a sense of perception, so she raised her hand to stop him. “Stop fawning on me, okay? This sister is going to shop now, so go and find your mommy.”

The little kid’s face went blank and he was a little unhappy.

“You are really my mommy!” he exclaimed.

She squatted down with a smile and looked at the little kid. “Kid, what’s your name?”


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“Baby Qiuqiu, I’m telling you, this sister is ruthless and a bad guy, but I’m in a good mood today, so I decided to let you go. So, hurry up and stay away from this sister now, okay?”

After she finished speaking, regardless of the little kid’s expression, she stood up straight and walked inside.

Qiuqiu stomped his feet and wanted to chase her.

But the bodyguard who followed him stepped forward cautiously and said, “Young Master, shall we go home? If the Master finds out that you mistakenly recognize your mother in public, he will be angry.”

Qiuqiu glared at him and yelled, “She is really my mommy!”

“All right, then you have to go home now, okay? You already didn’t go to the kindergarten today.”

Qiuqiu looked at the woman who entered the elevator inside, snorted coldly, and walked inside with his calves. “Go back, I’m going to look for mommy.”

Zhizhi bought a few bags that she liked in a high-end store and had them delivered to the Qins’ house.

Then, she washed her hands in the corner bathroom.

As soon as she came out, a pair of hands suddenly stretched out.

Without saying a word, he hugged her waist from behind and covered her mouth with a towel in one hand.

Zhizhi smelled the scent of chloroform and the alarm bells were ringing in her heart.

She thought that it was over for her this time.


“When will she wake up?”

“It should be soon.”

“Fourth Master, in any case, she is also the young lady of the Qin family, the adopted daughter of the Ye family, so do we still need to inject the drug?”

He only heard the man’s extremely cold and firm voice. “Inject it to her!”

Zhizhi was in a daze and heard a familiar voice in her ear. She was lying on the cold floor and something stuck in her arm all of a sudden, which hurt a little.

In a second, something cold had flowed in.

I must not break!

Sensing what was on her arm, Zhizhi struggled so hard and managed to get rid of the syringe, which fell to the floor.

The man, who injected the drug into her, was startled and looked toward the man beside him. “Fourth Master, she is about to wake up.”

The indifferent man glanced at the syringe on the floor and found that half of the drug was injected, so he waved his hand. The other man received the order, so he stood to the side and stopped talking.

Zhizhi’s thick and curled eyelashes trembled, then she slowly opened her eyes.

She propped up her arms with difficulty, sat up from the ground, and swept her star-like eyes coldly at the indifferent man sitting on the sofa.

“Ye Qingchen.”