April 12, 2022

Chapter 29: Mommy, Please Don’t Unleash Your Beauty to Harm This Baby

Zhizhi came home and took a shower, changed her clothes, then sat at the end of the bed with her cell phone.

There was a message on WeChat that was sent last night, but she hadn’t had time to read it.

The remark on the sender was Green Tea Bitch No. 11.

She sneered and was having a headache now. How many green tea bitches did the original owner add to her contact list?

She clicked on the Contacts icon and took a look.

Oh wow~

She was totally astonished because there were hundreds on the list and all of them had different remarks.

Green Tea Bitch No. 1.

Green Tea Bitch… to the nth.

White Lotus No. 1.

White Lotus… to the nth.

Bitch No. 1.

Bitch No. 2, Bitch No. 3… to the nth.

Furthermore, there were also groups.

Green Tea Bitch Assembly.

White Lotus Assembly.

Imperial Capital Socialites Assembly.

Naive and Ignorant Assembly, et cetera.

There were all kinds of unusual remarks on the contacts list.

She was frightened by the dense contacts list and clicked back on the message.

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [Zhizhi, thankfully, you didn’t drink that glass of wine. The wine prepared by Kexin and the others was drugged. They had planned to throw you unconsciously to Ketai’s side, and then…]

It was a belated concern.

Zhizhi tapped the screen while applying the facial mask. She typed in one line and sent it.

Zhizhi: [Thank you, you are such a good person! If it wasn’t for you, I would have been caught in it!]

The green tea bitch quickly replied, she should have been waiting for Zhizhi’s reply to her message.

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [Zhizhi, you finally replied to me.]

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Zhizhi: [Oh, I went out today and didn’t bring my cell phone, so I just saw your message.]

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [It’s okay! But Zhizhi, don’t hang out with Kexin in the future. That woman is a white lotus and has especially deceived you!]

A smile tugged at Zhizhi’s lips and she even wanted to laugh, but the facial mask was accidentally pulled which scared her, so she hurriedly straightened it back. She typed her reply with a blank expression.

Zhizhi: [If there is something like this again in the future, then please be a selfless, altruistic, noble, and righteous woman, and let me know! I can’t let you risk your life alone to bear their persecution!]

Green Tea Bitch No. 11 looked at her cell phone and the corners of her eyes twitched.

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [Okay! By the way, what is your relationship with Ye Yuchen?]

Qin Zhizhi: [I am his aunt!]

Green Tea Bitch No. 11: [Hehe.]

The screen showed that a message was being typed, but Zhizhi threw away her cellphone already. She took off the facial mask and washed her face, intending to have a good night’s sleep, and not be concerned about the other party’s message at all.

No one could stop her from sleeping.

After rolling the quilt in her arms, the beauty soon fell asleep.


It was noon again when Zhizhi woke up the next day, and she did some stretches while going downstairs.

The servant saw her and said, “Miss, lunch is ready.”

She walked over to the dining table to take a look.

There was a table full of food.

This kind of life where one could wake up naturally after sleeping, wake up with a meat dish on the table, money in the purse, gasoline in the car, and a full battery charge on the cellphone was great.

She now wondered why that woman, the original owner, made herself so miserable just for that scumbag.

Speaking of cars, she had to learn how to drive first.

The original owner traveled with a driver all the time.

After the meal, she carried her bag, dressed exquisitely, then walked out while twisting her waist.

The driver of the Qin family dropped her off at the entrance of the most famous shopping mall in the imperial capital.

Yes, that was right.

Zhizhi, this bitch, looked at her account balance and was excited to squander it.

People came and went into the mall.

This bitch, who suddenly got out of the car, walked lightly and leisurely into the building, with a beautiful and peerless face that displayed a lazy sense of life, like a proud cat walking in her own courtyard.

Many people stopped and stared straight at her.

Zhizhi hooked her lips and was about to look back when a small force suddenly tackled her.

She only heard a child with a milky voice said, “Mommy, you’re beautiful as a fairy who can make me faint. Please don’t unleash your beauty to harm this baby, okay?”

Zhizhi was stunned right away.