February 4, 2022

Chapter 23: Male Lead 1

Aidang hurriedly responded, “Okay, okay, I’ll wait for you here tomorrow!”


After making an agreement, the two of them left separately, as if the transaction just now did not exist.

After this trip, Xiulan gained a lot. She got eighty yuan and so many coupons in one go.

Seeing that it was already noon, she stopped trading. She was afraid that the number of transactions in a day would be too many and she would be easily targeted by suspicion. She went to eat something first and then planned to go home afterwards.

She knew that in this period, the places to eat were all state-owned restaurants.

She saw one just now when she was looking for the black market, so she went straight to the direction of that state-owned restaurant.

When she arrived at the restaurant, there were not many guests inside, just a few tables.

Under normal circumstances, everyone ate at their own homes during these days. Unless they encountered something, such as going out or inviting guests to lunch, they would come to state-owned restaurants, or for some people who had money and tickets and had good financial conditions to eat. Normally, life was relatively tight, so how could people be willing to come to a state-owned restaurant to eat?

Xiulan found a table and sat down. The waiter glanced at her and looked at her clothes. He seemed to think that she shouldn’t be able to afford the food there.

Before she place an order, he probed, “Do you have money and coupons?”

The waiter in this state-owned restaurant was almost the same as the shop assistant in the supply and marketing cooperative. Their attitudes were not very good and the way they ask questions was aggressive.

But Xiulan was too lazy to argue, so she took out her money and food coupons, then responded, “Of course I have, what can I eat without these?”

After seeing the money and coupons she took out, the waiter’s attitude improved a little.

“Comrade, what do you want to eat?”

Zhao Xiulan confirmed first, “What do you have here?”

“We only have rice, then some flour-based and vegetable dishes. Today’s meat supply is already gone.”

Xiulan was a little disappointed, but she could also understand.

After all, there was a shortage of supplies in the year 1960, especially meat. Ordinary people could only eat meat a few times a year.

Even if you had meat coupons, you might not be able to buy meat to eat, otherwise Aidang would not be willing to give her the 250-grams meat coupons.

In the state-owned restaurants, there was also not enough supply of meat.

Originally, she planned to eat something good, but it seemed that she could only make do with it for now.

But as long as the dish was hot, it was better than those miscellaneous grains she ate at home.

She ordered a bowl of noodles and a plate of stir-fried shredded radish. The noodles were served with side dishes, which were considered sumptuous.

The price of the noodles was ten cents and 100-grams food coupons, and the stir-fried shredded radish was eight cents and 100-grams food coupons, so a total of eighteen cents and 200-grams food coupons.

Knowing the prices of different dishes in the 21st century, Xiulan felt that this meal was too cheap.

After she paid the money and the coupons, the waiter went back to the kitchen to let the chef prepare the dishes.

While she was waiting, two men walked into the restaurant.

She had nothing to do, so she looked over.

Both men were tall and strong, and one of them had a square face but with a pair of sword-like eyebrows that carried a bit of heroic spirit. Although not to mention how handsome he was, he was also eye-catching and much better looking than the men in the countryside of this era that she had seen. He was wearing a worker’s uniform, simple and clean, which made people look at him very comfortable.

As for the other person, after she saw him, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

She didn’t expect to see a very handsome guy in this era.