February 3, 2022

Chapter 22: Black Market 3

Most importantly, Xiulan’s hands were full of exquisite and expensive fine grains, but the prices were also so low.

So, Aidang thought that if he bought them and then resold them, he could make a lot of money in the middle.

Seeing that the man didn’t speak, Xiulan thought that her prices were higher, so he didn’t want to buy. After all, she didn’t know the exact prices of grains on the black market and just calculated it according to her own estimation.

While she was thinking about lowering the prices a little bit, she heard him speak again with full excitement. “Girl, then I will give you money and coupons, so you can sell them all to me!”

Although it would cost a lot of money to buy them all at once, it was better to put these foodstuffs in his hands than anything else.

Especially these fine grains, even if they were given away, it was also worthy of face.

“Okay!” Xiulan nodded in agreement. Selling to one person was a sale and selling to two people was also a sale. If she sold them all at once, she could take one less risk.

“All right then… Girl, shall we look for a hidden place to trade?” Aidang suggested.

You had to be cautious when trading, otherwise if you got caught, you would have to go to jail.

In the end, the two of them found a secluded place where there was no one around, so Aidang took out the money from his pockets. Five kilograms of rice cost twenty-five yuan, five kilograms of white flour cost twenty-five yuan as well, and five kilograms of dried noodles cost thirty yuan, for a total of eighty yuan.

He took out eight pieces of ten-yuan banknotes and handed them to her, and then took out some coupons from his pocket. “Girl, I only have these coupons, do you think they are enough? If not, I’ll find a way to collect some more for you. I might have to borrow from my colleagues…”

She looked at them and there were 2.5-kilograms food coupons, 250-grams meat coupons, 250-grams oil coupons, 500-grams sugar coupons, 600-centimeters cloth coupons, and ten-yuan industrial coupons.

She just let it be, since it was almost enough.

She nodded at him. “Okay, this much is not bad!”

After that, she took out the goods from the basket and handed them to Aidang. He checked the foodstuffs and saw that there was no problem, so he quickly received the goods into his basket.

When the two of them had finished the transaction and were about to leave, Aidang asked, “Girl, do you have anything else there? If you have other good things, you can exchange them with me. If you have foodstuffs, you can also save me some. I will collect some money and tickets for you! Of course, a little higher than today’s price is no problem!”

As long as he could get fine grains, he was willing to spend more money. He knew in his heart that he had already taken advantage of her when he bought these fine grains today, and he was afraid that she will not be happy to sell fine grains to him again.

Although Xiulan still had foodstuffs, she thought that she had already taken out so many things this time. If she took some more, she was afraid that Aidang would become suspicious. She had to be more careful and not reveal too much.

So she replied, “I don’t have anything left, but if you want, I can go back and make it up for you. There are foodstuffs like rice and dried noodles, also eggs and canola oil, let me know what do you want!”

When he heard her said that in addition to fine grains, there were eggs and canola oil, he was very excited.

Although it was not easy to get fine grains, you could still get them on the black market, but eggs and canola oil were different.

These things were very scarce, even on the black market, they were rarely available.

Fortunately, he asked this question casually, otherwise he would have missed them.

He hurriedly said, “Girl, get me some, as much as you can!”

“Then I’ll come back tomorrow, shall we meet here again?” she asked.