January 28, 2022

Chapter 16: Go to the County Seat 2

Lijuan became anxious when she was asked to go to work.

She didn’t want to work. How tiring it would be to work. It was much better to be lazy at home and do nothing.

The girls in the city didn’t have to do any farm work and they were so delicate and squeamish.

The more work you do, the easier for you to get tanned. Your skin would not be that white and would become rough. Having dark skin and be extremely skinny, just like a total country bumpkin, she didn’t want to be like that.

But she was unlucky because Weiguo listened to Xiulan’s words. He nodded, and after thinking for a while, he stated, “Lijuan, you will go to work in the production team tomorrow like the rest of our family!”

Lijuan’s face suddenly collapsed, so she hurriedly cast a look of help at her mother.

Yumei tried to persuade her husband, “Weiguo, I also need someone to take care of me at home. So, it is not convenient for Lijuan to go to work, right?”

Xiulan immediately retorted, “Auntie Mei, didn’t you say that there is not enough foodstuff at home? There’s not enough foodstuff to eat, so are you still thinking about having people to serve you? Besides, you don’t really need to have someone to take care of you every day, right? Wouldn’t it be enough for the few of us in our family to help a little bit more?”

Weiguo was not fazed and agreed with his daughter. “Xiulan is right. Right now, earning more work points is the most important thing, so we can get more foodstuff back here! If there is no foodstuff to eat, everyone will starve to death, and it is useless for her to just take care of you here at home!”

“Weiguo…” Yumei was a little unwilling, so she continued to persuade Weiguo.

But today’s events had already made Weiguo a little dissatisfied with her. His biological daughter was working and she even wanted to go to the county seat to beg for foodstuff because his pregnant wife didn’t have enough to eat, but Lijuan was just so lazy at home. He, a father, couldn’t be indifferent and partial to Lijuan, a stepdaughter, and let his biological daughter suffer more. Otherwise, he would owe Xiulan too much.

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“All right, there is no need to discuss this matter anymore, so it’s settled! Lijuan will start working tomorrow to earn work points!” Weiguo said with a stern face.

He rarely got so mad. Seeing him like that, Yumei stopped and didn’t dare to say anything, but she hated Xiulan to the point of gnashing her teeth. Lijuan also had a look as if she wanted to skin Xiulan alive.

Xiulan just ignored the cannibalistic eyes of this mother-daughter pair. After eating, she cleaned up and went back to her room to rest.


The next morning, Xiulan woke up early. Because of the early rush, she didn’t eat breakfast at home. There was nothing to eat at home anyway. On the way, she took a piece of bread and a carton of milk from the space, which solved her breakfast. Of course, it was much more delicious than the unpalatable wowotou.

After walking all the way, she was so tired and out of breath.

Fortunately, she ate some food from the space, otherwise she might not be able to hold on up to the county seat. Compared to her previous life, she didn’t care about such a small amount of exercise at all, but this era was different. She was so poor now. The original owner had been hungry since she was a child and had not eaten well. She had already weakened her body long ago and her physique was not good at all, so she would be exhausted after walking for a long time.

It seemed that not only Xiuzhu’s body needed to be replenished in the future, but also her own body.

After resting for a while, Xiulan continued on her way. Weiguo said that it was a two-hour journey, but she walked for three hours before finally arriving at the county seat.

When she saw the houses in the county seat, she couldn’t believe it, because the appearance of the county seat was too far from what she had imagined.

There was a main road leading to the county seat, with rows of houses on both sides. Not the kind of big and tall buildings, but rows and rows of low houses.