January 27, 2022

Chapter 15: Go to the County Seat 1

Xiulan glanced at Yumei, who was sitting at the table with her head down while eating. This woman had a bad mind again.

Except for talking nonsense to Weiguo, she didn’t seem to be able to do anything else.

Xiulan smiled and replied, “Dad, you told me before that I should carry on the spirit of camaraderie. Isn’t that helping others without asking anything in return?

“Our family does not have enough foodstuff to eat now, but it is also difficult to live now, so we can’t keep thinking about other people’s things! Otherwise, our revolutionary feelings will be tarnished and become impure!”

With Xiulan using such a military banner, if Weiguo said anything to argue, it would appear to be of poor moral character. In this era of pure thoughts, he would definitely suffer criticism and accusations if it was spread out. So, even Weiguo couldn’t refute Xiulan anymore.

Xiulan was afraid that Weiguo would not say anything, but she had an opinion in her heart, so she continued, “Dad, we don’t have much to eat at home and this requires the efforts of our whole family. In this way, I will go to the county seat tomorrow to see if I can beg for some foodstuff to take home. I heard that there are kind-hearted people in the county seat who will give some foodstuff to the poor. If by chance I am able to get some foodstuff back, I can give Auntie Mei something to eat.”

Weiguo looked at her, as he didn’t expect her to take the initiative to propose this.

Thinking of what he had just said, with the intention of accusing her, he felt guilty and panicked.

When he thought about Yumei again, he felt that she was too much. She always said bad things about Xiulan and would say that his daughter was not being considerate of her in everything. Not accepting foodstuff did not mean that it was deliberately leaving her to be hungry, but to uphold good morals.

Under such a comparison, his heart naturally inclined towards Xiulan.

Xiulan didn’t know what her father was thinking in his heart. In addition to avoiding him from turning towards Yumei, she also found an excuse to go to the county seat.

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Weiguo nodded. “Okay then, Xiulan, you can go to the county seat to give it a shot! If you can get a bite to eat, then you can always add some foodstuff to our family. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the team leader to ask for a leave for you!”

“Okay, Dad!” Xiulan responded happily. She was a little excited at the thought of going to the county seat. With so many supplies in her space, only the county seat could serve the purpose of having them.

In addition, she also wanted to see what the county seat looked like. She hadn’t seen the county seat in this era yet.

Because she had never been to the county seat, she asked some questions about going to the county seat. She asked clearly how to go and how long it would take to get there.

The county seat was a long way from the production team. Fortunately, the route was not complicated. You just needed to go all the way south, follow the main road, and you would arrive in two hours by walking.

It was a bit difficult to just walk for such a long distance. But in this era, the transportation was underdeveloped and there was no public transportation for the country folks to go to the county seat, so they could only walk there.

Lijuan poked her chopsticks a few times and sneered. “Everyone hasn’t eaten enough on these days, so how much can you get from begging? I think you just want to be lazy, don’t want to work to earn work points, and just deliberately finding excuses to run out and play! Your mouth speaks so well!”

Xiulan narrowed her eyes, stared at Lijuan and sneered as well. “Lijuan, you have no conscience when you say that! If you say that you are lazy, no one can beat you, right? Have you earned any work points these days?

“It’s because we don’t have enough foodstuff at home and Auntie Mei can’t be hungry, so I can only think of more ways, okay? That’s why I want to see if I can get something to eat when I go to the county seat to beg!

“But what about you? Look at you, what have you thought for this family for you to have the nerve to come and find faults with me?

“We are a family and we should work hard together. Lijuan, I’m just saying that Auntie Mei doesn’t need to be taken care of here, so you should go out and earn more work points in exchange for foodstuffs. Auntie Mei having enough meals is more important! Don’t be lazy at home. Go to work in the production team and earn work points just like us!”