April 6, 2022

Chapter 125: Confused

There is a kind of shame in this world called ‘shame for others’.

Zhang Yansheng had never been ashamed of her unorthodox hairstyle and makeup in her previous life. But when Zhang Heling said in surprise: “Hey, Big Brother Yue, how do you know my game ID?”, she didn’t expect to be ashamed of Zhang Heling in this life and she was really embarrassed.

Without discussing the meaning and ridiculousness of this name, Zhang Yansheng felt numb on her scalp and asked, “How do you know my sister’s game ID?”

This… so she is…

Yue Song covered his face with one hand.

“Xiao He went to the game to ask what gifts she should buy for you. Some people are not good and want to be friends with her. I just warned her… in private, and then recommended this designer to her.” He explained.

Zhang Heling reacted: “You are that big brother! Sister, sister! It turns out that Big Brother Yue is the big brother I met in the game! I just bought this bracelet for you after listening to his recommendation!”

Her face collapsed again: “However, you deleted him afterwards… and I was not allowed to add friends with strangers…”

So, he was the one that…

Seeing Zhang Yansheng’s eyes change, Yue Song hurriedly defended himself: “It’s Xiao He who added me first and I only talked to her three times in total. The first time was when we joined the same team together, the second time was because I was afraid that some bad guys would cheat and talk to her privately, and the third time was when she said she needs to buy a gift for you, and then I was deleted by you.”

It’s really peculiar.

Zhang Yansheng rubbed her forehead: “Why are you still playing games?”

Yue Song was speechless: “I am not much older than you, I am still a student. Don’t think of me as an old man.”

He said that he was still a student, wearing a delicate and crisp suit, with a collar that fits tightly around his neck, and a snow-white shirt. When he spoke, his Adam’s apple moved slightly, handsome and sexy. As soon as the deserted eyebrows and eyes smiled, it was like spring flowers blooming and the breeze was blowing.

Zhang Heling looked to the left, looked to the right, looked around and suddenly realized something.

“You guys! You two!” She announced her great discovery, “It means that you have spoken already before you met in person!”

The little girl’s words seemed to light up something.

Yue Song and Zhang Yansheng looked at each other.

Zhang Heling was excited: “Wow, this is really… so sweet!”

What is sweet? What have you been watching all day long?

Zhang Yansheng heard Yue Song say to Zhang Heling: “After all, we are all in the same city, maybe we have passed by many times without knowing.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes.

It’s true. She brushed shoulders with him at the beginning of rebirth. The fate between them even goes back to their previous lives.

Yue Song also raised his eyes to look at her.

He thought, just as he looked at her in the spotlight of the auction hall, about his disappointment that he failed to meet her at his cousin’s auction event.

He used to resist getting acquainted with her, but now he feels that he should have known her earlier.

Zhang Heling was so excited by the feeling described in Yue Song’s words, and asked, “By the way, Big Brother Yue, what is your game ID name again? What kind of pine is it?”

Yuesong said: “ListeningToPineByTheCreek.”

But he heard Zhang Yansheng’s voice “huh”.

When Zhang Yansheng deleted his sister’s gaming friend, she didn’t remember the other party’s game ID at all. She had an impression of the name “ListeningToPineByTheCreek”, but it was because several classmates had been whispering in her ears during those days: “This ListeningToPineByTheCreek is really a tyrant, like a domineering president.”

“Yes, he can release 100,000 yuan in just a wave of his hand. Look at the time when he sent the rewards to our accounts, they were only one or two minutes apart.”

“I really want to meet this person. He’s really a domineering president.”

“Don’t be stupid, if you have money to this extent, you must already be a bald beer belly uncle.”

“I hate you, can’t people at least dream? But you have to uncover how skinny reality is.”

“You are…” Zhang Yansheng said in surprise, “The video platform…”

Yue Song pursed his lips and smiled: “As I said before, I paid attention to you.”

Zhang Yansheng was stunned, not knowing how to describe her feelings.

Fortunately, the lights went out and the spotlights on the stage came on. Everyone turned their heads and looked around.

The producer took the stage and expressed his feelings about the current situation and dreams of domestic science fiction, and finally said: “Whether this dream can be realized or not, I will leave it to everyone to verify.”

When he got off the stage, the big screen lit up.

Xu Lichen: “Be quiet! Be quiet! Stop talking!”

The movie begins.


……After Xu Lichen covered the retreat, he had only one arm left and shouted, “Go! Go! Leave me alone!”

The comrades-in-arms guarded the scientists and retreated, looking back at him with tears in their eyes.

Xu Lichen’s face was covered with smoke and dust from explosions and flames. He watched his companions pass through the gate at the end of the corridor. The gate was closed… Turning his head, the gate on the other side in front of him had been forcibly opened by the enemy. Xu Lichen yelled frantically and fired into the door. The bullets finally ran out, and the guns made a clicking sound.

Xu Lichen dropped the gun and took off the thunder-like handle around his waist with one arm.

“Goodbye, Earth.” He bit the safety plug with his mouth and shed tears.

The enemy broke in, trying to catch him alive, and tortured him to get the coordinates of the earth. The tide rushed towards him like water.

Xu Lichen pulled out the safety plug with his mouth, and the thunder-like handle exploded into a group of red fireworks with a thunderous sound.

We die together and never leave a living thing for the enemy!

Zhang Huan shed tears. Zhang Heling cried like a dog!

Although Zhang Yansheng knew that the director had added a scene to Xu Lichen later, she didn’t expect to give him this scene.

There are only two lines from Xu Lichen. Before this scene, he played an ordinary soldier with the same background. This final shot of sacrifice, if Zhang Yansheng remembers correctly, was originally given to the actor who looked back at Xu Lichen in tears.

That actor became popular because of this scene. As a group portrait drama,《Leaving the Solar System》became popular with a group of unknown actors.

The plot of the movie was only filmed in the first few decades of the original novel. The Advance ship was destroyed, and the crew captured the enemy ship. After a lot of hard work, they finally returned to the solar system. When Earth appeared in the field of vision, the temporary captain who was in danger let out a long breath —

“We are back.”

“Sorry for the bad news.”

“Earth, please be prepared.”

The powerful and sad BGM sounded, the long subtitles slid, and thunderous applause rang out in the theater.

The lights turned on and the darkness was gone, everyone hurriedly wiped away the tears on their faces. Not to mention Zhang Heling, even Zhang Huan’s eyes were red. Xu Lichen cried like a dog for a long time. In the previous life, he just watched it numerous times and cried once!

Speaking of which, who didn’t have a martial arts dream or a sci-fi soul when he was young.

Even Yue Song’s eyes were reddish. Looking around, Zhang Yansheng was the only one who was sullen, but apparently did not cry.

It’s not that she is cold-blooded, it’s really just… she has been with Xu Lichen in her previous life and has done it 10 times!

Zhang Huan, a man who didn’t bring a tissue on his body, asked Zhang Yansheng for it. Zhang Yansheng took a tissue from her bag and gave it to Zhang Huan.

Xu Lichen also asked for one: “To tell you the truth, I didn’t really want to shed tears at that scene. Director Xie was talking about the drama of that scene at that time, saying that as long as I was heroic, I could make others shed tears. As a result, when I said that line, d*mn it, tears have their own will! I burst into tears! Director Xie said it was very good, so he kept it!”

Zhang Huan wiped his eyes and wiped his nose, and said to Mother Xu, “Xiao Xu has done so well! He said he wanted to be an actor, and I thought he was just playing. But now, I think it’s okay!”

Mother Xu also dipped her eyes with a tissue, her nose was a little red, and she smiled: “He can do whatever he wants, and I will support him.”

The screening is over, but there’s still a lot of segments afterwards. Including the producer, director and some major actors have all taken the stage.

The biggest investor also took the stage to speak. That film and television company invested 150 million yuan. The smile on the person’ face, who came on the stage, shows that he was very satisfied with this investment.

When the premiere was completely over, the audience was interviewed by the media, and many people came to take pictures with the actors and directors.

Xu Lichen was also recognized, and many people came to him enthusiastically for a group photo. Xu Lichen stopped there, but he didn’t have any stage fright at all. His eyes were flying and his pose was very celebrity style!

Zhang Yansheng felt that perhaps Xu Lichen was really delayed in her previous life, and maybe he is really suitable for the entertainment industry.

Zhang Huan asked her, “Will you have dinner with the film party later?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “You can represent us. I agreed to take Hehe to the snack street.”

Zhang Heling wiped her red nose with a tissue again, her eyes swollen, and said, “Sister, let’s go quickly, I’m starving to death!”

She obviously ate a lot of popcorn!

Xu Lichen got rid of the fans, leaned on his mother and said: “I’m not going either, I’ll go to the snack street with them.”

“Okay.” Mother Xu nodded, “Have fun.”

Yue Song came over and said, “Let’s go.”

“Hey, Xiao Yue, are you not going with us either?” Zhang Huan asked.

Yue Song smiled and said: “I’m going with Lichen.”

Zhang Huan’s outlook on Xu Lichen has greatly changed now, and he nodded: “Okay, well, you, young people go and have fun. It is incumbent upon us as parents to do these annoying things.”

Three young people led a child out, and they heard two parents complimenting each other there.

One of them said that Xiao Xu is talented and can become a great weapon in the future.

The other one said that your daughter has an investment vision, and it is enviable that you have such a daughter.

Xu Lichen laughed with a trembling shoulder, and said to Zhang Yansheng: “It’s useless to please him in every way. In the end, I conquered your dad by acting.”

In the west side of the complex where the hotel is located is the famous commercial pedestrian street in B City, and there is also a famous snack street inside.

Yue Song and Xu Lichen were both dressed in neat suits. It was quite appropriate to have air conditioning in the building. When they arrived outside, although it was dark, the temperature did not cool down at all. They both took off their suits and wore only shirts.

One is wearing a white shirt and the other one is wearing a black shirt.

Zhang Yansheng lowered his head and whispered something to Zhang Heling. Zhang Heling couldn’t hold back and laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Xu Lichen said, “Quickly, tell me.”

Zhang Heling covered her mouth: “You two are black and white, like black and white impermanence.”

Yue Song and Xu Lichen glanced at each other, then each moved to the other side and moved farther away.

Zhang Heling was about to laugh to death.

When they arrived at the snack street, Xu Lichen and Zhang Heling were released into the wild, and went to the stalls that were crowded.

Zhang Yansheng asked Yue Song at this time: “Why did you give me a reward of 100,000 yuan?”

Although they haven’t known each other for a long time, no matter how you look at it, Yue Song is not the kind of person who is bored enough to chase stars for rewards. What’s more, it’s a kind of crude and earthy video made by high school students!

“I saw you going out with your classmates during your short vacation and had stayed in a youth hostel. To be honest, I was a little surprised. That kind of environment is a bit unacceptable to me.” Yue Song calmly admitted his worries at the time, “I also thought that since you have a stepmother in your family, I’m worried that you will be treated wrongly in her hands. So, I just used some money to test it out.”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect this to be the case. There were some ripples in her heart.


“I’m not that useless yet, so I won’t let a stepmother abuse me.” She said, “Moreover, didn’t you know from Big Sister Mo that I invested tens of millions of yuan in this movie, how could you think that I have no money?”

“It’s better to know.” Yue Song said.

Although it is evening already, in the heart of a metropolis, there is no moonlight and it is full of city lights. The neon light hit the young man’s face, sometimes yellow-orange and sometimes red-orange.

His gaze fell on Zhang Yansheng’s face: “But worrying makes my heart confused.”

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