March 31, 2022

Chapter 119: Fate

The two sisters went out at noon.

When they arrived at the mall, they had dessert first. There are no big brands in this mall, but there are many small brands at affordable prices. This price level seems to be like coins to them, so they just turn into buy-buy-buy mode at once.

They went to play video games and won a bunch of dolls from the claw machine, and distributed them to the onlooking children. While the sisters sat down and started to do their nails, Yue Song and his roommates set off from the dormitory, ready to go to the internet celebrity restaurant for dinner.

Zhang Yansheng looked at the time and said to the manicurist: “Try to hurry up.”

Even though it was a working day, if you arrived too late, I’m afraid you will have to line up.

When Yue Song and his roommates were seated in the restaurant, Zhang Yansheng and her sister settled their accounts and came out of the nail salon, preparing to go up two floors to the restaurant.

On the upper floor, there are all kinds of training schools for children. From taekwondo to mental arithmetic, calligraphy to guzheng, there is also a Lego World, an infant swimming shop, and a children’s play area. A children’s train slowly circled the corridor. A ticket costs 40 yuan, the same price for adults and children.

Zhang Heling couldn’t help but walk to the train side: “Sister, that…”

“That’s for the little babies, you’re not a little baby anymore.” Zhang Yansheng stopped her and dragged her back, “Let’s go eat. There might be a long queue if we go there later.”

“Sister, there’s a cotton candy shop over there!” Zhang Heling found something better.

“You already picked the restaurant yourself, why do you still want to eat cotton candy?”

Zhang Heling regretted it!

In fact, in the sense of eating alone, burgers, fries, and pizza are more attractive to her than internet celebrity restaurants. But in the guide, she downloaded, everyone strongly promoted the Internet celebrity restaurant, and it has a high recommendation index!

And it carries the word ‘internet celebrity’!

For Zhang Yansheng, ‘internet celebrity’ means low. But for Zhang Heling, a little kid who can only reach the world of adults through the internet, going to a place with the word ‘internet celebrity’ to check in feels like an adult! Very social!

But when she saw the cotton candy shop, she had already forgotten her plan to check the internet celebrity restaurant!

“Sister! It’s just a small spoonful of sugar!” Zhang Heling was reasonable with Zhang Yansheng, “It just looks big. It will not affect the regular meal.”

Zhang Heling finally got her wish. She knew that her sister was a reasonable person.

She happily went up the escalator with the cotton candy stylishly shaped in three colors – pink, yellow, and blue — and continued to the dining floor.

When they reached the upper floor, she looked around and saw the sign of the internet celebrity restaurant she wanted to go to: “Sister, over there!”

She was holding the cotton candy in a good mood and walked forward with a bounce — Zhang Yansheng really looked up to her as she showed her grown up side; but when she was so happy, she was still a child!

Zhang Yansheng silently followed behind.

The corridor is wide, one side has empty spaces in the center of the building, and the other side has the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the restaurants next to each other. Several of them are internet celebrity restaurants. Through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you can see the customers dining inside, and the interesting decoration with different styles.

Approaching their meal point, there were more people than expected. Seeing that the restaurant in front of them was the one they were going to, Zhang Yansheng was about to shout to Zhang Heling “Slow down, don’t hit anyone”, when suddenly there was a commotion in front of her!

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!!!” A man pushed away the person in the way and ran in the direction of the escalator. He also has a knife in his hand!

Behind him, four or five men hurriedly pursued him: “Stop!”

As the light of the knife flashed, the quick-reacting people in front of them avoided both sides. All of a sudden, Zhang Heling, who was running forward with a cotton candy, was directly exposed to the knife-wielding man — she was still firmly blocking his way to escape.

At this time, it was obvious that the child was still a child after all. Zhang Heling was dumbfounded and stayed where she was holding the cotton candy, unable to move! She looked at the hideous man rushing over with a knife in front of her, only to feel her limbs stiff, but her heart seemed to jump out of her throat! She saw the fierce light in the man’s eyes as he stretched out a hand towards her. It doesn’t show that he was trying to push her away, but that posture is more like trying to grab her.

Seeing that there is no escape for him, who else can be more suitable as a hostage than a thin and slender little girl?

However, Zhang Heling suddenly felt a tightness in her waist, followed by her feet off the ground, and her whole body was lifted into the air!

She heard an exclamation. But the arm that picked her up was around her waist, causing her body to be thrown over with her strength, and she was slammed on that person’s side with her face facing the ground.

When the exclamation fell, she turned her head to look, and sure enough, it was her sister who picked her up at a critical moment!

She knew it! Her sister is the strongest in the universe!

Zhang Yansheng stepped forward and picked up Zhang Heling. She lifted her knees, spread her legs, and gave a kick all in one go. Before the onlookers screamed, the man with the knife had already flown out and hit the ground heavily. The knife in his hand also fell from his hand, and the person who immediately caught up with him immediately kicked it aside from a distance. They rushed up and held him down.

All this happened in a blink of an eye.

Zhang Yansheng closed her legs and was about to ask Zhang Heling if she was okay. When she turned her head, she saw a table of young boys looking at her intently on the other side of the floor-to-ceiling glass window in the restaurant.

One of them has deep eyebrows, a straight nose, a perfect jawline, and a face that she can’t forget.

It has been two full years since she was reborn, and the memories of her previous life hidden deep in her heart suddenly came upon seeing his face at this time.

At the last moment when she realized that she was about to face death, lost her strength, unable to speak, and her heart was gripped by great fear and remorse, the handsome young man kept holding her hand and comforted her gently with a gentle voice, telling her not to be afraid.

She still clearly remembered his dry and warm palms.

She also knew that they lived under the same sun, and they would meet again sooner or later in this life — as long as she waited patiently in that place until that day of the year, she would definitely wait until he appeared.

She was only 15 years old when she was born again. She was very patient with the life that she had already gone through once and already knew how to go on. She was not anxious because she could not find him temporarily after the shocking encounter in the mall.

But Zhang Yansheng did not expect that they would meet so early in this life.

This must be God’s will.

Yue Song and the others chose a position close to the floor-to-ceiling glass window. They sat down, ordered food, and occasionally laughed lightly.

When the waiter put the first dish on the table, there was a commotion outside. Everyone, including the waiters, naturally turned their heads and looked at the corridor outside.

The beautiful little girl was holding a colorful cotton candy and standing outside the glass window at their table, as if she had been fixed on that position.

The knife-wielding man stretched out his hand to her.

At a critical moment, when everyone else seemed to be slowing down the flow of time, a young girl dressed exactly like the little girl seemed to be speeding up, stepped forward, picked up the little girl in the waist, raised her knees and extended her legs, and kicked the thug flying with one leg.

Her body is flexible and powerful, her legs stretch smoothly, and her upper body leans slightly in reverse with the force of her legs.

The leg she used for kicking stretched diagonally upwards, not only forming a perfect balance of force with the body, but also slender, straight, firm, and beautiful, making people’s eyes firmly attracted to her and difficult to move away.

The boys who were surprised by the legs even noticed her face when the girl put her legs back and turned her face, and then they were surprised again.

That face is very beautiful and distinctive. Because it’s rare for a girl to have such a fierce heroic aura between her brows and eyes. Thinking back to the astonishing explosive power of the moment when she kicked the thug just now, they know that this heroic aura has its origin.

Of course, Yue Song knows who she is.

Zhang Yansheng.

From the first time he saw her in person and remembered her face, it was hard to forget her again. Later, he saw her videos one after another and knew her name… Up to now, he has been paying attention to her silently for more than a year.

She hasn’t made those videos since October last year. But in the school life uploaded by her classmates occasionally, she can be seen flashing by from time to time.

Yue Song always felt in his heart that high school students were still only underage children, so he knew that he could really get acquainted with her through many channels, but he resisted meeting her prematurely.

But he knew that sooner or later they would really meet, as long as she grew up.

He just didn’t expect that this day would come much earlier than he expected.

This is probably God’s will.

Qian Wei and the others suddenly stopped when they saw the beautiful girl turning her head.

Her gaze penetrated the glass and stared straight at Yue Song.

Yue Song also stared straight at her.

Glass is superfluous and the existence of others is air. The eyes of the girl and the young man collided through the glass, staring at each other, never looking away, as if they were destined to meet.

Qian Wei’s mentality has collapsed for all three of them!!!

These days, the senior sisters who are still in the school dormitory have found jobs, rented houses, and gradually moved out of the dormitory. On the occasion of parting, the senior sisters did not leave regrets for their youth, and they all expressed their secret feelings before leaving.

Yue Song has rejected the confessions of the three senior sisters these days! Using facts to teach Qian Wei and the other roommates, that there are actually only two types of people in the world —

Good-looking people and et cetera.

Some of the men who pursued the thug kicked away the knife, some rushed up to hold the man down, and his arms were put on his back and handcuffed.

Others took out their IDs and showed their identities to the masses, telling everyone not to panic. It turned out that the police had received a report from the masses and sent policemen in plain clothes to catch the wanted criminal.

And Zhang Heling was kicking her legs, she was so uncomfortable!

She was hanging on her sister’s arm, face down, in an inverted U-shaped posture, her feet were off the ground, and her abdomen was strangled, so she couldn’t breathe properly.

She kicked her legs: “Sister!” She wanted to struggle down.

Instead of putting her down, Zhang Yansheng turned her upside down, turned her around for half a circle, and hugged her in her arms.

Zhang Heling was startled and hurriedly opened her four claws, like an octopus. She put her arms around Zhang Yansheng’s neck and wrapped her legs on her waist — this is a koala hug.

She was even holding the cotton candy in her hand, it was all like this, the cotton candy hadn’t fallen!

Zhang Yansheng carried a large number of shopping bags in one hand and Zhang Heling easily in the other hand, and strode into the restaurant.

Zhang Heling hurriedly reminded her: “Wrong, you went the wrong way, not this one!” She chose the internet celebrity restaurant next door.

However, Zhang Yansheng turned a deaf ear. She hugged Zhang Heling and walked directly into the wrong restaurant. Ignoring the question of “For how many?” from the lady who welcomed them, she went straight to the table with four young boys sitting by the window and stopped, looking at Yue Song.

Yue Song also looked at her. Without the glass blocking, the two of them could see each other more clearly.

Zhang Heling was in Zhang Yansheng’s arms, like a little hamster, glancing left and right, feeling the atmosphere weird. After a few seconds, she heard a nice voice asking, “Are you okay?”

Her sister Zhang Yansheng said: “I’m fine. Did it scare you?”

Yue Song pursed his lips and smiled, and his eyes were shining: “A little bit.” It was mainly because he was afraid that the girls would get hurt.

Zhang Yansheng said: “I’m so sorry, why don’t we do it like this, let me treat you for this meal.”

Qian Wei and the other two felt that the world was crazy.

What’s even crazier is that their school roommate didn’t even refuse, and said with a smile: “Okay, thank you very much. Leave your phone number and we will invite you next time.”

The girl agreed without thinking: “Okay.”

There was no opening of “Hello, I am XXX”, and no request of “Can I get to know you?”. The two of them seemed to have known each other in their previous lives, so the achievement of exchanging phone numbers was naturally achieved.

Other men: Is this the fucking world of beautiful people?

Their tears fell.

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