March 30, 2022

Chapter 118: Return of Investment

Zhang Yansheng flew back to K City by herself on Thursday night.

When Zhang Huan saw her, he pretended to be concerned: “Is Xiao Xu okay?”

“He’s fine.” Zhang Yansheng said.

She had already reached the stairs, but suddenly stopped and turned to look at Zhang Huan.

Zhang Huan was inexplicable: “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Yansheng stared at him for a moment, then suddenly said: “It is his mother who did it.”

A sentence with no beginning and no end, but when she stressed the word “is”, Zhang Huan understood it as soon as he heard it.

“I knew it!” He yelled strangely, with an ‘as expected’ expression on his face.

As soon as he raised his head, Zhang Yansheng’s gaze at him felt a little cold, and a little faint. Zhang Huan shuddered suddenly for some reason, and said with a forced smile: “Then you should rest early. Obviously, you have to go to school as soon as possible. Really, you were delayed for a day of school for the sake of their family’s troubles…”

Zhang Yansheng retracted her eyes and made a soft sound from her nasal cavity.

Zhang Huan didn’t hear clearly whether it was “heh” or “hmp”, anyway, it was a sound with a little bit of contempt and coldness.

When Zhang Yansheng went upstairs, he rubbed the goose bumps on his arms.

Seriously, it’s not okay to scare Dad!

But women, like Mother Xu, are really terrible! Fortunately, he was not so unlucky to meet such a woman!

On Monday, Zhang Yansheng seemed to catch a glimpse of Xu Lichen during the break time, but she never saw him again during the lunch time.

In the evening she sent him a message to confirm: “Are you back?”

Xu Lichen replied quickly: “I’m dead! Someone should burn paper offerings!”

Zhang Yansheng: “?”

Xu Lichen: “Crazy make-up lessons!!! (I’mdead.jpg)”

Zhang Yansheng: “Puff!” This is the retribution for being absent from school for a week.

Xu Lichen: “I talked to my mother over the weekend and told her that I want to be an actor in the future. She agreed and she was quite happy. She went to arrange various training sessions for me. She also promised me that if I could be admitted to one of the Big Three, she would get me a film and television company and a gold manager.”

Zhang Yansheng: “I forgot to tell you that there is another chain of contempt, where those who win the grand prize look down on those who can’t get the prize. It’s those major awards, not the kind of messy small awards.”

Xu Lichen: “You just wait!” She’s looking down on people again in such an aggressive method!

This master will show it to you in 10 years!

Soon it was a holiday in May, and the whole Zhang family gathered at the old lady’s place.

Zhao Lanfen said to the old lady in detail: “The results are pretty good. They are all boasting about it on the internet, and we will definitely not lose. It is now being calculated. Just wait a month or two, and we can get our first share. It’s this method, because it will always be broadcast on the internet after the episode is released by the TV station, and we will continue to receive a share…”

This is about Zhang Qi’s TV series.

The old lady kept nodding and sighed: “Right now, the operating method of many industries has been changed by technology. The old generation of us can’t keep up with the changes of the times. In the future, it will be up to the children.”

Zhao Lanfen’s face lit up: “That’s right!”

She asked Zhang Yansheng with concern again: “Is Yanyan movie about to be released?”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “Yes, it’s earlier than I expected.”

Zhao Lanfen asked, “That won’t affect the quality, right?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “It shouldn’t be.”

Zhao Lanfen felt that the profitability of Zhang Qi’s TV series was a sure thing, and she felt very down-to-earth, so she smiled and said to Zhang Yansheng: “When the time comes, it depends on the situation. Even if you lose money, you have to have a good mentality. Originally, it was for you to try, but the family didn’t expect you to make money.”

“I know.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I have a very good mentality.”

Zhang Huan turned his head and rolled his eyes.

On the way home, Zhang Yansheng sat in the co-pilot seat. Zhang Huan said, “Look at your uncle and aunt. What ‘very good performance record’, ridiculed on the internet, a particularly stupid story…”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised: “Did you still search about it on the internet?”

Zhang Huan coughed and said: “Isn’t this because of the push technology? Both on cellphones and computers everywhere.”

Zhang Yansheng stared at him: “Are you nervous?”

“Why should I get nervous about it?” Zhang Huan didn’t admit it, “Your uncle and aunt are right about one thing. I don’t expect you to make money. It’s okay if you lose it, anyway you still have Dad!”

It’s okay to lose tens of millions of yuan.

Liang Yingying rolled her eyes in the back seat.

If he has so much money to burn, he can just give it to her if he has nowhere to spend it!

Why do you have to give it to a child just to lose it?!

Zhang Yansheng asked slowly and rationally: “Would you like to go to the premiere?”

Zhang Huan immediately said, “Yes, yes, yes! Where is the premiere going to be held? I will go with you then!”

Zhang Yansheng said, “It’s currently set in B City for now.” B City is the capital.

“Okay.” Zhang Huan said affirmatively, “Let’s go together then!”

Zhang Heling in the back row: “Sister! Sister!!!”

“…“ Zhang Yansheng didn’t look back, “Fine! I’ll take you there as well!”

Zhang Heling was satisfied.

Zhang Shuocheng: “I…”

“You are too young.” Zhang Yansheng refused.

Zhang Shuocheng: “Humph!”

Liang Yingying didn’t say a word.

If she proposes to go with them, what if Zhang Huan not only rejects her, but also arranges some work for her? Just like before, he let her take care of the children during the holidays.

Liang Yingying would rather live on, not being noticed by Zhang Huan, not arranging things for her, and lingering freely.

It is also good to enter the state of retirement early. At least her girlfriends are envious, they still don’t know where they will go to retire in the future. One by one, they all began to plan how to return to their hometown and find honest people to take care of them.

In July, Zhang Yansheng came home one day and met Zhang Huan on the first floor.

“You’re back.” He asked lovingly, “Would you like to have dinner?”

Now, it’s almost 10 o’clock when Zhang Yansheng comes home every day. So, she is a little surprised: “You haven’t slept yet?”

“My daughter has to study until midnight, while I go to bed so early. I’m afraid my conscience is disturbed.” Zhang Huan said with a smile.

Zhang Yansheng: “?” What is wrong with him today, so garrulous?

While still talking about trivial matters, he followed Zhang Yansheng upstairs.

“How is your final exam review going?”

“Do not be too tired.”

“Why don’t you go to a spa on the weekend?”

“If you do not want to go out, I can call a masseuse to do a home service massage, so you can relax.”

Along the way, he followed her until they reached the door of Zhang Yansheng’s room.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t bear it: “If you have something to say, then just tell me.”

“It’s nothing.” Zhang Huan gathered his fairly dense hair together, leaning his elbows on the wall, and said, “Well, your Sister Qiqi got the share on the drama. Your grandmother asked your uncle for the financial statements.”

Zhang Yansheng declared her innocence and asked, “Did she make a lot of money? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how much others earn, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t really care.”

Zhang Huan was silent for a while: “The return on investment is 1%.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

“Although I’m just a high school student…” She hesitated and said, “But this data…”

She did some mental calculation, one year worth of investment, but only earned a month of pocket money?

“It’s rounded up.” Zhang Huan said quietly, “In fact, it’s only 0.99%.”

Zhang Yansheng said, “…are you serious?”

Zhang Huan continued: “Of course. Why am I making this joke with you? Your grandmother also praised her.”

Zhang Yansheng said: “My grandma?”

Zhang Huan nodded: “Your grandma said that it’s good if you don’t lose money, what you earn is experience.”

In fact, the old lady’s exact words at the time were: “It’s good if you don’t lose money. What you earn is experience. Besides, Qiqi is still so young. Thinking about Xiao Huan’s first investment back then, he lost all his money, so he hid and cried in anger. Your dad and I laughed all night.”

After Zhang Huan finished speaking, he looked at Zhang Yansheng lovingly: “So you have to be mentally prepared. It doesn’t matter if you lose money, what you’ll earn is experience.”

The peerless father is here!

Yanyan should be happy!

Zhang Yansheng was silent for a moment.

“Just give up.” She opened the door and said outrageously, “I won’t lose.”


No one appreciated his good will and it was even destroyed with a closed door. Zhang Huan was angry: “…You really don’t know how high the sky is! So naive! Humph!”

Zhang Yansheng looked at the time. It was past 10 o’clock. She didn’t call and only sent a message to Mo Lin, telling her about Zhang Qi’s return of investment.

Mo Lin quickly replied: “I didn’t expect their data to be so watery. The data obtained by people outside the project is still unreliable. But it’s okay, at least they didn’t lose money, just treat it as an experience.”

But in fact, in another sense, it can also be said to be a loss. Because if you don’t make this investment and use this money for other things, you can achieve a much higher rate of return than 1%.

But… forget it, just don’t lose it. You can’t write two words in one stroke. After all, it’s all Zhang family’s money.

After the final exam, Zhang Yansheng looked at the results. Xu Lichen’s ranking has regressed, but he is still good and will not drop out of class. Sure enough, things at home still have an impact.

She initiated a video call for Xu Lichen: “Are you going to the premiere?” Xu Lichen said: “Wait a minute!”

He moved, walked to the window, and opened the curtains: “Ta-da ta-da~!”

The scenery outside is not K City, and Zhang Yansheng can recognize it.

“Huh? You’re already in B City?” Zhang Yansheng was surprised, “What are you doing there so early?”

“I’m here for class, acting class.” Xu Lichen said, “My mother has a fancy for a teacher and wants to invite him to K City to give me a private class. However, he refused to come and say that instead of performing a one-man show, an actor should interact with other actors. My mother and I both thought it made sense, so I came over. Let me tell you, it is very interesting! And the teacher praised me several times and said that I was talented.”

Zhang Yansheng: “I’m glad that you’re happy.”

“You should come here early, let’s play in B City for a few days.” Xu Lichen said.

“B City has a sunny weather now.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Take your class well.”

Zhang Heling tangled around her after the holiday: “Sister, let’s go shopping, buy clothes, eat cakes, and do our nails.”

These activities… Zhang Yansheng did not hesitate: “Okay! Let’s go!”

The sisters went out.

Yue Song’s roommates did not return home during the summer vacation.

Because the internship that Yue Song arranged for Qian Wei last year benefited Qian Wei a lot, and the roommates had a good relationship with Yue Song, so they asked if he could also help arrange something for them.

Yue Song has arranged for everyone to be interns together.

Qian Wei made a suggestion with the other two roommates, so everyone decided to invite Yue Song to dinner together to express their gratitude. They are already tired of eating at the small restaurants near the school. After discussing it, they all decided to go to an internet celebrity restaurant, so they took a taxi together.

While in the car, Zhang Heling also took out a printed piece of paper: “Sister, I want to do these things today.”

Zhang Yansheng took it over and checked on what kind of plan it was. It’s actually for the XX Shopping Mall, what are the shops for dining, drinking, and so on. The place encircled in red is where Zhang Heling wants to go.

“First, let’s eat some dessert, then go shopping and buy snacks, then play games in the amusement hall, then do our nails, and then have dinner at the internet celebrity restaurant, okay?”

Zhang Yansheng felt that the arrangement was good, and said with satisfaction, “Okay.”

When she grows up, she learns how to arrange things.

Not bad.

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