April 26, 2022

Chapter 102: Remorseful

In the evening, Xiulan also washed up before going to sleep. She planned to go back to the county seat tomorrow, mainly to buy used shoes for Xiuzhu and she would go to the black market to make some trades while she was there as well.

She got up early in the morning and rushed to the county seat.

She first put some grains in the basket, went to the black market, and made a few trades.

This time, aside from getting a total of 180 yuan, she also got a lot of different kinds of coupons and industrial coupons.

In addition, she also got several pieces of jewelry, all of which were jade bracelets.

When she was about to leave the black market, she saw a woman running over and anxiously shouting to her, “Sister! Sister, do you still have foodstuffs there? Yesterday, I didn’t buy from you, but can you sell me some today? I won’t bargain with you anymore. I’ll pay according to the prices you quoted yesterday.”

When Xiulan looked back, she found that it was the woman who haggled on prices with her yesterday.

But the woman’s attitude was different this time. She had a smile on her face and looked at Xiulan with a flattering expression, for fear that Xiulan would not sell her food.

This woman had asked around the black market yesterday and today as well.

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She found that not only was it not easy to buy fine grains, but when she finally found a seller, the prices quoted were much higher than Xiulan’s.

After asking around for a while, all the fine grains she found were all at high prices and the fine grains that Xiulan was selling were really cheap.

So, she was very remorseful and blamed herself for haggling with the prices instead of buying Xiulan’s foodstuffs. Fortunately, she was lucky today and ran into Xiulan again, so she hurriedly ran over to ask. 

Xiulan tugged the corner of her lips. Although she still had foodstuffs in her space, she recalled the woman’s stingy look yesterday and couldn’t bother to sell anything to her now.

“None, everything was sold out. When I tried to sell some to you yesterday, you didn’t want them. My fine grains are very easy to sell and I’ve sold them all to others a long time ago.”

When the woman heard that, her complexion immediately collapsed. She wanted to cry a little, so she asked again unwillingly, “Sister, you really don’t have any foodstuffs there?”

“I really don’t have anything left now. Do you think I’m lying to you?”

“Then Sister, can you still get fine grains in the future? If you can get some later, can you sell them to me?”

Xiulan snorted softly. First, she didn’t want to sell anything to her, and second, she didn’t want people to think that she had a lot of foodstuffs, so she just made some excuse. “Sister, how rare are fine grains now? How can it be so easy to get them? Do you think they are like cabbages?

“I only had a few amounts of grains and if I sell it to someone but he refuses to buy them, then I’d have to sell it to others, so they are all gone now.”

When the woman heard that, she was even more remorseful.

She could have bought fine grains and she could have even bought them at a cheap price, but she ended up not buying them. It would cost her a lot more money to find a new seller now.

It was not easy to earn money these days, so who didn’t want to save a little bit?

The woman couldn’t help but mutter and complain, “Hey, Sister! Why didn’t you leave some to me? If you did, I could have bought them today!”

Xiulan had never met such a person, so she couldn’t help but refute her, “Sister, what you said is wrong. Why should I leave some to you? If you don’t buy my goods, I’ll definitely find someone who will buy them. I don’t have to hang onto you and leave the foodstuffs, especially waiting for you to buy them.

“Foodstuffs are very rare these days. If you turn around from them, then someone will take them away. Sometimes, there would be someone who would offer a higher price than what you can pay.

“I guess you regard yourself so high, so who would want to do business with you?”