April 25, 2022

Chapter 101: Buy Used Shoes

The little girl didn’t even cry when she was injured. She didn’t feel sorry for herself, but she felt sorry for her broken shoes.

Xiulan touched her sister’s head to comfort her. “Xiuzhu, don’t be sad. I will go back to the county seat and ask the kind-hearted people there to see if they have any used shoes you can wear. I will get them back for you.”

Upon hearing that, Xiuzhu felt a little less sad. “Sister, is that true? Can you really get me a pair of used shoes?”

“Yes, it’s definitely possible. The conditions of the people in the county seat are good and they should have some old shoes that they don’t want anymore! If I ask a lot of people, I will be able to meet some good people who are willing to give.”

Xiulan thought in her heart that she would go back to the county seat and buy a pair of used shoes for her sister. It wouldn’t cost much anyway. If it weren’t for the fear of suspicion, she could have taken out the things in her space. She didn’t know how many new shoes there were in her space, and there were all types of shoes as well.

It was a pity that the things in her space couldn’t be taken out. If she went to the supply and marketing cooperative to buy new shoes, it would also arouse suspicion from her family.

So, only some used shoes could be purchased for Xiuzhu to wear.

With Xiulan’s assuring words, Xiuzhu was not so sad anymore and she looked forward to her sister really being able to get her a pair of used shoes, so that she would have shoes to wear.

“Xiuzhu, you have suffered such a serious injury, so just stay at home for the next few days and just rest. Don’t think so much about anything, okay?”

“Mm-hmm, Sister, I will listen to you!”

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While there was no one in the room, Xiulan took out a fried chicken leg from the space and handed it to the little girl.

“Xiuzhu, here. You are injured, so you have to mend your body and eat something good.”

If possible, Xiulan wanted to take out something better for Xiuzhu to eat, but she was afraid of arousing suspicion, even if her sister was still young.

When Xiuzhu saw the fried chicken leg, she opened her mouth in surprise and asked, “Sister, this chicken leg—where did you get this fried chicken? Was it given by a kind-hearted person you met in the town too? How can people be willing to give such a good thing as this fried chicken?”

With that, Xiulan realized that the little girl was not stupid, and fooling her with the reason of begging for food would probably arouse her suspicion, so Xiulan came up with another reason. “It was not given by a kind-hearted person. I actually helped a rich man in the town today. He gave me two fried chicken legs to thank me. I have already eaten one and I saved this one for you.”

A smile was tugged at the corner of Xiuzhu’s lips. “Sister, so this is a good reward for being a good person, right? If you help others, then they will give you good food in return. When I meet someone in need of help in the future, I will also help him.”

Xiulan touched her sister’s head again. “Yes, good people will receive good rewards. We must be kind-hearted and helpful to others. In that way, God will not treat us badly.”


“Come on, eat it quickly!”


Knowing that Xiulan had eaten one already, Xiuzhu didn’t act modestly.

Their family couldn’t eat meat usually. Now that Xiuzhu encountered a whole chicken leg, she couldn’t help being greedy. After a while, she swallowed all of it into her stomach, then she licked the corner of her mouth with more than enough intent, and said to Xiulan with a very satisfied expression, “Sister, the fried chicken is so delicious!”

“That’s right! Then, you should go to bed now. Remember, you’ll have a good rest at home in the next few days. You don’t need to go to work for now. Dad will help you ask for leave from the team leader.

“Also, try not to walk around as much as possible and don’t touch your wound, otherwise, it will be bad if it bleeds.”

Xiulan exhorted anxiously, for fear that Xiuzhu’s wound would worsen.

“Okay, Sister! I understand, I will rest well.”

“Good girl!”