March 10, 2022

Chapter 98: Comparison

Zhang Yansheng turned on her phone and saw the message from Xu Lichen.

“My winter vacation homework is all done!!!”

Not only did he spread out all his homework on the table and took pictures, he also posted an ‘akimbo.jpg’.1叉会儿腰.jpg –

Zhang Yansheng turned off the phone screen and raised her eyes.

“I have done all my homework for winter vacation!!!”

Zhang Shuocheng was too proud of himself with his hands placed on his waist.

School is about to start, so Zhang Yu and Zhang Huan took the children to see the old lady. The old lady asked Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng if they had finished their winter vacation homework. Zhang Heling hadn’t answered yet, and Zhang Shuocheng had already rushed to show off to the old lady.

Everyone laughed.

Zhang Heling also hurriedly said: “I have finished my homework a long time ago. Shuoshuo only finished his homework yesterday.”

Zhang Shuocheng put his hands again on his waist: “Then I will finish my homework on time too!”

“Good, good, you have finished your homework.” The old lady said with a smile, “But think about it, if you can finish it early like your sister, wouldn’t you be able to have more time for fun later?”

After asking the elementary school students, she then asked the high school students: “How about Xiao Lin and Yanyan?”

Zhang Yansheng’s cousin Zhang Lin went to a private school. He said: “We have very little homework during the winter vacation, but we have several practical activities.”

When it was Zhang Yansheng’s turn, she only said simply: “It’s all done.”

Compared with Zhang Lin’s vivid description, Zhang Yansheng can be said to be concise. Zhang Huan glanced at her from the corner of his eye, feeling that she would not please the old lady. Zhang Yansheng knew everything well and ignored him.

Zhang Yansheng is studying in the city’s key top preparatory class. The old lady knows how much homework there will be. What she did this winter vacation, the old lady knew even more in her heart.

She also just smiled and nodded.

Finally, she asked the only college student in the family who was studying.

Before Zhang Qi spoke, her mother had already said with a smile: “Qiqi has been busy talking about a project recently. I am a little afraid that she will delay her studies and want her to finish this matter quickly.”

“It won’t.” Zhang Qi said, “I told you that I won’t delay my studies. The school curriculum is quite relaxing for me.”

The old lady naturally wanted to ask: “What project?”

Her mother said modestly: “She has a fancy for a TV series project and plans to invest money in it.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yansheng raised her eyes to look at Zhang Huan, and Zhang Huan was also looking at her with bright eyes. The father and daughter met and looked at the old lady together.

The old lady’s smile remained unchanged: “What TV series?”

Zhang Yu was a little helpless, but he couldn’t stop his wife and daughter.

His wife was an eldest young lady who was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, and her life has always been smooth. She had the only somersault in her life after marrying him, when she was compared with her sister-in-law, which is not to the favor of the old lady.

He felt that these were all trivial matters. They didn’t live with the old lady and would only see each other once a month, so he didn’t care.

But his wife was just brooding, and she couldn’t be relieved.

After the death of his younger brother’s wife, Zhang Yansheng, his niece, lived with her stepmother. In the past few years, she gradually became irritable and extreme. His wife finally let go of these things in the past, but her niece suddenly seemed to be awakened, and regained her childhood spirituality, who was always being compared to Qiqi in front of the old lady.

The wife suddenly exploded.

She scolded her daughter severely at home to the point where she couldn’t lift her head and would just burst into tears.

Later, he had to take his daughter to invest, so she must not be suppressed by his niece, Zhang Yansheng.

No one can stop his wife from being self-willed, so Zhang Yu had no choice but to compromise and found Zhang Qi a few projects, and took her to choose and analyze. In fact, this TV series project is not his favorite, but Zhang Yansheng is casting a movie, and his daughter also wants to invest in a movie project.

The project looked more secure, and Zhang Yu agreed.

But Zhang Yu knew in his heart that no matter how much his wife said about Zhang Qi in front of the old lady, the old lady must also understand what was going on.

In front of his younger brother and niece, he couldn’t help being a little embarrassed, so he had to keep his face away.

When the old lady asked, his wife smiled and looked at her daughter. Zhang Qi leaned forward and explained to the old lady in detail.

“The original work is very famous, and the author has millions of fans on Weibo.”

“Several leading actors all have their own website traffic.”

The old lady only smiled and listened, and finally nodded and asked Zhang Yu, “How much do you plan to invest?”

Zhang Yu glanced at his wife, who raised her eyebrows at him forcefully. Zhang Yu couldn’t help it, and said, “I plan to give Qiqi 20 million yuan to let her try the water.”

The old lady nodded: “Not bad, even if you lose, it won’t hurt your muscles or bones.”

Both the mother and daughter looked at her expectantly. The old lady was as stable as a mountain, and said with a smile: “Since it is Qiqi’s first investment, then let’s do it. Grandma will support you with another 5 million yuan.”

Zhang Qi is still young, and her mother is a young lady with a passionate face. The smiles on the faces of these two people are not very sustainable.

The old lady gave Zhang Yansheng 20 million yuan!

Zhang Yu said loudly: “Qiqi, you haven’t thanked your grandma yet!”

The mother and daughter woke up from a dream, and hurriedly squeezed out a smile to thank the old lady.

The old lady smiled faintly.

When returning home, Zhang Huan said to Liang Yingying and Zhang Yansheng who were about to get in the car: “You sit behind. Yanyan sits here in the front, let’s talk.”

Liang Yingying was a little dazed. Wasn’t it always the wife sitting in the front and the children squeezing in the back together?

Zhang Yansheng pulled the car door directly and got on the co-pilot seat. Liang Yingying reacted slowly, and she was the last one who got in the car and angrily sat behind Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Huan was driving and was in a good mood. He said to Zhang Yansheng, “Your uncle and aunt, oops, your uncle and aunt…”

Zhang Yansheng rolled her eyes and said, “You almost hummed a little song.”

Zhang Huan hummed: “I just hummed, what’s wrong with that?”

Zhang Yansheng said: “You look like a vile character flourishing and it’s ugly.”

“You know nothing!” Zhang Huan was unhappy, “Let me tell you, you were so young back then and you don’t remember it anymore. Your aunt loved to step on your mother before. Your mother is better than her everywhere, but her family conditions are not as good as your aunt. She doesn’t like your mother anyway and always wants to stay away from your mother. However, she can’t really get away!”

At that time, Zhang Huan and his wife were always both at home and abroad, but their family was always in perfect harmony, a complete state of happiness in life.

Since his wife became ill, he hasn’t been so happy anymore.

“Just saying, your uncle and aunt must have known that your grandmother gave you 20 million yuan, so they are in a hurry. Haha, haha.” Zhang Huan laughed. Sure enough, as Zhang Yansheng described, there is a kind of villain’s determined face.

Liang Yingying, who was sitting in the back, shouted out: “Twenty million?!”

She shouted at Zhang Huan in a sharp and thin voice. With that fierce sound, Zhang Huan was so frightened that the steering wheel in his hand slipped.

“What are you shouting for!” Zhang Huan scolded in the rearview mirror, “You scared me!”

Liang Yingying was dumbfounded for a moment, and asked cautiously: “Well, husband, what’s the matter with 20 million?”

Zhang Huan was frightened, his heart was still beating, and he said angrily: “Yanyan, made an investment. I gave her 10 million yuan and my mother gave her 20 million yuan.”

Liang Yingying felt that her heart was about to burst.

There are actually more than 20 million! It’s 30 million yuan!

“Yanyan, Yanyan is still a child and to give her so much money…” Liang Yingying used her life’s strength to control her expression and tone of voice, “Is it appropriate?”

Zhang Huan only gave her one sentence: “It’s none of your business.” Then, he just ignored her.

Liang Yingying only felt that her temples were beating suddenly, and her blood vessels were about to burst.

Her monthly consumption limit is 200,000 yuan. This is the treatment after her status change. Before the change, when she was just a mistress who was hidden by Zhang Huan, he only gave her an amount of 50,000 yuan a month.

After entering Zhang’s house, the limit was doubled four times. With a dignified identity, living in a large mansion, and having luxury cars with drivers in and out, Liang Yingying really felt that she had ascended to the sky in one step.

Except for the annoying excess baggage left by Zhang Huan’s first wife, she really has nothing to be dissatisfied with.

At the old lady’s place, just now, she heard Zhang Yu and his wife say that they would invest 20 million yuan in Zhang Qi. In her heart, it was just the couple who made a show for the old lady. Zhang Qi was still a student. What kind of project did they invest in? To put it bluntly, Zhang Yu was directing behind the scenes.

When the old lady said that she would support her with another 5 million yuan, Liang Yingying laughed even more in her heart. Well, now she understood, the couple just wanted to get money from the old lady.

She didn’t take this matter seriously, thinking that they really didn’t invest in anything.

But now, Zhang Huan told her that they had invested 30 million yuan in Zhang Yansheng?

Thirty million, it has to be her expense limit as Mrs. Zhang for more than ten years! And he actually just gave it to this child, Zhang Yansheng, casually?

Zhang Qi is at least a college student! At least she’s the eldest granddaughter! What is Zhang Yansheng? She’s just a useless child!

Liang Yingying felt her head booming, and wanted to pinch Zhang Huan’s neck and yell at him: All that money belongs to Zhang Shuocheng! How can you give it to Zhang Yansheng?!

But rationality told her that she couldn’t do that!

As a result, feelings and rationality clash in her mind, and her chest seems to be pressed by a big stone and she can’t breathe. Looking at Zhang Huan in front of her, there was a double image of him. Zhang Yansheng’s voice was heard in her ears and asked mistily: “How about you… invest… drama, invest… report…?”

Zhang Yansheng ignored Liang Yingying and asked Zhang Huan, “How was the return on investment of the TV series you used to invest in?”

Zhang Huan stubbornly said: “Just like that. I didn’t make a lot of money and lost. It’s not very interesting.”

“Big Sister Mo told me that Director Xie directed this movie, because it belongs to a blank area in the domestic film and television field, so everyone didn’t dare to invest, so they financed it externally.” Zhang Yansheng said, “She also said that normal films and television dramas that make a steady profit at first glance will be digested in the industry, and there will be no shortage of funds. Therefore, those who can release financing generally have such problems.”

“She was right and I only learned about it later.” Zhang Huan said, “Cross-industry investment has this kind of risk. It’s not an area you understand, so if you don’t understand, it’s easy to be fooled. Your Uncle Liu was fooled by 80 million yuan before, and all of them were wasted.”

Zhang Yansheng asked, “Then do you think Sister Qiqi can make money on this project?”

Zhang Huan said, “How do I know? I haven’t researched it yet. What conclusion can I draw based on her empty mouth and white teeth?”

Zhang Yansheng knew about the few fresh meats that Zhang Qi mentioned, and even the name of the drama show, Zhang Yansheng had a faint impression. But Zhang Yansheng couldn’t remember what the show was like. She hadn’t watched this drama before, because she was not interested in the subject matter.

“Let me ask Big Sister Mo.” She suddenly remembered.

She immediately called Mo Lin: “Big Sister Mo, do you know about this project?”

What a coincidence, Mo Lin really knows.

“I’m not particularly optimistic about this drama.” Mo Lin said, “If you have other options, I don’t recommend you invest in this project.”

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