April 17, 2022

Chapter 93: Fate 1

In Caixia’s opinion, even if she gave an extra yuan, she still felt that she earned a lot and had taken advantage of Xiulan.

One yuan was not a lot, but Xiulan knew that it was Caixia’s good intention, which also showed that Caixia was generous and had good conduct, unlike the woman who first asked her on the black market as she tried her best to take advantage of other people.

Xiulan smiled cheerfully. “Then I won’t be polite to you. Thank you!”

Caixia also smiled. “You’re welcome, Sister! If you have any more foodstuffs next time, you can sell them to me.”

Xiulan nodded in response, feeling comfortable doing business with such a person, without so many twists and turns.

She decided to sell foodstuffs to Caixia again later on. Of course, she didn’t need to sell too much, as long as she didn’t make people think that she had a lot of foodstuffs then it was okay.

When she was about to leave, as soon as she went out of the door, she bumped into Qingguo and Cheng who were on their way back.

She was surprised to meet Cheng again and couldn’t help but ask herself, how could I meet him here today? Are we really fated with each other?

Both Qingguo and Cheng looked surprised to see Xiulan there as well.

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Qingguo asked right away, “Comrade Xiulan, why did you come to my house? You know where I live?”

Once again, Xiulan was surprised and answered him with a question, “Is this your home?”

“Yes!” Qingguo nodded in response.

Xiulan sighed in her heart. If this is Qingguo’s house, that means that Caixia is his wife, right?

This is too much of a fate, right?

Caixia also came out of the house. Seeing this scene, she was also surprised and asked, “Huh? Do you know each other too? What’s going on?”

Qingguo smiled and replied to his wife, “Do you remember the female comrade I told you the other day who helped me repair the truck? That is Comrade Xiulan!”

Caixia immediately remembered it and had an astonished look. “Ah~ It turns out that this girl is the female comrade who helped you repair the truck before.”

At this moment, she looked at Xiulan differently, with some admiration.

During this era, only masters who had specialized in repairing trucks could repair trucks. Xiulan was a girl who could also repair trucks, which was considered to be more powerful than many men. That was very admirable.

“That’s a coincidence. Today, I went to the black market to buy some foodstuffs. I didn’t find anyone who could trade with me until I met her. She had foodstuffs, so I made a trade with her. But there are so many goods and I didn’t bring so much money, so I brought her to our house,” Caixia explained to her husband.

Qingguo also felt that the world was too small and thought, maybe this was fate.

Caixia enthusiastically took Xiulan’s hand and said, “Sister, since we are fated to meet, then stay and have a meal at my house at noon today.”

Xiulan waved her hand hurriedly. “Sister, don’t be too polite. I don’t want to trouble you to cook.”

But Caixia refuted her, “What’s the trouble? Even if you don’t stay to eat, I will still have to cook for lunch anyway.

“Last time, you did my husband, Qingguo, such a big favor and we haven’t been able to thank you well. What’s wrong with having a meal here?”

Qingguo, who was on the side, also followed suit and said, “That’s right, Comrade Xiulan! Just stay and have a meal here at noon. I originally wanted to find a chance to invite you for a meal. It just so happens that I was lucky enough to buy a half kilo of pork belly at the food store today. So, we’ll cook and eat it together for lunch.”

For people in this era, meat was undoubtedly a very rare thing, and to entertain people with it would not look shabby, so Qingguo proposed it. Otherwise, if there was nothing good to eat at their home, then he would be embarrassed to ask Xiulan to stay for a meal.