March 4, 2022

Chapter 92: Subtle

“Why?” Zhang Yansheng argued, “You have clearly agreed with this project.”

The old lady said, “It’s not about the project itself, it’s because of you.”

Zhang Yansheng looked at the old lady in surprise.

“Yanyan, this is your first investment in life.” The old lady said.

Zhang Yansheng felt that she understood, and she said with great certainty: “But Grandma, this movie project will really make money.”

Zhang Yansheng is very confident.

How high is the return on investment of《Leaving the Solar System》? It is said to be as high as 350%!

The old lady said, “If I think that it will not earn money, then I won’t give you a penny. Yanyan, do you think I am afraid that your investment will fail and can’t afford to lose? You are wrong. I am just afraid that your first investment will be too successful and make too much money.”

Zhang Yansheng was surprised and finally felt confused.

The old lady still wanted to speak, but her son held her arm down. She looked back, Zhang Huan leaned forward, looked at Zhang Yansheng, and said, “Yanyan, you haven’t really made money yet, so you don’t understand it. It’s f*cking cool to make money!”

He actually said foul language in front of the child. The old lady slapped him with her backhand, and said angrily: “Is that the right way to talk?”

“Get into the spirit, just getting into the spirit.” Zhang Huan said to the old lady with a smile, and then looked at Zhang Yansheng, “To say that we are afraid that you will lose money, of course we are. For your first investment, of course we will worry that the investment will fail, lose too much money, damage your confidence, and it will affect you to make other investment decisions in the future.”

“But at the same time, we don’t want you to make a fortune the first time you invest. Because making money is really enjoyable. Especially now, you are still so young, if you make a fortune for the first time, the pleasure is so strong that it is like gambling. It may even suppress the sanity you should have and make you develop a gambler mentality. This is worse than not being able to afford to lose, because mentality is a very important influencing factor when we make investment decisions. Every investment decision should be rational, not impulsive decisions that are stimulated by the pleasure of making money.”

The old lady’s eyes suddenly became wet.

She put her fist against the tip of her nose, sniffed and said, “Do you still remember?”

“Oh, look at you.” Zhang Huan pulled a tissue to the old lady, “How can I not remember? When I made my first investment that year, the old man and you took me to the study room, N this N, N that N, you’ve got so much to say. How can I forget that?”

The old lady blew her nose and said with emotion, “In a blink of an eye, it’s your turn to tell that to Yanyan.”

Zhang Huan also sighed: “Isn’t that, right? I didn’t how time could fly so fast…”

Zhang Yansheng’s paternal grandfather died early, and Zhang Yansheng had no impression of him, so of course she had no feelings.

Her true age is 21, and she still hasn’t reached the time when she can feel the passage of time and the vicissitudes of time. Seeing the old lady and Zhang Huan like this, she could only wait helplessly.

When the emotions of the two of them passed, she said, “I understand what you mean, but if I control the amount of investment because of my own assessment and feel that there is a risk, it will only be a matter of controlling the amount of investment. But if I clearly expect that this project would explode and gave up investing more funds because of what you said, so on the day it exploded, how uncomfortable it would be for me to think that I missed so much money. Have you thought about it too?”

Zhang Huan said bluntly: “I think you feel very uncomfortable now.”

His eyes are quite sharp. After Zhang Yansheng swelled up, she really thought about how much money she would lose if she invested less money. There was indeed a fluctuating mood in her emotions.

Zhang Yansheng said: “How could I feel so good for losing such a great opportunity?”

“So, you think the mentality your grandmother and I told you is just how to face failure and how to control self-expansion?” Zhang Huan said, “Yanyan, you have to learn how to deal with this kind of emotion of ‘what if’.”

The old lady smiled and said, “This is really just right. You think that the movie project you fancy will be a big hit and will make a lot of money, right? But why can’t you make more money, Yanyan?”

Zhang Yansheng pondered for a moment, then raised her eyes: “Because of my limited ability now, I can only persuade you to give me such money, but I can’t persuade you to give me more money.”

She felt uncomfortable that she had missed out on the money she could make, but she never thought that the ‘money she thought she could make’ was beyond her ability.

A person like her who was born with a golden spoon and never worried about money has lost her usual heart before the two words ‘making money’. It can be seen how strong the temptation to make money is for ordinary people.

Under this temptation, it is really easy to make irrational decisions.

Zhang Yansheng came to understand and was relieved.

The old lady and Zhang Huan looked at each other and smiled.

Zhang Yansheng looked at his biological father with a gratifying smile on his face, and suddenly asked in good spirits: “How was the result of my father’s first investment that year?”

The warm atmosphere stopped abruptly, and the air suddenly became quiet.

The old lady turned her face away.

Zhang Huan restrained his smile, tapped the desktop with his knuckles, and said lightly: “Is the result important? What is really important is that we should learn to make rational decisions at a young age. Once this decision is made, no matter what the result is, it must be accepted calmly. A rich third generation like me, a rich fourth generation like you, and more importantly, the accomplishment. Don’t think of it a derogatory term. Ask your grandmother, how many other families who were friends with our family back then can continue up to the present? There are a few more that have fallen!”

Zhang Yansheng stared at him for a while.

Zhang Huan’s eyebrows were awe-inspiring.

Zhang Yansheng: “You lost it?”

Zhang Huan: “…!”

Old lady: “Puff!”

It was Zhang Yansheng’s uncle, Zhang Yu, who rescued Zhang Huan, whose face was already poop-colored.

Zhang Yu pushed the door in a very timely. He came in and asked, “How did I hear that Yanyan is here? Oh, what are you doing?”

Zhang Yansheng politely shouted “Uncle”, Zhang Huan was rescued, and hurriedly told his elder brother: “Yanyan has found a project and wants to invest money. This is to give us a presentation and take the money from our pockets.”

Zhang Yu was very surprised and asked, “Really?”

The old lady smiled and said, “Yes, we have decided to give her money.”

This means that the old lady and Zhang Huan have approved the project that Zhang Yansheng found.

Zhang Yu asked Zhang Yansheng, “Where did Yanyan find the project?”

It doesn’t matter what the project itself is or how much money to invest. Zhang Yu just wanted to know where Zhang Yansheng, a high school student, found a reliable investment project, and where did she get the channel?

Zhang Yansheng said: “Just a few days ago, I went to that forum with grandma. I thought it was very good. I just told my grandma and my dad about it. They agreed.”

Zhang Qi also went to that forum. Zhang Yu said, “Why haven’t I heard Qiqi mention it? Haven’t you gone there together?”

The old lady smiled slightly.

Zhang Yansheng explained: “Sister Qiqi was busy listening to the forum at the time, so I wandered around and met someone.”

So, she found a project that was so reliable enough for both the old lady and Zhang Huan to agree to invest money? Even if they only invested 2 or 3 million yuan for her to test the water, that would have recognized her.

Zhang Yu’s expression was a bit subtle.

He couldn’t help asking, “How much are you going to invest?”

Zhang Yansheng told him: “My dad gave me 10 million. Grandma said before that as long as I can convince my dad to invest money, she will double the amount my dad will give. Therefore, Grandma will give me 20 million. Uncle, those who see it can have a share, why don’t you support me too?”

With her own father and grandmother, it is not Zhang Yu’s turn to give her money. Zhang Yansheng was in a good mood and just made a little joke.

Zhang Yu also knew it, so he scolded her with a smile: “You little money grubber.”

The mood is very subtle.

When he got home in the evening, he called Zhang Qi over and asked, “What have you done in that forum you attended a few days ago?”

Zhang Qi said, “I have been taking care of my grandmother and have never left her side.”

Zhang Yu asked, “How specific is it?”

Zhang Qi was surprised: “I just listened to the forum. I took notes, then had lunch and dinner with Grandma, and took Grandma back to her room in the evening.”

“Then what did Yanyan do?” Zhang Yu asked. When it comes to Zhang Yansheng, Zhang Qi is not angry: “Don’t mention it, she just listened to it honestly all morning. On the first afternoon, she went out and ran around. She didn’t eat with us during dinner. I don’t know what messy people she had met.”

Zhang Yu knew that it must be this ‘messy person’ who introduced the investment project to Zhang Yansheng. Otherwise, Zhang Yansheng, a high school student, where would she find a project investment?

His mood became more subtle, and he looked at his daughter.

He has to say that she has not done well… and he felt that it is really unfair to her if he said that.

They all told her to take care of her grandmother, and she never left her side.

Just talking about taking notes, he can’t say anything about her. She is a student. When she listens to this kind of thing, she can take notes to show that she is serious. Thinking about it this way, he felt that Zhang Qi really has done nothing wrong or even did badly. But Zhang Yu was just uncomfortable, and there was an indescribable awkwardness.

Zhang Yansheng’s aunt came over and asked, “What’s the matter? Why did you talk about the forum again all of a sudden?”

Didn’t he ask their daughter when she came back a few days ago? She heard her say that she took good care of the old lady, and both husband and wife praised her. But she was familiar with her husband, and she could see that his expression was a bit strange.

Zhang Yu said, “Yanyan, she came back from the forum and took a fancy to a film project, and she persuaded my mother and brother to invest money in her.”

His wife and Zhang Qi were stunned together.

His wife asked, “Mom gave her money? How much did she give? Two million? Five million?”

She felt that 5 million would be enough for high school students to play with. After all, children can’t mess around with adults. Five million is not much, but it is also money.

Zhang Qi also listened with bated breath, wanting to know the answer.

Zhang Yu’s expression became more subtle.

“My mother gave her 20 million, and my second brother gave her 10 million. She is going to invest a total of 30 million yuan.”

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