April 12, 2022

Chapter 88: Give a New Pot to Mrs. Chen 2

These days, steamed buns made with white flour were such a good thing. The old man couldn’t recall how long it had been since he had eaten some fine food.

It was not necessary to say that white steamed buns were precious and for people who were often hungry, the temptation was too great.

In addition, his little grandson had just been sick and there was no delicious food at home to make up for his body. With these two white steamed buns, he could keep them for his little grandson to eat. After all, fine grains were so much better than coarse grains.

The old man thanked Xiulan excitedly, “Girl, thank you! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, Grandpa.”

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

If it wasn’t for the kind-hearted old man who brought her to the county seat, Xiulan would not have repaid him with two steamed buns.

In the end, love was said to be mutual and you could only count on others to be kind to you if you are kind to them as well.

After separating from the old man, Xiulan did not go to the black market immediately but went to the supply and marketing cooperative first.

She saw that Mrs. Chen’s pot was really broken previously and thought that it could no longer be used, so she planned to buy a pot and send it over to the Chens’ house.

The last time she went to the supply and marketing cooperative, Xiulan had a deep memory of the shop assistant’s arrogant attitude. So, if there was another place to buy a pot, she wouldn’t bother to go there.

But this time, she was a little surprised by the attitude of the shop assistant because it had really improved a lot.

Upon seeing her come in, the shop assistant was very attentive. “Comrade, what do you want to buy? Tell me what you need.”

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She frowned at the shop assistant’s sudden change of attitude, wondering if the shop assistant had made a mistake.

This shop assistant didn’t treat Xiulan well previously and now, she was so enthusiastic. Xiulan thought that there was something wrong or something had happened with her.

Being stared at like this by Xiulan, the shop assistant smiled embarrassedly and was a little nervous.

The shop assistant kept in mind the words Xiulan said to Xiaohong last time. The shop assistant was afraid that Xiulan would make trouble again if she was dissatisfied with the treatment this time.

Once it happened, she would lose her job, so who did she have to cry to?

The shop assistant wiped the sweat from her forehead and continued to politely ask Xiulan again, “Comrade, aren’t you going to buy anything?”

Xiulan came back to her senses. She didn’t bother with the shop assistant’s change of attitude anymore and focused on her purpose which was to buy the thing she needed first.

She asked the shop assistant, “Do you have an iron pot here?”

The shop assistant immediately responded, “Yes! Comrade, take a look, which one do you want?”

The shop assistant took out several kinds of pots sold in the supply and marketing cooperative.

There were iron pots and aluminum pots.

In addition, the pots were also available in different sizes.

Xiulan took a good look at each pot to decide which one to choose.

Excessive use of aluminum pots was not good for people’s health, so she went over and chose one from the iron pots.

As for the size, she chose a slightly larger pot.

The big pot was always better than the small pot. You could cook a little less or more. So, if you bought a small pot directly, you could only cook so much.

However, in terms of price, the big pot was definitely more expensive than the small pot.

Xiulan pointed to the pot she picked and asked, “How much is this pot?”

“This one cost four yuan, plus four-yuan industrial coupons.”

Compared with the prices of other things in this era, the price of iron pots was slightly higher.

Since the country did not have many iron and steel resources, most of which were put into the construction of the country, there were much fewer resources to make these iron products that were needed on a daily basis, so the price of iron pots was so expensive.