February 18, 2022

Chapter 78: Approval

Sure enough, Xu Lichen put the tip of his tongue on his cheeks, and avoided her eyes.

Zhang Yansheng stared at him coldly. He couldn’t stand it and admitted: “The class address book, the teachers all kept them in their drawers, and they are not locked…”

Zhang Yansheng stopped asking. It was either himself or some student, a cleaning aunt or even some teacher who would do it for him. After all, you can find someone who is willing to collect money.

“Are you a pervert? You have to check the address of the person for you to be satisfied?” If Zhang Yansheng had not consciously stop swearing after hearing Zhang Zhiyuan’s words, she would already be foul-mouthed now.

Xu Lichen defended himself and said, “That’s just me pursuing you with all my heart at the right time.”

“Don’t be moved by yourself!” Zhang Yansheng bawled at him, “What pursuing are you talking about? It’s definitely harassment!”

Xu Lichen pointed to the sky and swore: “I only checked your address! I’ve never done it before!”

Zhang Yansheng sneered: “So what? Should I be grateful to you then?”

Xu Lichen felt that he couldn’t continue, so he forcibly changed the subject: “You and your sister get along well? I heard that your younger brother and sister are all in private…”

“You don’t need to worry about that!” Zhang Yansheng said, “Just take care of your own business! What are you going to do with your mother? When will you have a showdown with your dad?”

Xu Lichen said: “My mother said she was not ready yet, so she told me not to alarm my dad.”

Zhang Yansheng sneered: “If you are not stupid, then just listen to your mother.”

Xu Lichen said angrily: “Who the hell is stupid? I promised my mother, so I will pretend not to know anything!”

“That’s fine. There will be opportunities for you to make trouble with them in the future. When the time comes, your mother will definitely make more trouble than you, just follow your mother’s steps, don’t drag her down and do anything bad to her.”

Zhang Heling’s appearance just now reminded Zhang Yansheng: “I talked to my dad a few days ago about your family’s affairs…”

She told Xu Lichen of Zhang Huan’s suggestion. After finishing speaking, she felt dull again and waved her hand: “Forget it, forget it, just pretend that I didn’t say it. I don’t want to make it difficult for you.”

Unexpectedly, Xu Lichen didn’t even veto it with an angry expression, but was silent.

Zhang Yansheng was surprised.

Xu Lichen said after a long time: “If my dad and my mom went to fight each other, my mom said the same thing. I… have promised her to keep a good relationship with my dad, even if they tear their faces.”

Zhang Yansheng hadn’t spoken for a long time, and couldn’t believe that this was something Xu Lichen could do.

“You… can do it?” She asked hesitantly.

Xu Lichen became embarrassed: “Zhang Yansheng! In your heart, am I just a fool who can’t do anything?”

Basically, it is the truth.

Zhang Yansheng asked rhetorically: “What have you done anyway?”

Xu Lichen choked.

He recalled the past and found that… he had grown so big and hearing the word ‘done’, it turns out to be nothing. For the first time, he discovered that he had grown up so big that it could be said that he had never done anything serious.

He had never thought about this before, and suddenly realizing that, he felt strangely disturbed in his heart.

Especially now, there is a comparison between him and his school tyrant brother.

“Zhang Yansheng, don’t look down on me so much!” Xu Lichen became angry. “If I say that I can do it, then I can do it!”

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were full of suspicion. Because in her previous life, Xu Lichen went crazy as soon as he encountered his father and illegitimate son.

Xu Lichen took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart.

“I have to do it even if I can’t do it! I promised my mother! My mother is all alone!” He stretched out a finger and gestured, then opened his palms and gestured again, “One person to deal with so many people like my dad! If I don’t help her, then who will? No one can help her anyway!”

No, your mother is awesome!

Zhang Yansheng knew that Xu Lichen had been fooled by his mother. But Xu Lichen, who was fooled, could control his emotions, go crazy without mentioning his father, and speak so calmly… as if he had grown up.

Zhang Yansheng had a warm feeling in the cold wind of winter.

She pondered for a while and said, “Actually, your parents are like this now, you can’t help much, it’s okay as long as you just don’t mess around. I don’t think your mother expects you to really help her deal with your dad. She would definitely prefer you to go to school and study well. Don’t be full of ambition, we should go to school and study. Don’t smoke and drink all day long, and think about having lung cancer for a lifetime. The final exam is coming soon. Can you still maintain your 100th rank from the bottom?”

As long as Xu Lichen can maintain his ranking at the end of the semester, he can leave the Class 8 next semester and go to the ordinary class.

Even in ordinary classes, the learning atmosphere is a hundred times stronger than that of Class 8. The environment can change people. Just like Zhang Yansheng, a wealthy girl born at the finish line of others, who didn’t dare to relax and work hard in the high-pressure atmosphere of the class, what would Xu Lichen look like if he left the environment of the Class 8?

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t wait to fast forward the time, and wanted to see it now.

Zhang Yansheng’s gaze was so gentle that Xu Lichen was covered in goosebumps!

Xu Lichen found that he still preferred Zhang Yansheng to scold him, beat him, ridicule him, and mock him. If she’s too gentle, he can’t stand it!

“You’re looking down on me again!” He cleared his throat and said uncomfortably, “You just wait, I will definitely get rid of the bottom 100th rank in the final exam!”

“Okay.” Zhang Yansheng said cheerfully, “Even if you can’t be cultivated like your brother, at least stop making that crap out of you.”

In the previous life, even Wang Qian was better than these two fools. At least she was able to graduate from Yi High School smoothly. Unlike the two of them, she was held by her neck and finally expelled from school.

Two invalid numbers.

Zhang Yansheng began to speak venomously again, Xu Lichen immediately felt uncomfortable all over and cursed: “Whose brother is that sh*t? I’m an only child!”

Zhang Yansheng pursed her lips and smiled.

Xu Lichen is not a good talker either. He glanced at her obliquely and said, “Speaking of this, do you really get along well with your sister?”

“Otherwise?” Zhang Yansheng asked rhetorically, “You saw her just now. With such a child, what do you want me to do with her? Do you want me to beat her and abuse her, or disfigure her by pouring sulfuric acid on her face? You choose, if you dare to choose, then I will do it.”

Xu Lichen really couldn’t choose.

The little girl is not as tall as his shoulders. Her hair was jet black and her eyes were bright, her face was white and tender, and her arms and legs were thin. She was afraid that her sister would freeze, so she ran out holding a large pile of clothes upside down. She was well-behaved and polite, and she opened her mouth to know that he was called “big brother”.

If this is his little sister……

Whoever dares to touch a strand of this sister’s hair, he will kill him (neng)!

Zhang Yansheng let out a long white breath.

“Then what should I do? Can you blame her for giving birth to the wrong fetus?” She finally couldn’t help swearing, “These stupid parents don’t need to hold a certificate to take the job. When did they care if their children were willing to be born in their home?”

Xu Lichen felt deeply concerned about it and said angrily: “You have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a driver’s license to drive a car. When it comes to such a big matter as parents, they don’t even have to take an assessment and just go to work, right? Unreasonable!”

“Or else what? If you really want to take the job, at least half of the people are not qualified to have children and become parents. Will the country still be alive?” Zhang Yansheng stomped her feet, “Is there anything else? I’m going in now, it’s freezing cold.”

Her shoes are also worn thin. She is usually used to it. There is a heater in the school, and it will burn her feet by wearing shoes that are too thick.

The eviction order was given, and Xu Lichen could only say, “Okay.”

Putting on his helmet and riding in the motorcycle, Zhang Yansheng stopped him again.

“Brothers and sisters, this kind of thing depends on fate and people.” She said, “Don’t look at me and my sister so that you and your younger brother could have the same relationship. Remember, he is a psychopath raised by a psychopath. It’s definitely not a good cake!”

Xu Lichen said angrily: “Who wants to respect that kind of brother! You’re actually worried about me? I am also worried that you are a saint!”

“A saint to my younger sister.” Zhang Yansheng sneered. “When I beat you to the ground, why didn’t you think that my holy light was shining?”

Do not curse people without revealing shortcomings, and hit people without slapping their faces. Exposing history is too much!

But Zhang Yansheng is still like this, it looks the best when she’s cold and horizontal!

“You are still saving the suffering!” Xu Lichen bucked his mask.

Zhang Yansheng said, “Remember, don’t talk to me if you’re still ranked within the bottom 100. Also, no matter if it’s inside or outside the school, don’t bother me.”

Xu Lichen was going to die of anger, and said bitterly, “You wait!”

The motorcycle roared and went away.

Zhang Yansheng wrapped her coat tightly and trotted home.

As soon as she entered the house, Zhang Shuocheng saw her, and he yelled at her: “Sister! Let’s have dinner!”

He turned his head and yelled inside: “Knock it off, she’s back.”

Zhang Heling ran out: “You’re back, I just wanted to call you for dinner.”

One, two, three.

Since Zhang Yansheng, the Zhang family has had three invalid numbers in the previous life.

Given the opportunity for them to choose, they may not be willing to be born into this home.

Well, Zhang Shuocheng may not necessarily…

Zhang Yansheng glanced at the little Zhang Shuocheng.

She doesn’t have high expectations for him in this life, just for him to not commit crimes.

Zhang Yansheng clawed her hand on top of Zhang Shuocheng’s head: “Let’s go, let’s eat.”

Before going to bed on Saturday night, Zhang Heling played games for a while. When she was about to go offline and go to bed, she suddenly saw the world announcement: “Congratulations ListeningToPineByTheCreek for opening the Orange Martial Arts!”

Huh, ListeningToPineByTheCreek? Isn’t that Big Brother?

Zhang Heling remembers that she sent a friend request to him before, but it seems that she has not received an approval response. How do elementary students understand the social rule of adults that ‘no reply is a kind of reply and failure to accept is a kind of rejection’. She did not hesitate to click on the add friend button again, then logged off from the game, and went to sleep.

At K University male student dormitory.

Yue Song clicked on the friend request prompt, then suddenly paused, and read the name that made him sore: “PurpleEyes?ColdStare?BlackHairTurnedIntoWhite?”

Qian Wei was leaning with one foot on the computer desk, crunching biscuits while typing. Upon hearing this name, he spurted out a mouthful of biscuit crumbs!

“Why is this name so… familiar?” He kicked the table with his foot, and even slid a chair next to Yue Song to take a look, excited, “Yo! Isn’t this the little girl last time?”

He took another look and became even more excited: “Wow, she sent an add friend request again? Lao Yue, you are awesome, from elementary school girls to college girls, you’re taking them all!”

Yue Song shook his head speechlessly, too lazy to pay attention to him, sliding the mouse to click on ‘Ignore’ button.

Qian Wei suddenly stretched out his paw holding down his hand: “Don’t! Do not hurt the little girl’s heart! Which position is missing from your friends list?”

As he said that, he worked hard under his hands.

Then, clicked the mouse on ‘Accept’ button.

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