March 30, 2022

Chapter 77: Zhao Xiulan Piqued His Interest 4

Cheng didn’t express it clearly. Xiulan was still young, so she probably didn’t notice his fondness for her.

Mrs. Chen felt that these two children were very destined for each other. Since Cheng liked Xiulan, she had to pull their strings together and act as their matchmaker.

She smiled and said, “Xiulan, since Cheng said it’s okay, then let him send you off. It will be hard for you to walk back such a long way.”

“All right, I would not be polite then. Thank you, Comrade Jiang.”

“You’re welcome, it’s nothing.” Cheng smiled with a row of big white teeth, which looked very sunny.

When the two went out of the house, the bicycle that Cheng had ridden was parked in the yard.

The bicycle was made in Shanghai, which was already half-old and not new. It was a very cool thing to have a bicycle during that time.

A bicycle would cost more than a hundred yuan, plus bicycle coupons. Ordinary people couldn’t buy it even if they wanted to.

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Especially for the country people, they couldn’t make much money in a year, let alone bought a bicycle with so much money.

Cheng got on the bicycle first. He was tall and could support it on one leg.

Seeing his slender legs, Xiulan couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. He is such a long-legged Oppa!

If he is put in the 21st century, how many little girls will be fascinated to death?!

Although Xiulan was not a love-struck fool, she only had a bit of control over beauty. She had no resistance to a man like him who was so good-looking, smart at school, and capable at work.

“Comrade Xiulan, sit up!” Cheng patted the back seat.

Only then did she come back to her senses. Her cheeks blushed for a moment, then she sat on it.

After saying goodbye to the couple, Cheng rode the bicycle and drove towards the production team where Xiulan lived.

After waiting for them to be far away and out of sight, Mrs. Chen helped her husband back to the house.

“Haha, those two children want me to watch a show. Cheng’s expression is really different when he looks at Xiulan, most likely because he likes her!” Mrs. Chen told her husband what she was thinking.

If she didn’t say that, Mr. Chen would probably not discover it. After hearing that, he said happily, “That’s a good thing! Xiulan is not bad and Cheng is also a good boy. They are really suitable together.”

“That’s right! But they can only do it slowly and can’t rush it all at once. We don’t know how long Cheng will stay in Anxian County. If he can stay here longer, then the two children will have more opportunities to contact each other.”


“This thing called fate has already arrived. We, two old fellows, can play as matchmakers when there are opportunities later. Cheng, when this child gets back here, and Xiulan as well, we need an opportunity to ask their opinions. If both of them feel good about each other, then let’s talk to them directly about it, so as not to miss this fate.”

While the couple were talking, Cheng had already left the county seat with Xiulan and arrived on the road leading to her home.

Sitting behind him on the bicycle, Xiulan didn’t know where to put her hands. If she wanted to sit firmly, she would have to hug his waist, which seemed inappropriate. If she didn’t want to hug it, she wouldn’t be able to sit firmly.

She had no choice but to hold on to the back seat, for fear that she would not be able to stabilize herself and fell off the bike.

But this was not the most embarrassing thing. The most embarrassing thing was that the two of them didn’t know what to say, so the atmosphere was very awkward for a while.

Cheng was not a talkative person, especially in the past twenty years of his life, he never had much contact with girls. Xiulan was the first girl he took the initiative to approach.