March 24, 2022

Chapter 71: Eat Dumplings 2

A half kilo of meat was a lot and there were a lot of shepherd’s purses as well, so Mrs. Chen prepared to make a little bit more dumplings.

Four people would eat at noon. If everyone could eat until full, they would have to eat a lot of dumplings. If they couldn’t finish all of them, then they could keep the rest for dinner or tomorrow’s meals.

Mrs. Chen first went to chop the pork into minced meat and chopped the shepherd’s purses into diced vegetables. She added some salt and mixed them. There was no need to add other seasonings.

If there was meat, then it was already fragrant enough and the shepherd’s purses also tasted good. So, if you mixed them, the taste could be very fresh and fragrant when cooked.

A half kilo of meat and some shepherd’s purses were mixed and made a large plate of filling.

After she was done with the filling, Mrs. Chen scooped out some white flour.

Normally, she would be reluctant to eat these fine grains, but Cheng came to have a meal, so she would bring out any good things at home to serve him.

Xiulan also took the initiative to help her. “Auntie Chen, let’s make dumplings together. Two people can make dumplings quickly.”

If only one person had to do all the job in making dumplings, it would take a longer time.

Mrs. Chen hurriedly waved her hand. “Xiulan, how can I let you work? You are equivalent to being a guest, so there is no reason for the guests to work, okay?

“You can just sit there and relax. This aunt can do it all alone, so no need to come over here.”

Xiulan smiled and still insisted, “I’m idle anyway. Uncle Chen and Cheng were chatting about work, which I don’t understand, so I feel embarrassed sitting next to them. Let’s make dumplings together and have a chat as well.”

After hearing that, Mrs. Chen didn’t refuse anymore and she answered with a smile, “Okay! Then let’s make dumplings together!”

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Xiulan washed her hands and came over to get busy with Mrs. Chen.

Mrs. Chen was in charge of rolling the dough and Xiulan was in charge of wrapping the dumplings.

In her previous life, Xiulan had seldom made dumplings, and when she had a chance, she would wrap the dumplings in various patterns and shapes.

Mrs. Chen was originally worried that Xiulan would not be able to wrap dumplings, but upon seeing the dumplings she wrapped, she couldn’t help but exclaim a few times, “Xiulan, your dumplings look really good! They look better than mine!”

Xiulan was a little embarrassed and said, “Auntie, you’re overpraising me, I just wrap them casually. How can I compare to you?”

“Girl, you are too humble. A good wrapping is a good wrapping. This aunt is telling the truth.”

“Haha, Auntie, these dumplings will be eaten anyway. No matter how fancy they look, the important thing is their taste. Cheng said that the dumplings you made are delicious and I will have to try them later.”

“You kid, why is your mouth so sweet? This aunt will take all the credit for that!” Mrs. Chen’s smile became even brighter.

Not only did Cheng come to have a meal, but the old couple also rarely ate dumplings. In addition, Xiulan was good at coaxing people, and Mrs. Chen felt that she hadn’t been so happy for a long time.

Moreover, after Xiulan and Cheng came over, her empty little house finally gained a bit more vitality.

Unlike before, when the couple was the only one there, other people avoided them, let alone talked and chatted with them like that.

In the same mood as Mrs. Chen, Mr. Chen was also very happy. He chatted with Cheng a lot. Most of them were professional knowledge that Xiulan didn’t understand.

Xiulan now understood what Cheng did for a living. It turned out that he was a railway engineer and he was also a top-notch talent in that field.

For such people who contributed to the construction of the country, it was no wonder that he was different from ordinary people and could even come up with special coupons.