February 9, 2022

Chapter 69: Beaten

Baochi, Private Room No. 806, the music was so loud.

Ever since Xu Lichen answered the phone in the corridor, he had been absent-minded, always raising his eyes to look at the door of the room from time to time.

His friend leaned over, puffing fumes of alcohol, and hit him with his elbow: “What’s the matter? What are you thinking? It looked like you’ve lost your soul.”

Xu Lichen held a cigarette in his hand and breathed out some white air. The old god said solemnly: “I might be beaten…”

The music was too noisy, his voice was low, and his friend didn’t hear him clearly: “Huh? What did you say?”

Xu Lichen smiled and said nothing.

The party here is a kind of environment he is familiar with. His family has a share at this club, and he has taken his classmates to play here since he was in middle school.

His father is very lenient with him, as long as he doesn’t do anything illegal. For other things such as hanging around at school and having girlfriends, his father never cares about them at all.

He has a good father.

But today he answered Zhang Yansheng’s call, it was the first time that the girl who didn’t even look at him took the initiative to contact him, which was a f*cking ‘surprise’ to him.

Although Zhang Yansheng said nothing, Xu Lichen had already guessed in his heart what she was going to do.

This made him so jealous that he wanted to grind his teeth.

From a young age, he can get whatever he wants. Those girls who are shy and reserved are just trying to put on airs. He can coax them with his face alone, not to mention he still has money.

Only Zhang Yansheng is so difficult to get.

She really doesn’t f*cking look up to him!

Xu Lichen couldn’t be convinced no matter what he thought.

He glanced at the door again, lowered his head, and took a sip on his drink.

A friend pushed a school girl from an art school next to him. In the winter, in the hot private room, the school flower wore a low-cut camisole, which was covered with sequins and glittered with bling blings. Rubbing against him, she complained coquettishly that her cellphone was too old, and she really liked the latest model of Fruit.

Xu Lichen retracted his gaze from the door, pushed the school flower back into his friend’s arms, pointed at him with a cigarette and said, “Let him buy it for you.”

His friend smiled and hugged the school flower.

But how could his friend’s face be compared to Xu Lichen’s handsome face which is sharp and clearcut, the school girl was very reluctant, her eyes were unwilling.

Xu Lichen picked up the wine glass again, and when he was about to take a sip, the door of the private room was kicked open with a “bang”.

Although the music was loud, the movement was so loud that everyone in the room looked over in surprise.

The girl who came in had her black coat wide open, revealing her slim figure. The waist is very thin and the legs are very long. Unlike the colorful hair in the room, her hair has not been dyed, and a black ponytail is tied on her hair behind her head.

Her eyes were also dark and shady, and her gaze was sharp. Unlike the girls in the private room, who all wore contact lenses, their eyes seemed to be out of focus.

She has a snow-white face, and at first glance, she has no makeup, completely makeup-free. In this kind of dimly lit private room with disco ball lights flashing and tumbling, it looks paler and lighter than in normal light, but it is still so beautiful that it surpasses the art school flower.

But she was so imposing that she stood there and glanced around, and the people in the private room were so shocked that no one spoke.

There are many new faces, but there are also a few familiar faces. In the previous life, Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen hung out together, and she knew some people in this private room, and even knew them very well.

The private room was full of smoke, and those heavy makeup and hair of various colors looked like a flurry of demons. Zhang Yansheng had to search for Xu Lichen among this pile of people.

Before others could react, Xu Lichen sighed and stood up on his own.

After taking a few steps and pushing away the person who was blocking him, he walked towards her: “Zhang Yan…”

In the sound of loud music, a punch hit Xu Lichen’s beautiful face with a wild rhythm.

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the flickering light, which looked like an action movie.

Someone danced on the table before and adjusted the lights to a flashing pattern. So, in the sound of the music, the punches and kicks just come and go, flashing like a stop-motion animation.

At this second, Xu Lichen diagonally withdrew and dodged an uppercut!

In the next second, the girl’s slender and powerful leg kicked Xu Lichen in the chest!

In the next second, Xu Lichen fell down on the coffee table, the fruit tray overturned, and the wine bottle fell to the ground!

Then, in an instant, the girl seemed to be in mid-air.

The light cut off the coherence of the movements, and the next moment it lit up, she had already knelt on one knee and pressed Xu Lichen’s chest, and she choked his neck with one hand!

Xu Lichen clutched her wrists with both hands!

These two people who made others feel inferior and stalemate looked at each other in such a posture for a few seconds. Finally, someone in the private room woke up from a dream and turned off the music!

From the loud sound, it suddenly changed to the quiet air. The sound of music coming from the corridor seemed to come from the other side far away.

In the flickering lights, they all felt that everything was so unreal.

Zhang Yansheng said, “Tell them to get lost.”

Xu Lichen panted, holding Zhang Yansheng’s wrist tightly, and shouted, “All of you, go out!”

Some people have already stepped forward, some are still hesitant, some are still confused, and some open their mouths: “Xu…”

“It’s none of your business!” Xu Lichen shouted, “Get lost!”

He has always been the boss, both financially and militarily.

When he said this, the boys pushed the frightened girls, and even pushed and shoved the others, and they all went out together. Others closed the door with interest

The girls were dazed with their coats and bags, while the boys looked at each other outside the door.

“Do you want to call Brother Chang?” Someone asked suspiciously.

Brother Chang is the head of security at Baochi, and the Xu family is a shareholder of Baochi. This is a small base for Xu Lichen to play. His friends and dogs are also familiar with Baochi’s security guards.

The recruits are all veterans, all of whom are tough and can survive in the wild.

In normal times, if they have a conflict with others, they will not hesitate to call Brother Chang. But today……

There was such a beautiful girl who hit the door…

Everyone’s expressions became very subtle.

Someone suddenly asked, “Lichen let her just now, right?”

The air was strangely quiet for a second.

Followed by everyone babbling: “That’s for sure!”

“Do you still need to say that?”

“Lichen can’t beat a woman!”

“This is nonsense! She is so beautiful, I would even let her go, I would rather be beaten! This is being a real man!”

After saying that, everyone suddenly felt relieved.

“Then it’s okay, it’s okay.” They all relaxed and began to smile mischievously, “Lichen is now in a two-person world!”

“Hurry up and disperse, disperse!”

“Don’t fucking be a light bulb with this, are you looking for Lichen to beat you up?”

“It’s still early, don’t leave, let’s go and continue to another place.”


In the private room, although the music was turned off, the lights still flashed on and off.

Xu Lichen held Zhang Yansheng’s wrist and couldn’t break from it at all. He really never dreamed of it, he… could not beat Zhang Yansheng!

When Zhang Yansheng taught Wang Qian’s small group, Xu Lichen vaguely knew that Zhang Yansheng might have been trained, but he didn’t take it seriously.

There are also some decent girls in the fighting club where he trains in boxing, pursuing a tight and fit figure. If they want to really fight, they can’t do it. The innate power gap is still there.

He guessed that Zhang Yansheng must have heard about Zhang Zhiyuan and came to avenge him today. Otherwise, with his 100th place from the bottom rank in the whole year, she would not pay attention to him.

Although his teeth were tickled with jealousy, what he thought in his heart was to calm Zhang Yansheng. He thought it was already a big deal to hit him a few times without fighting back.

It was only Zhang Yansheng’s first punch that woke him up.

When the second punch came, Xu Lichen had already entered a state, and he no longer used his brain to think. It was completely the muscle memory of many years of training, and he instinctively counterattacked.

But in the end, he was still kicked and laid on the coffee table, just like now — Zhang Yansheng pressed one of her knees on his chest and strangled his throat. He struggled and found that he couldn’t turn her over or get up.

His three views were simply broken!

The soundproof door was closed and the room became quiet.

Xu Lichen held Zhang Yansheng’s wrist: “They were all gone, can you let go now?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t let go, but added a bit of force!

“Are you out of your mind?” She said angrily, “Why did you hit Zhang Zhiyuan in our class! Are you f*cking sick? Just because someone provoked you!”

Xu Lichen almost couldn’t breathe. He even wondered if Zhang Yansheng wanted to strangle him, just for that weak chicken boy.

He was also furious: “What the hell is wrong with me! Who is he? How can he be better than me? He doesn’t even look as good as me! You don’t like me, but why do you like him?”

Zhang Yansheng was so angry that she wanted to kill someone: “How can I like him?”

“You…” Xu Lichen wanted to say that he saw it all. The two of them talked and laughed in front of the school.

At that time, Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were full of brisk smiles. After a semester, he had never seen Zhang Yansheng smile at people like that. She never laughed like that even to the girls in her class!

Not to mention that her gaze at the boy was as gentle as water! She said she didn’t like him?

But if Zhang Yansheng doesn’t think she likes that boy, Xu Lichen doesn’t want to wake her up and let her realize it.

He would not do that unless he is an idiot.

He uttered the word “you”, and then held back all the rest of his words.

“Stupid! You are so stupid!” Zhang Yansheng gritted her teeth and cursed, “Do you really think that I because I don’t like you, then I can’t like others? And if I don’t like you, then you’ll just keep on hanging on, right? You think that fierce women are afraid of harassment, right?”

“Do you f*cking think you are Tianliang Wangpo or Long Aotian?”1凉王破 Tianliang Wangpo and 龙傲天 Long Aotian – both are internet buzzwords or names used as reference of a certain character.

“Idiot! I know all your tricks very well! Use it less on me! They won’t work!”

“I already said it a long time ago, what can you do to make me like you? Look at this! You can’t even beat me in a f*cking fight!”

Zhang Yansheng gritted her teeth: “On Monday, you go and find the dean to surrender for me! You have to take this matter to yourself! Just punish yourself and let Zhang Zhiyuan out of it!”

Xu Lichen also felt anger rise in his chest: “He can’t be punished, so it doesn’t matter if I carry all the punishment, right?”

Zhang Yansheng snorted and asked: “Do you even care? Weren’t you very happy last time? You should have been punished this time too! You can’t run away! But don’t fucking drag Zhang Zhiyuan down! He is different from you! He cannot be punished!”

The punishment will be recorded in the file.

Zhang Zhiyuan is a person who wants to go to Q University. That is one of the Top 2 universities, how many people in the country want to squeeze inside.

Q University is not short of Zhang Zhiyuan, and when the time comes to check on his student file, a punishment record on it will make him miss Q University!

Zhang Yansheng would never allow such a thing to happen, let alone because of her and Xu Lichen!

Xu Lichen looked up at Zhang Yansheng’s face.

Her voice was coherent, but her face was interrupted by the flashing lights, and her intense emotions were frozen frame by frame. Each cell is like a prickly rose in full bloom, making people bleed but reluctant to let go.

He thought her iceberg’s indifferent face was glamorous enough, and he thought her gentle smile was bright enough.

But her fierce anger looks even better than that.

It makes people’s blood boil.

The tip of his tongue licked the bleeding wound at the corner of his mouth, and Xu Lichen smiled arrogantly: “Zhang Yansheng, you wish!”

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    凉王破 Tianliang Wangpo and 龙傲天 Long Aotian – both are internet buzzwords or names used as reference of a certain character.