March 13, 2022

Chapter 60: Eat Eggs 1

Lijuan was dumbfounded upon hearing that she was not allowed to have dinner.

She already didn’t eat at noon today. After that long trip back and forth to the county seat, she was really hungry. If she couldn’t have dinner, then she would probably starve to death.

“Uncle Zhao, I know I was wrong. I won’t dare do it again. Can you please let me eat? Boo hoo hoo…”

Even if he saw her crying pitifully, Weiguo stood firm on giving this punishment.

Yumei looked distressed from the side and couldn’t take leaving her own daughter alone, so she pleaded, “Weiguo, since Lijuan knows that she was wrong, then let’s just forget it already, okay? If she doesn’t eat a meal, then she will be so hungry and suffer again. I’m afraid that her body won’t be able to hold on.”

Weiguo snorted coldly. “This girl, she won’t remember it if you don’t punish her. I’ve already considered your face for letting her not eat a meal. If she is my own daughter, I would have beaten her up a long time ago!

“You, as a mother, should not spoil your child so much. It’s because you don’t educate her well so that she can even do this kind of stealing and robbery.”

Weiguo was only a stepfather after all and it was not easy to do anything to Lijuan when he was angry, otherwise, it would be easy for others to say that he was treating his stepdaughter harshly.

But it was definitely impossible to let her go on like this. Who didn’t need to be punished for doing something wrong?

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Starving her for a meal was nothing at all compared to what kind of crime she had committed.

Yumei closed her mouth bitterly.

She knew very well in her heart that if she continued to help Lijuan plead, she was afraid that it would only have an opposite effect and make Weiguo even angrier.

Facing Weiguo’s angry look, Lijuan was too frightened to even fart.

Xiulan watched from the side, only to feel a dark chill in her heart.

Lijuan went to the county seat and committed a crime. The most important thing was to always bring up such a serious matter, so she would be much easier to handle in the future.

At the same time, Lijuan’s behavior also annoyed Weiguo and it left a bad impression on his heart.

It only meant that Xiuzhu and her life at home would be much better from now on. Weiguo would not be as partial to Yumei and her daughter as before.

Knowing that Lijuan was punished for not being able to eat that night, Xiulan deliberately took out five eggs from the space and said, “Dad, I accidentally picked up five eggs in the grass today. I don’t know whose chicken went loose outside, so I just picked them up.

“Dad, you did some heavy tasks today. So tonight, I will cook these eggs for our dinner. These will make up for your body and our whole family can all eat these together.”

Weiguo saw the five eggs in her hands and his gloomy face immediately turned a little brighter.

He realized that his daughter’s luck was too good nowadays.

She actually picked up five eggs.

Eggs were so rare that most people were reluctant to eat them.

They had wasted five yuan for the trouble that Lijuan had caused, so he felt like all his flesh was sore. But now that Xiulan picked up five eggs in vain, it finally made up for the lost money a little bit.

As soon as Yumei saw the eggs, her eyes lit up immediately, staring at those eggs.


She hadn’t eaten eggs for a long time, and when she recalled what they taste like, she swallowed her saliva straight into her stomach.

“Weiguo, eggs are a good thing, so we have to eat them sparingly. The baby in my womb needs supplementation the most, so why don’t you let me have them all by myself? You know that we don’t have many things to supplement our bodies, but the baby in my womb can’t be treated badly!”