January 29, 2022

Chapter 58: Holiday

There was another day of class on Wednesday, followed by the National Day holiday.

Before the festival, Liang Yingying asked Zhang Huan if he wanted to go somewhere to have fun. Zhang Huan didn’t give her a good face: “You go and play with your little sisters. I still have my own business.”

Liang Yingying immediately said, “If you don’t go, then I’ll stay with you at home.”

Zhang Huan was very cold to her: “I have so many affairs and I need peace and quiet. You go play by yourself.”

Liang Yingying carefully probed and found that Zhang Huan really refused to play with her, and didn’t even want to see her at home. Liang Yingying was embarrassed and bitter, and finally made an appointment with her girlfriends to travel.

Zhang Huan turned his head and said to Zhang Yansheng: “Well, where should I take the three of you to play? Where do you want to go?”

Zhang Yansheng held a glass, and asked without lifting his eyes: “You don’t need to accompany your little lover?”

Zhang Huan smiled embarrassedly, and said with a shy face: “You and Hehe are Dad’s little sweethearts.”

Zhang Yansheng got a mouthful of the drink stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t swallow it anymore, making her vomit. When she finally swallowed it, she stood up and said: “I don’t have time, I have prior arrangements.”

“Oh, you’ve made plans?” Zhang Huan, with a little regret, quickly relieved, and said lightly. “Then, Dad will also arrange his own affairs. Do you have enough money to spend? Just tell me if it’s not enough.”

When the holiday came, Liang Yingying and Zhang Huan went to play abroad, as if they did not go separately.

Zhang Yansheng only told Zhang Huan the day before he set off: “This family has enough children.”

Zhang Huan: “???”

Zhang Yansheng: “I don’t need more younger brothers and sisters. It’s much better if you’ll have a vasectomy.”

At the age of 15, she was so naive that she thought Liang Yingying was really Zhang Huan’s ‘true love’.

Later, when she saw Zhang Huan holding a younger and more beautiful girl outside, she realized how ridiculous she was. In fact, Liang Yingying has never really held Zhang Huan’s heart. She was just lucky. Not only did she give birth to a son, but she also ran into the death of his original partner. So, she was able to enter the family with her son honorably.

She didn’t seem to care about Zhang Huan’s colorful flags fluttering outside. She was satisfied as long as her own red flag didn’t fall.

But Zhang Yansheng will never let herself die young again in this life. Since she wants to live well, she can’t help but consider the possibility that her father will create new younger brothers and sisters for her.

According to the degree of failure of his son, Zhang Shuocheng, if she were Zhang Huan, she would just abolish this account and start over.

Zhang Huan couldn’t hold on to his face and coughed: “What are you talking about?!”

Zhang Yansheng sneered: “How do you think Hehe came here, do you think you are a great marksman? Can you still break through the wall accurately? If you want to say that you have no idea at all, don’t say that you’re my grandmother’s son. My grandmother can’t afford to lose this face.”

When did his eldest daughter become so ‘sensible’? Zhang Huan felt a pain in his brain. If children are really not optimistic about you, then you won’t know where they absorb a bunch of useful and useless knowledge.

Zhang Huan had long suspected how Liang Yingying got pregnant with Zhang Heling back then, and he roughly guessed the truth.

But at that time, he and Zhang Yansheng’s mother basically had no married life because of her health. And depending on the situation, it seems unlikely that his wife will give him another child.

Liang Yingying said that she was pregnant, and she faintly expected it to be a boy in her heart, so she allowed Liang Yingying to give birth.

He was slightly disappointed by the birth of a girl. But there is already one, Zhang Heling, so he just allowed her to give birth once again without caring. Sure enough, Zhang Shuocheng was born, which was worth it.

But Zhang Huan would never open up to the 15-year-old Zhang Yansheng about this kind of thing. He could only rub his temples and pretend to be dumbfounded, and said foolishly, “I don’t even know what you are talking about. Don’t worry about adult affairs as a child. Do you have money left? Dad has money and will transfer more to you.”

Zhang Yansheng sarcastically said: “You are so generous, but it is much better if you could directly transfer all your assets to me.”

After speaking, she turned and went back to her room.

“Tsk…” Zhang Huan mumbled, “How could you talk like that? This kid is really not that old nor young…”

He shouted at Zhang Yansheng again: “Then look at your younger brother and sister during the holiday, don’t let them run around~ Dad will add pocket money to you~”

Zhang Yansheng told Zhang Huan that she had arrangements, but she was not talking nonsense. She did arrange things for herself.

She originally wanted to go by herself, but Liang Yingying and Zhang Huan had both gone out to play. She was a little uneasy and wanted to take Zhang Heling with her. But if she only takes Zhang Heling, then Zhang Shuocheng will be left alone at home. The aunts wouldn’t be able to hold him down, so he is bound to go crazy.

In the end, Zhang Yansheng decided to take these two little kids with her.

She dragged both Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng to go to Zhang Huan’s mother — their grandmother.

In her last life, Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother used to let Zhang Huan bring Zhang Yansheng out of shame. Zhang Yansheng also did not bother to take care of these relatives.

But she still saw a lot from her cousin Zhang Qi’s Moments.

Her cousin is really filial, and those who celebrate the holidays every New Year must do their filial piety in front of their common grandmother. Accompany her to live in a villa, accompany her to the beach, and conscientiously entertain her relatives with colorful clothes.

Of course, the rewards are huge. As soon as she graduated, she was taken by her grandmother and guided her personally. In the Zhang family, she has a faint posture of ‘great woman’.

Zhang Yansheng saw that there were people in the group of relatives talking about this matter. Someone said in a sour tone: “This is letting Qiqi take the lead in the family business, right?”

Others said: “It’s not that there is no grandson in the family, there is Xiao Lin.”

“Xiao Lin is younger than his sister. Qiqi is the boss after all. It’s really different to be born two years earlier.”

Whether it was envy or jealousy, the relatives recognized Zhang Qi’s status in the Zhang family in their hearts.

From beginning to end, no one mentioned Zhang Huan’s three children. In this regard, Zhang Huan really failed. It’s no wonder that he had so much white hair afterwards.

Zhang Yansheng called her grandmother before the festival and said that she wanted to accompany her. Grandma was very happy and said, “Okay, I’ll take you to the mountains to play.”

Zhang Yansheng’s grandma has a mountain villa. She is old and is not very interested in feast. When she is on vacation, she often goes to the mountain villa to rest.

When the driver sent Zhang Yansheng and her siblings there, as expected, their eldest cousin Zhang Qi was already by her grandmother’s side.

Zhang Yansheng was really amazed — while she was still silly and arguing with Liang Yingying, her cousin was already working hard towards the position of heir of the Zhang family.

Zhang Yansheng actually didn’t have the idea of arguing with Zhang Qi.

In her previous life, she was not only a trash but also depraved, she was a completely ignorant bastard. In this life, she is still just a 15-year-old girl. It’s too early to say anything.

It’s just that although she has not put Liang Yingying in her eyes anymore in this life, she has never regarded Zhang Huan as a support in her heart as well. In comparison, her grandmother is more reliable.

Zhang Yansheng also has to pave the way for her own future. She and the real power of the Zhang family can no longer be separated from each other like in the previous life.

Grandma was a little surprised when she saw Zhang Yansheng bring Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng. It’s just that she hadn’t spoken yet, but Zhang Qi spoke first.

“Why did you bring these two little kids?” She touched the head of her cousin and said in an irritating but intimate tone, “Seriously, grandma is here to rest. How can these two little kids stay quiet?”

“My dad and their mother have gone abroad. I am not very relieved to leave them at home. If the adults are gone, I can’t count on the aunts to do their best. After thinking about it, I decided to bring the two of them together here.” Zhang Yansheng explained to Grandma.

Grandma nodded, recalling the past, with emotion: “That’s right. You can’t trust any of them. Those aunts don’t know how to fool the children.”

Zhang Yansheng smiled again and said to her cousin Zhang Qi, “Sister, don’t worry, I brought all the ferules.”

As she said that, her hand clasped on the top of Zhang Shuocheng’s head, and she smiled bitterly: “Zhang Shuocheng, do you understand?”

Zhang Shuocheng was discouraged for a second, then lowered his eyebrows and said softly: “I won’t make trouble.”

His second sister also hurriedly helped: “I will look after him too.”

Grandma was surprised: “Oh, is this still our Shuoshuo? Why are you so good? Grandma thought you had been changed with someone else’s child.”

Zhang Shuocheng snorted and pouted. Zhang Heling smiled, covering her mouth.

Grandma pulled her over again and said lovingly, “Our Hehe have also grown up, and she now looks more like a sister.”

While she was talking to Zhang Heling with a smile, she couldn’t help but look at Zhang Yansheng, feeling very relieved.

Yanyan, this child, has really grown up and has the demeanor of an elder sister.

Zhang Qi interrupted in time and said with a smile: “Yanyan is still thoughtful. Unlike me, Xiao Lin is also clamoring to come. When I think about him, that monkey cannot be quiet, for fear that he will quarrel with you. So, I didn’t allow him to follow. Really, if I had known that Shuoshuo was also coming, I would have told him to come too.”

Zhang Yansheng frowned slightly.

The 15-year-old Zhang Yansheng may not be able to hear it, but the 21-year-old Zhang Yansheng later became involved in society. She has seen a lot of green tea and white lotus people, tea language and lotus air, she has seen quite a lot.

When she heard Zhang Qi speak at this moment, the smell of tea came out.

Although the last time they met, she had faintly noticed her cousin Zhang Qi’s sense of competition and suppression of her, but listening to her words of using tea language, Zhang Yansheng’s impression of Zhang Qi was greatly reduced.

In her previous life, the cousin who was excellent in learning and was praised by her elders for her kindness to others, which gave birth to envy, was probably just a beauty from a distance.

But Zhang Yansheng did not pick up the stubble.

She can hear the underlying meaning of her words. Their grandmother, who has been a strong woman all her life, can she also hear it?

Since she was reborn, she discovered that she didn’t really know Zhang Huan before, so she began to re-examine everyone. Back when she was still stupid and self-righteous, she looked at people with filters, which was distorted very badly.

Sure enough, the old lady heard it, patted Zhang Qi on the back of her hand and smiled: “It’s okay, I’m not afraid of noise, and my children and grandchildren are all blessings. I have five grandchildren who can’t be cultivated by others.”

Zhang Qi seemed slightly disappointed, but quickly adjusted, then she chatted and laughed with the old lady.

Zhang Yansheng watched coldly from the side, and gradually, she was able to make a new and clearer position for her cousin.

This is a tea seedling that is growing vigorously.

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