March 3, 2022

Chapter 50: Emergency Rescue 7

In addition to the five kilos of rice, five kilos of white flour, and five kilos of dried noodles that were originally put in the basket, Xiulan put in a kilo of sesame oil, twenty eggs, two pieces of bacon, and ten sausages.

Chinese Sausage
Chinese Bacon

With these, the couple could live a good life for a while.

Seeing these things that Xiulan had taken out, Mrs. Chen was stunned for a while.

Xiulan took out all the good things, aside from those few fine grains, there were also eggs, sesame oil, sausages, and bacon.

Mrs. Chen didn’t even remember how long she hadn’t seen these good things.

Originally, she thought that it would be nice to be able to get a little amount of grains, but who knew that Xiulan would give them so many good things.

She said with a trembling voice, “Xiulan… your goods are too precious. How can I get so many of these?

“If you are willing to exchange some foodstuffs for me, I am already grateful, but this much… I really can’t accept them!”

Even if she wanted them very much and wanted to eat them, her moral integrity was still there, so she felt that she just couldn’t accept them.

But Xiulan smiled and replied, “Auntie, just take them. If you feel that it’s too much, just treat it as I gave them to you and uncle to mend up your health, so don’t be polite to me.

“In my heart, your jewelry is still worth so much more!

“Also, I feel so close to you and uncle, so treat these as my kind intentions.”

Mrs. Chen was moved and speechless for a while, then she took Xiulan’s hand and said, “Xiulan, I really don’t know how to thank you, but I can only say thank you so much, your kindness will always be in my heart.”

She said that with full of emotions, as she really met a good person today. Xiulan saved her and her husband without saying a word, and gave them so much foodstuffs.

With these foodstuffs, they can support them for a while, at least they can survive for now.

For these goods that Xiulan gave them, Mrs. Chen didn’t dare to put them in the open, so she quickly hid them.

In front of Xiulan, she also made no secret of where she hid these foodstuffs.

Xiulan saw her move the coal stove away, and then pried open the floor below, revealing a small basement.

Most people really couldn’t find such a hidden place.

She opened it in front of Xiulan which showed her complete trust.

Mrs. Chen smiled and explained, “Sigh… Xiulan, from time to time, in our home, there are still people who would come to sweep things up. If you don’t hide things, they will eventually be turned over by them.

“Fortunately, there is this basement and the others don’t know it, so we can secretly hide something. Otherwise, I’m afraid that even the few pieces of jewelry I gave you will be looted.”

Her words were full of sadness and helplessness, but this was indeed the case with them.

Xiulan was glad that they made preparations and could hide something. If not, it was possible that the following days would be even more sad.

“Uncle Chen, Aunt Chen, I’ll go back now. Once you have finished your foodstuffs, then I’ll give some more later.

“You can rest assured that my goods are coming from the right channels and there will be no risk. If you still have some things you can exchange, then I will try my best to get some good things for you,” Xiulan explained again before she left.

Seeing the couple’s situation, it was impossible for her to ignore them in the days to come. Since she had helped them, she would help until the end.

After hearing her words, Mrs. Chen exclaimed gratefully, “Xiulan, you are really such a good person!”