January 16, 2022

Chapter 45: Police Report

Mrs. Luo carried Yansheng’s ironed clothes upstairs.

When she held the door handle and tried to push it, she froze for a moment because Yansheng’s door was ajar. She clearly remembered that after Yansheng went out, she came in and cleaned up the room, and closed the door when she left.

Yansheng particularly didn’t like other people at home entering her room, so when she was not at home, the door was always closed.

Mrs. Luo pushed open the door, entered, and asked as she walked, “Yanyan, are you back?”

Then, there was a loud noise in the bathroom, like the sound of accidentally kicking the bath stool and there was a friction sound on the ground.

Mrs. Luo originally walked to the cloakroom with the clothes in her arms, but stopped when she heard the sound and shouted, “Yanyan? Is everything okay?”

Unexpectedly, when the bathroom door opened, it was Zheng who ran out in a panic.

Mrs. Luo was taken aback for a moment and asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Zheng forced a smile and replied, “I’m playing hide-and-seek with Shuoshuo. I just came in here to hide.”

Even though he was Yingying’s nephew, Mrs. Luo still scolded him angrily, “This is the young lady’s room, so you can’t come in casually!”

Zheng’s attitude was very good and he immediately confessed his mistake, “It’s my fault, I’m sorry. I’ll go out right now.” As he said this, he walked away quickly, as if running away.

Mrs. Luo spat softly at the doorway, then went to the cloakroom. She hung the clothes up and was about to leave. But when she glanced at the bathroom, she frowned and decided to take a look.

There didn’t seem to be any disturbance, but Mrs. Luo was still very uncomfortable. She was worried that Zheng might have used Yansheng’s toilet without authorization. In that case, it would be disgusting.

Cleaning was not within the scope of Mrs. Luo’s responsibilities, as the cleaning maid was in charge of it. But Mrs. Luo grunted, got some cleaning materials, put on rubber gloves, and scrubbed the toilet inside and out, just to be sure.

In short, she couldn’t let the dirty things disgust Yansheng.

When Yansheng came home, she took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. As soon as she entered, she sneezed and came out pinching her nose.

“Aunt Luo, Aunt Luo!” she yelled twice in the hallway and Mrs. Luo came over when she heard her. Yansheng complained, “What happened to my bathroom? Why is there such a strong smell of cleaning agents? I almost choked to death!”

“Oh dear, I forgot to turn on the ventilation!” Mrs. Luo hurried in and turned on the ventilation in the bathroom.

Yansheng pinched her nose again and asked, “What happened? What kind of wind hit the cleaning maid today? How many detergents did she use?”

Mrs. Luo responded, “It’s not her, it’s me.”


“Today, that woman’s nephew was here again,” Mrs. Luo explained.

“Liang Zheng?”

“Yes, it’s him!” Mrs. Luo nodded, frowned, and spoke with disgust again, “I came up to bring your clothes earlier, but he was in your room—”

Before Mrs. Luo finished speaking, Yansheng already had a gloomy expression. “What is he doing in my room?”

Mrs. Luo knew that Yansheng would definitely explode when she found out about this, so she hurriedly said, “He was playing hide-and-seek with Shoushou and hid in your bathroom. Don’t be angry, I’m just worried that he has used your toilet, so I have brushed it vigorously for you! It is very clean now! It really is!”

Even so, it still made Yansheng feel so disgusted that she almost choked.

She raised an eyebrow. “Where is he now?”

“He already left,” replied Mrs. Luo.

Yansheng found no one to spread the fire in her heart, and her face was covered with hostility.

Mrs. Luo hurriedly comforted her, “I have brushed it many times, and I also used disinfectant.”

However, Yansheng felt so sick in her stomach and Mrs. Luo’s consoling was unable to alleviate it. She yelled irritably, “I want to hit someone!”

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” Mrs. Luo continued to calm her down, “It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.”

In the past, Yansheng also trained in boxing, but she always lost to Yingying’s verbal advantage. Lately, she had become enlightened and she would just punch whoever bickered with her.

This was how she could put into practice what she had learned and for the whole family to see it.

She was so angry for a long time, but she still had to take a bath. She went to her boxing training in the afternoon. There were so many men in the boxing gym that she didn’t want to take a bath there and came back full of sweat.

When the smell of detergent in the bathroom almost dissipated, she went in with the clothes in her arms.

She pinched the hem of her T-shirt with both hands and was about to take it off. When she saw a small section of her white belly and waist exposed in the mirror, her hands suddenly stopped.

After her anger passed, she calmed down and realized that something was wrong.

Playing hide-and-seek with Shuocheng?

When did Zheng have the patience to play with Shuocheng? Does he think that others can’t see his impatience with Shuocheng?

But if he is lying, why did he come into my bathroom?

In her previous life, Zheng was a perverted man who quietly took pictures of her from the crack of her door while it was not fully closed.

Yansheng suddenly pulled the hem of her T-shirt down again.


When Huan returned home, he saw a police car driving into his courtyard in front of him. Both he and the driver were a little surprised.

His car followed the police closely. When he got out of the car, the policeman who had just gotten out of the car also saw him, looked at him, and asked, “Who are you in this family?”

Huan walked over and replied, “This is my home. May I ask why you are here?”

“We have received a report and we’re sent here to check it out,” the policeman responded.

Huan was a bit of a scumbag as a father, but he was still quite calm outside. Suppressing his shock, he calmly asked, “Who called the police? What happened?”

“It’s me.” Yansheng appeared under the porch at the gate.

The policeman heard her and turned on the recorder on his shoulder before asking, “Did you call the police?”

“Yes.” Yansheng had a gloomy expression. “Please follow me.”

She led the police to the house, and Huan caught up and asked, “Yanyan, what happened?”

She replied without looking back. “Come up with me and you’ll know.”

Yansheng’s attitude made Huan suspicious. He went upstairs with the police officers and entered her room… in the bathroom.

Yansheng pointed to the bracket on which the shower head was hung on the wall. “It’s there.”

Huan saw the police officers went over and observed it with a flashlight, then took out their tools, disassembled it skillfully, and finally removed a screw.

But that one was not a real screw, it was actually a miniature camera disguised as a screw.

It was installed in that position. If Yansheng went in to take a bath, she would be seen completely naked, and maybe some nude photos and videos would be circulated everywhere as well.

Huan’s face became livid.

Yansheng explained the whole situation to the police, “This afternoon, someone entered my bathroom without authorization. After learning about it, I felt that something was wrong, so I looked around carefully inside and I found it immediately. I know that this kind of thing is usually facing the shower and I noticed that the screw color seems to be odd. After focusing a light on it, there was a reflection, so I called the police to report it.”

Before the police officers could speak, Huan had already come over with a dark expression and asked, “Who? Who is it?”

Yansheng just glanced at him and said to the police, “My father’s wife’s nephew.”

Huan froze.

The questioning police officer was puzzled by the words ‘father’s wife’ and asked, “Is it your mother’s nephew?”

This made the beautiful girl in front of him darkened her face. “She is not my mother.”

The policeman immediately apologized, “I’m sorry.”

His gaze bumped with his colleague and they made eye contact. They understood that the situation of this certain family was more complicated.

The girl’s father walked out without saying a word. Soon the police officers heard him yelling in the corridor, “Liang Yingying! Come down here right now!”

The police officers looked at each other. The beautiful girl pulled the corners of her mouth, walked out, and said, “Stop yelling, she’s not at home.”

It seems that Liang Yingying should be this girl’s stepmother and the suspect’s aunt.

The police had dealt with many of these cases. They brought a laptop installed with special software. On the coffee table in Yansheng’s room, they connected the miniature camera.

“Is that him?” They stepped aside to let Yansheng look at the screen.

To install this kind of camera, the installer himself would be recorded by the camera. This time was no exception as Zheng clearly recorded the footage of him installing it.

Yansheng sneered and did not reply to the police, but looked at Huan.

Huan only felt his face burning.

“That’s him! That’s him!” He was very furious. “Hurry up and arrest that bastard!”


Zheng was quite happy when he left Zhang’s house and returned to his apartment. He didn’t know how many times he turned on the monitoring terminal software in the afternoon, but it was a pity that Yansheng hadn’t come back yet, and there was no one in the bathroom.

He could only turn off the software with regret.

He told one of his buddies on the phone, “It’s installed.”

The man replied, “F*ck! Really?”

“Of course, do you think I’m just talking nonsense?”

“Awesome! Then show us the pictures and videos!”

Zheng replied proudly, “Not only will I show them to you, I also plan to upload them to XXX website!”

He gritted his teeth and cursed inside, Little girl, you dared to offend me?! Then, I will teach you a lesson!

Just like the proverb ‘birds of a feather flock together’, Zheng’s buddies were naturally not good friends. His buddy chuckled for a while and said, “You can do even better by publishing her phone number!”

“Holy sh*t!” Zheng was suddenly enlightened. “You are awesome! Why didn’t I think of that? I’ll do it!”

He opened the software again to take a look, but Yansheng hadn’t come back yet. It seemed that this matter must not be hurried, it would take a very long time.

Zheng pressed the itch in his heart and started playing a game. He had forgotten the time while playing, and several hours passed without knowing it. When he heard a knock on the door, he put on his slippers to open it. “Who is it?”

It was at the beginning of the month that he thought someone was there to check the water meter, so he opened the door directly.

When he opened the door, he was stunned to see that the person standing outside was not the meter checker, but a uniformed policeman wearing a big-brimmed hat.

Zheng felt fear in his heart at the time…

Unfortunately, it was too late.


Yingying hurried to the police station. When she saw Huan, she quickly accelerated her steps and walked towards him. “I’m here, I’m here, what happened? Why can’t you say anything on the phone—”

Before she finished speaking, Huan stood up, swung his arm, and slapped her in the face.

Yingying was taken aback.

Huan was not a person who would hit a woman, but this time, he was really angry.

“Look at what your good nephew has done!” Huan gritted his teeth and yelled.

When Yingying heard what the policeman had said, she became even more confused. She stammered and asked, “Could it be a mistake?”

“Mistake my ass!” Huan took a few pieces of paper in front of her and shouted again, “Look for yourself!”

The police had already confirmed through the surveillance video what Zheng had done at Zhang’s house.

When Zheng was taken to the police station, he wanted to deny it, but unfortunately, he recorded evidence of the crime for himself. He wilted when he saw the video, so he had to admit it.

The policeman asked for his purchase records and he replied dejectedly, “I contacted the seller through WeChat.”

The policeman then opened his WeChat to collect evidence. Who knew that his buddy was at the top, with the latest message: Nude videos can be sold for money, so don’t upload them for free?

The policeman clicked on it to take a look and found that not only did they want to peep, but they also planned to upload nude videos of the girl to different pornographic websites.

Trash human beings!

What Huan showed in front of Yingying were the printed purchase records and chat records.

Yingying’s eyes went dark.

This d*mn nephew!