February 26, 2022

Chapter 45: Emergency Rescue 2

If the woman went to the black market again, she might be in danger, so it was better for Xiulan to sell the foodstuffs directly to her.

After listening to Xiulan’s words, the woman looked at her with surprise and joy.

“Girl, you… you really have foodstuffs and are willing to sell them to me?”

After asking so many people just now, the woman was a little desperate. She didn’t expect to be lucky enough to meet Xiulan and be rescued by her. Xiulan also had foodstuffs that she could buy.

Xiulan nodded and said, “Hmm, Auntie, I have some here that I can sell to you.”

There were already tears in her eyes. “That’s great… Girl, I met a really good person today.

“But Girl, I don’t have any money, can I use other things to trade with you?

“Of course, it’s okay if you don’t want to. I know that foodstuffs are really expensive these days.”

Although Xiulan pitied the woman, there was no reason to give the foodstuffs for nothing. It was not that she was unwilling, but such behavior was very suspicious.

After listening to the woman’s words, Xiulan probed, “Auntie, what do you want to exchange with me?”

The woman looked around, it was a bit mysterious, but Xiulan could understand her action. It was nothing more than fear that people would see her things, so she had to make sure it was safe.

Some things were too dangerous to take out, so they had to be hidden and tucked away.

Xiulan saw the woman take out a black cloth bag from her pocket, then stuffed it into Xiulan’s hand, and asked in a low voice directly in her ear, “Girl, can you check if these things will work?”

Xiulan opened the black cloth bag and saw a bracelet and a pair of gold hairpins inside.

The bracelet was jade, with a fine and moist luster, a smooth and delicate surface, a bright color, ice floating green, and a very good water head. People who didn’t have much research on jade generally knew that this bracelet was valuable after looking at it.

The golden hairpin was also embellished with two jadeites, the glass color was pure emerald green, the texture was very delicate, and the emerald nature cannot be seen. The transparency was good, like glass, which was the best among jadeites.

If you bought these two things in the 21st century, just the bracelet alone would probably cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Xiulan frowned when she saw these things, then looked at the woman and said, “Auntie, these things are too expensive. Do you really want to exchange them for foodstuffs? Isn’t it too wasteful?”

As soon as the woman heard Xiulan’s words, she knew that Xiulan was a knowledgeable person, so she smiled. “Girl, since you can say that, it means that you can understand these things, so I won’t hide it from you. These things are useful and valuable in the era of peace, but in this era, many people can’t even look at them.

“Exchanging these on the black market for foodstuffs is not as good as money, and many people will not ask for these.

“No matter how good these things are, they can’t be eaten as meal. So, why would anyone keep them for?

“My husband and I have been hungry for several days. Now, as long as we can exchange these for some foodstuffs and eat, there is nothing to be reluctant of wasting them. After all, nothing is more valuable than life.

“Girl, if you are willing to accept these and exchange foodstuffs with me, I would be really grateful to you.”

After listening to the woman’s words, Xiulan sighed secretly in her heart.

What the woman said was not unreasonable. For these things, jades couldn’t be exchanged for much money and the country wouldn’t even accept them as well. On the contrary, gold could be exchanged for some money, but the completeness of the golden hairpin would be destroyed. The woman was probably reluctant to have it destroyed, so she took these few things to the black market to take a chance and see if she could find someone that knew these things.