January 1, 2022

Chapter 30: Idiot

In the end, Zheng really didn’t understand the meaning of Huan’s words. He still had the dream of driving in and out of the company with the boss every day.

But on Tuesday, he didn’t take the luxury car with the boss and the driver.

After eating breakfast in the dining room, he waited for a while but did not see Huan coming downstairs. He also asked one of the servants, but she said, “Master left a long time ago.”

Zheng was dumbfounded. “Huh?”

The servant added, “He had an appointment to play golf with someone today. Since the weather now is hotter than usual, they all went to play early so it will be cooler.”

Huan went to play golf early in the morning. Old men like him paid great attention to health. So the sunshine, air, and lawn were a must in playing golf.

Zheng asked, “Did he use the driver and the car?”

The servant thought to herself, of course! If he won’t use them, do you think you have the right to use them instead?

But the servant resisted the urge to roll her eyes, then she smiled forcibly and replied, “Of course!” After speaking, she quickly turned around and left.

At this time, it was still early for Yingying to wake up, so Zheng couldn’t find her. He could only complain at the dining table, “How will I go to the company then?”

Without a car, it would really be a hassle because the Zhangs’ mansion was in a villa district. There was a lake near where it was located and the natural environment was very good. However, the nearby residential areas were all villas, so there were no buses and subways nearby.

Yansheng wiped her mouth with a napkin, got up, and went upstairs.

Zheng complained to Heling, “Your sister is too arrogant.”

Heling thought to herself, my sister actually treats you well. It’s just that you haven’t seen how she treats my mother and brother. She grunted twice but didn’t speak.

She was young but had a delicate mind. Although the number of times she went back to her mother’s hometown was small and she didn’t have much contact with her maternal relatives, in a short period of time, she felt that she didn’t like them at all.

Her maternal grandparents only regarded Shuocheng as a treasure, which was very common to her. This kind of differential treatment made her disappointed in them.

Her maternal uncle and aunt, including this cousin, would always mention how rich the Zhang family was. This eccentric attitude and sour tone really made her feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, she really didn’t have a good impression of her relatives on her maternal side.

This cousin had been in their home for a few days and had not done anything to her liking, but attracted her annoyance instead. One could really tell that he was far from someone who was from the city.

In Zheng’s opinion, these two female cousins—one was arrogant and the other was a fool, and the other male cousin was a little brat who wouldn’t listen to others and couldn’t be offended. He angrily wiped his mouth and got up.

He wondered how he would get to work. It was a bit expensive if he took a taxi. And if he took the bus, not only it would take a long time to arrive, it was far and slow, and it was too low-class as well.

The boss of the company was his uncle and he believed that he should be considered a half-boss. So as a boss, he couldn’t afford to be lose face if he took the bus.

He was standing on the porch at the gate when he suddenly saw the car driven by Mr. Zhou.

Heh! I am so stupid! How could I forget that the Zhang family still has another driver?!

“Hey, you!” He had been to Mr. Zhou’s car with Yingying when they went to the Ferrari shop before, so he knew this driver. He went straight up and gave an order, “Send me to the company.”

Mr. Zhou said to himself, ‘Who the f*ck are you to act like a master here?’

Although he complained so much in his heart, he couldn’t really say it. He knew that this was a relative of Yingying.

But relatives were just relatives of the employer, not the real employer. He also could tell in a glance that this man was a poor relative. He looked at the suit Zheng was wearing, it was a famous domestic brand.

He was unhappy deep in his hear and replied with a smile on his face, “Miss Yanyan might use the car later.”

Zheng was not stupid either. When he heard that, he knew that the driver didn’t think too highly of him. But he didn’t dare to say anything bad about Yansheng, she was the child of the first wife after all. Yingying was a mistress, who entered the family with her children. He was also unconsciously short in front of Yansheng.

But in front of a driver, he had no such worries and immediately said, “What do you mean? Will she use it or not? How do you become a driver? Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know it. Besides, even if she’ll use it, what’s the big deal? She is a child, what kind of affairs she has? Isn’t it much more important for me to go to work instead?”

At this time, Mr. Zhou scolded this man in his heart, you’re just a poor relative who regards yourself as a young master. Although Miss Yanyan was a bit more powerful, she doesn’t have such a commanding tone when she talks to us. Who the hell are you? You’re not the one giving my salary.

He rolled his eyes and said, “I’m just a driver and I can’t make a decision. Why don’t I ask for instructions?”

As he said that, he took out his cell phone and made a call.

Zheng vented his anger through his nostrils. “Mrs. Zhang is my aunt. She is your boss’ wife. You will know if you ask her if I can use this car.”

Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhou called Yansheng.

He was quite clear about the antagonistic relationship in this family. He knew that Yansheng would never like Yingying’s relatives.

He used to have little dealings with her, but she threatened him last time, so he found out how powerful she was. He didn’t like Zheng’s fake tiger power in his heart and decided to take a gamble to see if Yansheng would be on his side.

Yansheng’s cold voice sounded on the call. “Hello?”

He replied loudly, “Miss Yanyan, I want to ask if you are going out soon. The thing is, Mr. Liang wants me to send him to the company. I’m afraid that it will conflict with your schedule.”

There was a second of silence on the other end of the call, and soon, Yansheng said very cooperatively, “Yes, I am ready to set off now, I will go downstairs right away.”

The corners of Mr. Zhou’s lips curled up because he made the right bet.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Liang.” He hung up the call and said embarrassedly, “Miss Yanyan will get down soon.”

Zheng didn’t expect that a mere driver would play this trick on him. His face flushed with anger, then he stuck out his neck and said, “Okay then, let’s wait for her here! I’ll ask her how can her child’s play be more important than the adults’ affairs?”

Yansheng immediately understood Mr. Zhou’s intention when she received his call. She didn’t expect him to be so good, in fact, she was a little surprised. In her heart, she always thought that he was Yingying’s person.

She ended the call and went downstairs. On the stairs, Heling met her and asked, “Sister, where are you going?”

She didn’t stop and just threw her a sentence, ‘I need to attend to something,’ then she continued walking downstairs.

When she walked out of the house, Zheng was red in anger standing beside the car, and was still confronting the driver. On the other hand, Mr. Zhou was full of smiles, very slick and sly.

Those who had been in society for some years were different from those who had just graduated from college.

Yansheng walked over without looking at Zheng, and said directly to the driver, “Let’s go.” It was as if Mr. Zhou had arranged the itinerary a long time ago.

Mr. Zhou secretly gave Yansheng a thumbs up in his heart, and respectfully opened the car door for her. The style was very standard.

Zheng stretched out his hand to stop her. “Yanyan, where are you going?”

“I’m going out to do some errands,” replied Yansheng.

“I’ll ask again, where are you going?” Zheng asked with smugness.

Yansheng raised an eyebrow. “Are you a policeman? Why do I need to report to you?”

Zheng held back a sigh and replied, “No, I’m just telling you that I have to go to work. You see, it’s a serious matter for adults to go to work, which is different from children like you. What can you do anyway? We must prioritize the important things first, okay? So today, I will use this car first.”

“You, an adult, don’t even make arrangements for such a important matter, like how to go to work every morning, in advance?” Yansheng asked rhetorically.

Zheng choked up and yelled angrily, “I didn’t expect that uncle would have something to do today!”

That’s funny, Yansheng thought and said with a surprise look, “You’re not thinking that my father can send you to work every day if he is available, right?”

But Zheng was even more surprised than her. “We live in the same place anyway.”

On the other hand, Mr. Zhou had already turned his face away, afraid that he would laugh out loud and make this ‘young master Liang’ faceless, and then became angry with him again.

Yansheng thought that it was really amazing how her father had tolerated this man for a week in her previous life.

Yingying and her had torn their faces anyway, so she didn’t care about offending Zheng at all.

She sneered and said, “What do you think? My father is the boss and he doesn’t have to work every day like you. He often has other arrangements to meet some people and talk about business. Even if he’ll go to the office, it’s not at the same time as you. He doesn’t need to clock in for attendance, but you have to, right? You’re pay will be deducted if you’re late.”

Zheng was dumbfounded. “What should I do to go to work in the future?”

Yansheng was speechless at first. “What you need to do regarding your work, do you have to ask this thing to a kid like me?”

Mr. Zhou was holding back his laugh so hard that he couldn’t help shaking twice.

“Then what?!” Zheng’s mind turned around. “We have two cars and two drivers at home—”

But Yansheng interrupted him directly. “What does that have to do with you?”


“You mean to say that with two cars and two drivers, then one can pick you up and drop you off at work, is that right?” Yansheng smiled sarcastically. “How many cars and drivers do our family have? But what does it have to do with you?

“This car is more than five million yuan and the driver earns a salary of several thousand yuan a month. Did you give a penny?

“You take your salary from our family, you live in our house, and now, you still want to arrange our car and driver to service you?

“Before you speak, why don’t you look in the mirror and see how big your face is?”

Although Zheng knew that Yansheng was arrogant, he didn’t expect this girl to speak so mercilessly. His face flushed with anger, but he couldn’t say anything to refute.

“Driver Zhou, let’s go.” Yansheng put on her sunglasses.

Mr. Zhou hurriedly stretched out his hand to block the roof of the car to prevent her head from colliding with it. He waited for her to sit in safely before he carefully closed the door.

When he passed by Zheng, he shrugged and spread his hands, indicating that he had no choice.

Zheng watched the car drive away, leaving him with only a tube of exhaust gas.

He shouted fiercely, “This is bullsh*t! Even dogs can look down on people now?! This is something!” His chest heaved with anger for a long time. He also wanted to rush upstairs to wake his aunt up and complain, but he didn’t dare.

When he was in high school, he knew that his aunt in K City had money, and he knew that their family’s conditions had improved later because of all the money from this aunt. Yingying was very high and majestic in his heart.

He was furious, but he called a taxi eventually.

He didn’t dare to lose his temper with Yingying, so he made a call to his father on the way. He talked profusely and scolded fiercely, “What the f*ck is this? A d*mned girl with a dead mother, looking down on people!”

The taxi driver listened to this along the way as he frequently looked at him from the rearview mirror. When he was dropped off at the destination, the driver went to pull other customers.

After a busy morning, at lunchtime, the driver drove to the place where the drivers used to gather to eat. He drank cold tea and told everyone a gossip, “I pulled an idiot this morning. It was a guy whose head was caught in the door…”