December 27, 2021

Chapter 22: Teach a Woman

There was a dining table for six people in the kitchen. The Zhang family ate in the dining room, and the servants ate in the kitchen.

Mrs. Wang came late, so the others had already eaten.

“What took you so long?” someone asked.

“Hmph! That b*tch is such a liar! Master has a terrible temper and scolded her so much as soon as he got home. She then packed up a pile of clothes to throw away, and asked me to go up and help her. There was a big pile of clothes and I thought of checking them out first to see if I can maybe pick some for my daughter to wear at work. But after taking a look, the clothes are all halter necks, backless, and even crop tops. How can those be worn at work?” replied Mrs. Wang.

Everyone was amused.

Yingying went downstairs to eat, wrapped like a nun, her eyes were a little red, and her face was tensed.

Huan only glanced at her and said, “It’s good for you to dress like that from now on.”

Yingying already knew that Yansheng had complained, so her heart itched with so much hate.

The stupid daughter, whom she gave birth to, also said, “Mom, you look good in that style.”

Yingying was angry deep inside, so she raised her hand intending to slap her stupid daughter’s head. But Yansheng’s cold gaze flew over and cut off her thoughts.

The expression in Yansheng’s eyes was clearly saying, ‘Try hitting her.’

Huan also frowned at his wife.

Yingying felt cold in her heart, rubbed Heling’s head stiffly, and said angrily, “Eat your meal.”

Huan turned his head and asked Shuocheng, “Has Shuoshuo been naughty today?”

Shuocheng replied loudly, “No! I finished my homework in the morning! Eldest sister said that I can play casually in the afternoon! Second sister also lent me her game console and I said thank you to her!”

When Huan heard that, he felt that his children were harmonious and his young son was sensible, which made him really happy. He opened his mouth to praise Shuocheng, but Yingying interrupted him. “Why do sister and brother have to say ‘thank you’ to each other? Do you really have to receive some gratitude for letting your brother play your game console?”

She was now staring at Heling. In a habit, Heling bowed her head and shrank her neck.

The harmonious atmosphere of siblings and the whole family was ruined just like that.

Huan was speechless at first.

Yansheng didn’t want to bear the responsibility of educating an adult, so she didn’t say anything and only sneered.

Huan’s face was red with anger, so he scolded Yingying, “Shut up! What nonsense are you talking about?! Is there such a way of teaching children?”

He quickly touched Shuocheng’s head. “Shuoshuo did the right thing. Whether at home or outside, you have to be polite.”

Yingying was angry and bitter after losing face in front of the children. She really didn’t know how could she be wrong and thought, why does Huan treat me unfavorably today? I already said that I will change the way I dress!

She thought bitterly, tomorrow, I will buy a cabinet of old aunt’s clothes to show him!

He is the one who obviously likes me to dress sexy! And now, he’s pretending?! Seriously?!

Huan said to Shuocheng, “Okay then, let’s lift the punishment for you in advance and let your mother take out your game console.”

But Shuocheng refused it, “I don’t want that anymore. I want a new one. Second sister has a new model.”

Yingying asked Heling in surprise, “Where did you get the new model?”

Heling swallowed a mouthful of rice first. “Sister bought it for me.”

She paused and continued, “Sister also opened an account for me, so I will have pocket money in the future.”

Yingying was on fire at this time. She didn’t dare to scold Yansheng directly and only dared to scold Heling, “What pocket money does a child like you need? Is there a shortage of food for you at home or is there a shortage of clothes for you to wear? How can you be so ignorant and take money just like that? Your father works so hard, ah, do you know that? You really don’t understand anything!”

Yansheng watched Heling’s eyes filled with tears.

She was also angry from her heart.

She used to quarrel with Yingying, but with no effect. She took a breath, tried to suppress her anger, stretched out her hand, and rubbed Heling’s head and said in a low voice, “Don’t cry.”

Not to mention that it was okay, whenever Heling was wronged in the past, so she would just endured it by herself.

Then suddenly, there was such a person who could see her grievances, treat her well, and comfort her. How could she still endure her grievances?

The little girl shed two drops of tears.

Huan thought that his younger daughter was cute and likable, but she was now crying after getting scolded by Yingying. So he also became angry. “What are you yelling for?! Can’t we just have a good meal? Look, you scared the child.”

Then, he coaxed Heling. “Hehe is a good girl, so just ignore her, okay? Come on, let’s eat.” He also lovingly picked a piece of pork ribs for her.

Yingying was also aggrieved. “I’m not angry, but what kind of pocket money does this child want? To give her a bank car casually without even telling me? Do you think I’m not her mother anymore?”

The last sentence was obviously to scold someone.

Huan was not stupid so he could tell. He was even more angry after hearing that.

“I agreed to this matter and Yanyan worked hard to do it. So what’s wrong with that?!” he said.

Yingying was stunned and even felt more aggrieved. “Why didn’t you tell me? I am Hehe’s mother.” It’s not Yansheng’s turn to take care of this little girl.

But Huan sneered. “You have to be willing to put more thoughts on your children then. Thank God that Yanyan remembered this. She also started to manage her pocket money in the third grade. Hehe is also getting older. Yanyan, who is an older sister, is not even worried. So why are you not happy about it?”

He wanted to say that he wanted Yingying to simply leave Heling alone, so as not to ruin her. However, this was so unpleasant and he felt ashamed to say it, so he resisted. “Let’s eat now!”

Shuocheng rolled his eyes and said loudly, “I also want pocket money!”

He could have whatever he wanted, but he actually had no idea about spending money wisely. Just merely listening to Heling’s getting pocket money, he also wanted it. Plus, he knew that money was a good thing. He had already taken some money from Yingying’s wallet to give to Mrs. Wang to help him with his homework.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Wang refused to accept the money now.

Yingying opened her mouth to agree, but Huan had already said, “You are still young.”

So Yingying had to shut up.

Shuocheng wouldn’t give up that easy and made a fuss.

“Shut up!” Yansheng suddenly spoke.

She didn’t care about Yingying, but she had already decided to take care of Shuocheng. Although she wouldn’t take care of him so well, at least she could take care of him to the point of not harming other people’s children in the future.

As soon as she said that, Shuocheng shrank a little.

“When you are in the third grade, you will be given pocket money,” Yansheng said meaningfully. “But before that, if you dare to take money from an adult and give it to others, and I found out about it, you—watch your butt.”

People who did bad things would feel guilty, so Shuocheng felt guilty.

Heling knew that this was about Mrs. Wang taking money to help him with his homework, so she glared at him and warned him with her eyes. “Sister already knew about it!”

Shuocheng was frightened by Yansheng several times, so she shrank his neck more and did not dare to speak.

In normal times, if something went wrong with him, he would lie on the ground and wail for a long time. But it didn’t happen today which was strange.

Huan blinked and was shocked to see that his eldest daughter restrained his son with a few words.

Yingying was also surprised. She glanced at Huan and when she saw his surprised and happy look, she felt a faint of bad sense in her heart.

She always felt that there had been some subtle changes in this family that were out of her control.

“Your eldest sister is right,” Huan said with a smile. “You have to listen to your sister, otherwise, she will beat you and father will not be able to save you.”

His mother couldn’t save him either, Shuocheng had already realized this in his heart. Whenever Yansheng wanted to beat him up, probably only his second sister could intercede a little.

Children’s nature was to bully the weak and fear the strong, and their feelings in this regard were actually very keen.

They should know who they could bully and cause trouble to, and to know whom they should not provoke.

After dinner, Yingying went to the small living room and saw the award certificates on the wall. Huan had been angry and scolded her several times in a row today. And now, she knew that she had to restrain herself in front of him, so she first asked, “Why did you take off the painting? Look at how ugly is this wall now.”

“That used to be the place where awards were posted,” replied Huan. He sighed a little bit as he recalled the past when his first wife was still there.

When Yingying looked over and found that they were all Heling’s award certificates, her anger suddenly disappeared. Huan obviously supported the display of the award certificates there. They all belonged to her own children anyway, which was better than Yansheng’s award certificates posted on the wall back then.

Back then, she deliberately and quietly tore one of them apart, leaving the award certificate hanging in tatters. Under the pretext of being ugly, she told Huan about it and got a permission to hang the painting instead.

But Yingying still cast her little bit of satisfaction away and curled her lips. “This little girl, what’s so good about posting these? In the future, Shuoshuo will also post his awards here.”

Huan actually didn’t expect much from Yingying and thought that she could at least take good care of her children’s basic needs like clothing, food, and shelter. But after hearing that, he was still disappointed.

Although both of them preferred sons over daughters, they still had some differences.

Yingying, as a mother, only had Shuocheng in her heart and didn’t care about Heling at all.

As for Huan, when he didn’t have a son yet, of course, he wanted to have one too. Men in this country, no matter how well they said they were, all wanted a son in their hearts.

The Zhangs was not the kind of poor family who only bought a pair of new shoes for their son, and their daughter could only make do with old shoes. Although Huan did love his son more in his heart, he never thought of treating his daughters badly.

He never thought that because his daughters were girls that they were worthless and should not have to study hard.

He just didn’t want to put too much energy into it. But to see his daughters doing well, working hard, and becoming outstanding, he was also happy.

This was very different from Yingying.

Yingying gave birth to Heling but failed to enter the door of the Zhangs right away, and replaced the first wife instead later on. The disappointment and resentment in her heart fell on Heling, so she was extremely harsh on Heling.

She suppressed this daughter via words and on material things—because the Zhangs was wealthy, children would not be hungry and cold, so it was hard to notice that the harshness and coldness of those subtleties did exist.

Heling was clueless, although she felt it, she couldn’t tell. But Yansheng looked at it coldly because she could see clearly.

Huan was disappointed in Yingying and didn’t say anything. Probably because he knew that it was useless to say it. Yingying’s level was just there, so what could he expect from her?

He shook his head and raised the tablet on his hand a little bit just to get her out of his sight.

Yingying had something in her heart, so she leaned over to him. “Husband… my car…”

Huan was very angry today and Yingying was afraid that he would not buy her a car. When he agreed to buy her a Ferrari, she and her friends spread this news. If she couldn’t buy it, then she would be too embarrassed.

Huan didn’t like seeing her very much at this moment. In fact, when he was angry during the day, he thought about ‘what to buy’, so he simply didn’t buy the car for her as a punishment.

But at night, all his three children made him feel better.

Hehe studied well, Shuoshuo became obedient, Yanyan and her younger siblings lived in harmony.

Yingying rubbed against him, so he said lazily, “Fine, go and check it yourself, and tell me when you’ve picked one.”

Yingying was so happy that she kissed him and whispered, “Thank you, husband!”

She sneered in her heart, thinking that all men were just like that. If you looked at that, everything would be okay for as long as you coaxed them.

However, she didn’t know that Huan was only willing to buy her a Ferrari all for the sake of the children’s faces.

She was trying to coax Huan more, but her cell phone rang. She picked it up, frowned slightly, and answered the call, “Hello, Mom?”

She said that as she walked out of the room.

She came to K City alone and got married into a wealthy family. When her family came to see her, she also gave them money, but refused to let them come often.

She didn’t like them near.

Huan only took a quick glanced and didn’t look too much. He didn’t bother to worry about Yingying’s family affairs.