January 17, 2022

Chapter 2: Stepmother’s Scolding

A year later, the apocalypse really came and Xiulan relied on the supplies she had in the space to survive for several years.

Unexpectedly, she had an accident during an operation to rescue her companions. After being injured and unconscious, she came to this era.

With the space at hand, her life would not be too difficult even in this era of scarcity.

There was still severe pain on her forehead and her whole head was groggy.

She stretched out her hand and touched her forehead. It was burning badly. The high fever in her body made her extremely uncomfortable.

This time, the original owner’s high fever was caused by none other than her stepsister, Li Lijuan.

The production team leader’s son, Liu Jianguo, liked the original owner and took care of her most of the time, so Lijuan was very jealous.

After repeatedly warning the original owner, she still ran into the original owner talking to Jianguo. She confronted the original owner and argued with her in private, then Lijuan pushed the original owner into the river by mistake.

Although the original owner was rescued, she developed a high fever and died. It just so happened that Xiulan’s soul transmigrated and occupied her body.

Before she could pity the tragic experience of the original owner, she heard a sharp voice from outside her room.

“You, good-for-nothing, why don’t you just chop off your head? What about our family who fed and raised you? It’s already noon, but you haven’t cooked anything for lunch yet, so what are we going to eat now?”

Xiulan frowned. It was her stepmother, Ma Yumei, who was yelling. The original owner had suffered under Yumei’s hands, so she was very afraid of this stepmother.

She thought, the original owner has a high fever now, but she’s still expecting her to cook?

When Xiulan didn’t move, Yumei kicked the door angrily. “Xiulan, are you deaf or dumb? Do you want to be beaten? Do you want someone to clean you up? I’m telling you, quickly, get up now before I kill you!”

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As Yumei was saying that, she lifted the quilt covering Xiulan and picked her up.

Yumei lifted the thin Xiulan just like a chicken.

Xiulan frowned even more and tried to push Yumei away. Then, she heard her younger sister, Zhao Xiuzhu, who followed into the room and pleaded with Yumei, “Auntie Mei, my sister has a high fever, so just let her rest and I’ll cook instead.”

After Xiuzhu said those words, Ma Yumei sneered. “What’s the big deal of having a fever? We should not be afraid of sacrifices and we have to overcome all difficulties. Who in the production team felt sick and didn’t go to work? Is she some kind of a noble?

“Besides, if you are sick, then you have to move more!”

“But Auntie Mei… my sister’s body will not be able to take it,” Xiuzhu replied bitterly and looked at Xiulan’s weak face with worry.

“Hmph! She’s just pretending to be lazy on purpose and doesn’t want to work.” Another sarcastic voice joined in, it was the original owner’s stepsister and Yumei’s daughter, Li Lijuan.

After hearing that, Xiuzhu lowered her head for fear that Lijuan would say something to her as well.