December 25, 2021

Chapter 19: Sisters

The servants were covering their mouths and laughing in the kitchen, but they didn’t dare to make a loud noise.

“Master’s voice was about to come out from the phone. I brought over the milk and cereal for her, and I really heard it. He told her to go up and change her clothes.”

“I brought the food and just saw her go upstairs dejectedly.”

“Hey, Sister Wang! You followed her here from outside, right? Was she like this before?”

They all knew that Mrs. Wang followed Yingying into the Zhang family, so they were all curious.

Mrs. Wang curled her lips and said, “Don’t mention it. When we were outside before, Hehe and Shuoshuo were both young, so she was all right. Afterward, I followed her here and found that Miss Yanyan is such a big girl already. I wondered what she will do for them to connect and build a good relationship. But who would’ve thought that she will look like this whenever her husband leaves in the morning? No scruples at all!”

Mrs. Luo had been dissatisfied with this matter for a long time and immediately said, “Exactly, she’s like a stye on the eye. When the first wife was still here, she would dress neatly at all times. Even if she was too sick to walk, she would wear a wig and would even comb her wig. She told me that she didn’t want her husband and daughter to see her look sluggish, especially educated Yanyan that girls should dress decently at all times.”

Mrs. Wang also agreed and sighed. “That sounds like being a real mother. Oh, just look at her…”

Recalling the bloody appearance of Yingying being scolded by her husband just now, several servants covered their mouths and laughed again. They all thought that Yansheng had really grown up. When she was a child, she didn’t even know whenever Yingying disgusted and embarrassed her secretly. Now she was beginning to understand things, and in the future, she would not be easy to bully.

Yingying refused her girlfriends’ invitation for the first time and did not go out today. She stayed at home honestly and waited for Huan to come back.

Shuocheng had completed his homework in the morning, so Yansheng didn’t care if he played casually in the afternoon. She mostly just wanted to control him to prevent him from committing crimes in the future. As for controlling him to have a good character, to be hardworking, studious, and a good boy—that needed a lot of consideration.

However, Shuocheng pestered his mother to take out his game console. Yingying had just been scolded by Huan on the phone and she was afraid that Yansheng would complain, so she refused to take it out for him.

Shuocheng was rolling on the ground and Yingying was upset because Huan lost his temper, so she picked her son up and hit his butt a few times. In her cognition, of course, her precious son could not be beaten, unless it was done by herself.

As a result, Heling was soft heartened and lent Shuocheng her latest game console.

Shuocheng wanted to run to play after he got it, but it just so happened that Yansheng was about to go out with a bag on her back and ran into him. She yelled on the spot, “Stop right there!”

The little boy was so scared that he didn’t dare to run again.

Heling hurriedly told Yansheng, “I took the initiative to lend it to Shuoshuo, he didn’t snatch it from me this time.”

Shuocheng also nodded vigorously. “I didn’t snatch it!”

Yansheng rolled her eyes and asked, “Did you say thank you to your sister?”

But Shuocheng was taken aback and asked, “She is my sister, so why should I thank her?”

Yansheng then glanced at Heling. The stupid girl looked confused and obviously didn’t think that her younger brother should say ‘thank you’ to her as well. Children’s education was taught by Huan and Yingying, and this was the result.

To chance upon such a pair of parents, Yansheng even felt that Shuocheng was not that annoying.

“No matter who it is—even if it is your parents, or a sister of your friend, a nanny who takes care of you, a classmate who helps you, a waiter in a restaurant, or even a stranger on the street, anyone, as long as you have received help and care from the other party, you should give your gratitude.

“She is your sister, that’s right. But she is not obliged to lend you her game console to play. That is her stuff. She has the right to make her own decisions. She can’t just give it to you, she doesn’t owe you anything.

“But because she is your sister, she has feelings for you and can’t bear to watch you cry, so she lent you her own.

“This is because she treats you well, not because she owes you. You have to understand that your sister owes you nothing. She treats you well, so shouldn’t you say ‘thank you’?”

Yansheng’s tone was stern and her brows were tight.

Under her coercion, neither of the two children dared to say anything. Yansheng was right, not to mention Shuocheng, even Heling couldn’t refute it.

Both kids had the feeling of ‘it turned out to be like this’.

Heling looked at Shuocheng and urged him, “Hurry up, thank me!”

Shuocheng was a bit awkward at first, but he remembered that the kindergarten teachers and elementary school teachers had also taught this to them. But when he said ‘thank you’ to Heling before, Yingying pointed her finger at his head and asked, ‘Why did you say thank you to your sister?’, and then she asked Heling, “Why did your brother have to say thank you to you?”

Over time, the siblings got used to it. One was used to not being grateful and the other was used to not receiving gratitude.

Shuocheng was awkward for a while and under Yansheng’s gaze, he still said to Heling, “Thank you, Sister.”

Heling was very happy. She finally found the feeling of being a sister and said with a smile, “You have to thank me from now on, okay?”

Looking at her being complacent, Yansheng rolled her eyes, stretched out a finger to poke the little girl’s forehead, and asked, “If Shuocheng didn’t come to snatch your game console that day, but borrowed it from you instead, would you lend it to him?”

Heling replied naturally, “Yes! He only needs to tell me that he will borrow it. But he came up and grabbed it from my hand, so I went after him angrily and wanted to grab it back.”

Yansheng then pressed Shuocheng’s head with her whole palm. “Did you hear that?”

Her hand was so strong that it hurt a lot when it spanked the little boy’s butt. Shuocheng replied confidently, “I heard it.”

“Can you snatch other people’s things from now on?”

“No. But what should I do when I want to use other people’s things?”

“Then you have to ask that person nicely.”

Yansheng, the great demon queen, finally let go of Shuocheng, who was like a little mushroom, and warned him, “Remember that, okay?”

She tugged at her backpack and went downstairs to prepare to go out.

“Sister, where are you going?” Heling asked while leaning on the railing of the stairs.

“I’m going to have boxing training,” replied Yansheng.

Heling was puzzled and asked, “Shouldn’t you have piano lesson this afternoon?”

Yansheng stopped, looked up at the top of the stairs, and asked, “How do you know?”

“You always have it on this day every week, right?” replied Heling with a confused look.

Huan had no idea about Yansheng’s various lesson arrangements.

Since her mother’s death, Yansheng’s lessons had been arranged and coordinated by herself. It wasn’t until she started playing truant in high school that she suddenly opened the door to a new world. It turned out that even if she didn’t go to class on time, even if she played truant, even if she dropped out of the lessons that her mother had arranged for her, no one would talk about it to her at all.

Because no one cared about her after all.

Yansheng said, “I dropped out of my piano class.”

Heling was a little surprised. “Huh? Why did you quit?”

“I don’t want to learn it anymore.”

“But haven’t you studied it for many years?”

Yansheng smiled and replied, “I don’t like it.”

In fact, she had never liked playing the piano, but it was her mother who asked her to learn it, so she had been learning it. Now that she was reborn, she still didn’t like it.

Of course, she did not intend to waste her life, but she also had to make adjustments in her life from now on. She had no mother for a long time and no one would care about her and make various arrangements for her. She had to plan her own life by herself.

She raised her head and asked, “Do you like playing the piano?”

Heling had also learned all the skills she had learned. In Yingying’s opinion, this should be the standard for rich women, so she arranged Heling’s courses according to Yansheng’s courses.

However, the arrangement was made and she was only responsible for paying. As for how well Heling learned, she didn’t take it personally.

According to her own statement, she found such a rich father for her children so they could be treated well.

Heling nodded and said, “I like it! I especially like playing the piano.”

After all, people were different from each other. Heling was born to like the piano. Whether to like or dislike it, you couldn’t force it to anyone.

But their piano teachers were giving their lessons at home. Yansheng had heard of her in class before and noticed that her teacher’s level could only be said to be average. The teacher found that the parents did not pay attention to their daughter in her class. After bullying Heling since she was just a child, her attitude was also very perfunctory.

After all, Yingying didn’t put much thought into finding a teacher for Heling. Unlike Yansheng’s mother in the past, she investigated by herself, compared carefully, and accompanied her daughter in person to meet the teacher.

“In that case, your teacher won’t do.” Yansheng pondered for a while and continued, “Let’s talk about it when I come back in the evening. Let me see if my piano teacher has made new arrangements already. If she hasn’t, I will ask her to come and teach you. So, we’ll change your piano teacher.”

“Really? Sister, you are so kind.” Heling was surprised and delighted. “I told my mother that my piano teacher was not serious in teaching, but she didn’t believe me at all.”

Whether the teacher was good or not, the students actually had a little figure in their hearts. Heling had said to Yingying before, ‘My teacher doesn’t seem to be very serious in teaching me.’ Without investigation and research, Yingying subjectively determined that Heling just didn’t want to go to class, and that she deliberately said bad things about the teacher and wanted to have a new one, so Yingying scolded Heling instead.

Yansheng frowned slightly and suddenly asked, “Have you ever told Dad?”

But Heling shook her head. “No. Why do I need to tell Dad? He doesn’t care.”

The little girl took it for granted. It could be seen what kind of image Huan was in the hearts of his children.

Yansheng said, “If you have something in the future and telling your mother doesn’t work, then go and tell your father. If he doesn’t listen, you come to me and we’ll force him to listen.”

Heling hesitated for a bit. “Well, okay. This will not bother Dad, right?”

Yansheng sneered. “If you give birth to a child but don’t raise it well, then what kind of life will the child have?”

Her mother was sick and didn’t have the energy to take care of her when she was young. So Yansheng took care of herself in an orderly manner and Huan often praised her as ‘Yanyan is awesome and never let Dad worry about her’. Looking back now, she wondered how helpless her mother’s eyes were at that time.

But she was young at that time and Yingying’s family of three hadn’t yet appeared. She loved her parents with all her heart. She really liked to hear Huan praise her like that and strived to do better so as not to cause trouble to her father.

Thinking of it now, she just wanted to sneer.

It was a really typical kind of widowed parenting.

“This is what he should have done. An adult in charge shouldn’t evade responsibility,” said Yansheng. “Let’s talk about it when I come back at night.”

She said that while walking downstairs.

Heling laid on the railing and shouted, “Okay! Come back early, Sister!”

‘Come back early, Yanyan.’

Yansheng paused her footsteps.

When her mother was in poor health and she had to go out to school, her mother would shout like that from the stairs. At that time, her mother was sitting on a wheelchair with a wig on her head. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy seemed to have taken away her vitality.

After her mother’s death, Yansheng would still go out but no one would tell her to ‘come back early’ anymore.

Yansheng looked up and found the little girl still lying on the railing and looking at her. Upon seeing Yansheng looked up, Heling smiled sweetly like a blooming flower and waved at her.

“Mm-hmm.” Yansheng turned her head and left.