December 24, 2021

Chapter 17: Obedient

Huan immediately became happy, glanced at Yansheng, and asked Shuocheng again, “Your sister didn’t hit you?”

“She did,” replied Shuocheng. “But it didn’t hurt.”

Yingying smoothened her breath, became angry, and slapped Shuocheng on the back of his head. “Are you stupid?!”

Before she had time to withdraw her hand, Yansheng pulled the ferule over and hit her wrist right in the middle, making a crisp sound of ‘slap’.

Yingying screamed.

“She hit me! Huan! Your daughter hit me!” She shouted while pointing at Yansheng.

Yansheng looked at her finger and Yingying was frightened, so she pulled her hand back with a ‘whoosh’.

Yansheng said coldly, “If you want to say something then just speak, why do you have to hit the child? Shuocheng is still young so it’s expected for him to make some mistakes. You can spank him on his butt to let him know what he did wrong, but don’t you ever hit his head! Is the child’s head a place where you can just hit casually?!”

Yingying refuted, “What does it matter to you if I hit my son?”

“If you think that it’s none of my business, okay! Then don’t let his surname be Zhang, don’t let him live here, so that I will never care about him.”

“Why?! He was born to the same father as yours, so he has to be surnamed Zhang and live here!”

“Since you know that he and I were born to the same father, why does it not matter to me? Could it be that his origin is suspicious? Do we need to do a paternity test now?”

Mrs. Wang turned her face away and suppressed her smile.

Seeing that the more they talked, the more outrageous it became, Huan said, “Okay, okay! Don’t talk nonsense. Your younger siblings are listening.”

Just now, when Yingying hit Shuocheng on the back of his head, Huan was also very dissatisfied so he reprimanded her, “Don’t you know how to take care of your children? You are their mother! Do you have to let Yanyan teach you how to do it? Can you just hit the back of their heads? What should we do if they become stupid?”

“I…” Yingying was in the wrong and her voice was weakened. “I was just anxious for a moment.”

Then she became angry again. “It’s already evening and Shuoshuo is going to sleep now. But she still comes up here to beat Shuoshuo. Is she being reasonable?”

In the past, Heling didn’t dare to interrupt at such time because if she dared, Yingying would definitely pinch her.

But Yansheng spoke to her yesterday and told her to speak boldly when she wanted to say something. She hesitated only for a bit, then she moved a little closer to Yansheng and a little further away from Yingying before speaking, “Sister told Shuoshuo in the morning that he must finish today’s homework before noon, but Shuoshuo did not finish it until the afternoon. Sister said that it’s because of the one-hour delay, so she hit him on the palms of his hands. But Sister didn’t exert any strength at all, so the hit was particularly light and Shuoshuo wasn’t hurt at all.”

Shuocheng also said happily, “Yes, it didn’t hurt at all!”

Yingying was almost maddened with Alzheimer’s disease by this pair of idiots.

Huan smiled and pinched Shuocheng’s nose. “Your eldest sister scared you, right? Let me tell you, if you dare not listen to your sister, then she will really hit you hard next time.”

He glanced at Yingying again with deep meaning in his eyes. “Look at how Yanyan cares about her younger brother’s studies.”

Yingying choked again.

She had to go shopping, play cards, go to beauty salon, and party with her girlfriends every day. She was so busy so how could she have the time to take care of her children’s studies? Besides, what was the purpose of paying their tuition fees? Weren’t there teachers in charge of their studies? If they didn’t study well, then it was their teachers’ responsibility! Why else would you send them to school?!

Unable to defend herself, she had to stare at Heling bitterly. This silly daughter really can’t tell the enemy from the other! Such a fool!

Heling shrank behind Yansheng.

Yansheng said, “Okay, let’s rest early. Let’s go down.” She glanced at Shuocheng again. “Tomorrow is still the same rule. Before noon, you must finish your homework for the day, okay?”

Her tone was normal but her eyes were sharp. Shuocheng was really afraid of her now and muttered, “Okay, I got it.”

His attitude was not really good. Yansheng decided that she would find time to slowly ‘educate’ him later.

She tapped Heling on the shoulder. Heling understood and shouted, “Good night, Mom and Dad!” Then she turned around first.

Yansheng followed her to separate and protect her from Yingying, and they went downstairs together.

Yansheng used to ignore Heling at all, but now it seemed that these sisters had become affectionate. It’s so nice! Huan thought with relief.

He said, “Let’s go to bed, too.”

But Yingying replied, “You go first. I will talk to Shuoshuo.”

“Hurry up then,” Huan replied and he went to their room first.

As soon as Huan left, Yingying closed the door and scolded Mrs. Wang, “What’s wrong with you? I’m giving you salary, but you can’t take care of the children and even let Shuoshuo get beaten?”

Mrs. Wang felt wronged. “I went to the bathroom—”

“Let me tell you, you will watch Shuoshuo properly in the future!” Yingying said, “If you see that Shuoshuo will be beaten again, you have to stop it!”

But Mrs. Wang refused. “Then how can I stop it? I’m only a nanny, so I can’t beat her. She is the eldest miss of this family and if I hit her, will she not say anything about it? Your husband is going to fire me if that happens! Look at how precious he treats Miss Yanyan, he only scolded you but not her.”

This really poked Yingying’s sore spot.

It had been bad in the past few days because Huan suddenly began to protect Yansheng.

Yingying was also wondering what kind of wind was blowing.

She remembered that Huan had already been titillated by her just a moment ago. She manipulated him into going to bed, and he was still waiting for her now.

So she hurriedly said, “You have to stop it anyway. If you can’t stop it, then you have to stop it!”

Mrs. Wang replied, “It is also natural for an older sister to take care of her younger brother. Look, after Miss Yanyan took care of him, Shuoshuo obediently did his homework! If I stop it, Shuoshuo won’t do his homework again. When the time comes that Master learns about it, then I will say that you just let him be!”

Yingying choked and said angrily, “Who said Shuoshuo will not be allowed to do his homework?”

“As long as Shuoshuo does his homework well, her sister won’t beat him up,” said Mrs. Wang said. “Looking at Miss Yanyan, I don’t think she’s being unreasonable. To teach a younger brother is to let him follow good examples and not to teach him do bad things.”

Mrs. Wang still didn’t say all her opinions, but the little boy didn’t get beaten up when he was young, so he became so lawless. She often hated him and wanted to beat him, but she just could not.

“You…” Yingying was annoyed. It was really a nightmare, every one of them was speaking up for Yansheng.

After a while, she couldn’t refute Mrs. Wang’s words because she was thinking about her husband who was still waiting for her in their bedroom. That was the person that she had to coax with all her heart. “Yansheng, just wait for me!”

Then she walked out angrily.

Mrs. Wang curled her lips.

She had been working for Yingying for many years and knew that Yingying was only a second wife, so she didn’t really look up to this woman in her heart.

She said to Shuocheng, “Do you understand now? If you do your homework well, your sister won’t beat you casually. Look at her beating you these past two days because you did something bad!”

Shuocheng was still upset. “I hate her!”

“Then, tell it to your mother. It’s useless to tell me, I’m just a nanny,” said Mrs. Wang. “You have the ability to tell her not to go out, to protect you within this family all day, and to tell your sister not to beat you up.”

However, even Shuocheng knew that it was impossible. His mother was a woman who was extremely keen to go out and couldn’t stay at home at all. Today, he asked her not to go out but he was slapped in the butt instead.

Moreover, when she was strangled on the sofa by her sister yesterday, she couldn’t even resist.

His mother was simply unreliable.

Naughty children were too daring, a hundred percent of that was because there were incapable parents behind them. Some of these parents usually protected their kids from being beaten and some parents would even wipe their butts for the aftermath.

But now, Yingying, an incapable parent, was very unqualified—very much.

Without an incapable parent, a naughty child would have no guts.

Mrs. Wang said, “Go to bed quickly and remember to do your homework first when you wake up tomorrow. After you finish your homework, your sister won’t beat you up if you play afterwards.”

Shuocheng went to bed angrily.

When he got up the next day, of course, he took it for granted so he played first. Children of his age were like this—they turned their heads and forget what they had said.

But Heling was much better. After breakfast, she said to Yansheng, “Sister, I’m going to watch Shuoshuo do his homework!”

“Don’t delay your own homework,” replied Yansheng.

Heling promised, “I won’t! I will write a three-day worth of homework in a day and I will finish another set of homework in a few days!”

This child belonged to a small family that no one paid attention to at home. No one urged her to study but she managed herself well.

But Yansheng really couldn’t really remember how Heling’s academic performance was. After all, she had never cared about this younger sister before. Anyway, this little girl’s mother and their common father praised the her studies without ever seeing her grades.

So Yansheng thought that her grades were probably average

“Okay, go ahead,” said Yansheng. “If he is not obedient, then call me.”

Heling felt her eyelids twitch when she remembered the appearance of her older sister coming upstairs with a ferule. In the short staircase, where her older sister didn’t speak, it gave people a sense of tension in the future.

But it was really useful to the little bastard Shuocheng.

“Okay!” She agreed and went upstairs bouncing on the ground.

Shuocheng was actually playing, so she scared him, “Sister asked me to watch you do your homework. If you can’t finish it before noon, then she will come up and beat you.”

Shuocheng hesitated for a moment and glanced at the door.

Heling was his own sister and she knew what he was thinking, so she immediately said, “Mom hasn’t gotten up yet! She gets very angry if you dare to disturb her. She will yell at you and smash you with a pillow!”

This was true as both siblings had experienced it firsthand.

But Shuocheng didn’t give up and he said firmly, “Then I’ll lock the door! She won’t be able to get in!”

Heling reacted quickly and said, “Haven’t you seen the unlocking advertisement posted on the telephone pole outside the school? You just need to call for a lockout service and they can open any locks!”

The siblings quarreled with their wits. Mrs. Wang covered her mouth and said cheerfully, “You can’t do your homework well, but you have to finish them all before school starts. So if you don’t do it now, no one will do it for you anyway!”

Shuocheng finally gave up. He sat down at his desk with a sigh and spread out his homework for the day.