March 29, 2022

Chapter 15: Come On, Cheers!

Although Yifan had a poisonous mouth and loved to bully Zhizhi, he absolutely supported her at some point.

He stood up and nodded in agreement. “Yes, I’ve seen her kiss a pig before!”

That person wanted to refute, but Zhizhi spoke ahead of her, “Oh, I see. No wonder you can’t speak human language.”

“Zhizhi, you—”

“You want to apologize? No need, it’s unlikely for you to say any human words. What kind of apology can I count on you? When will you pack up and go to the pig slaughterhouse to find your companion to fall in love with?”

That person’s whole face turned red in rage.

Kexin went to pick up her brother from the main entrance of the club. So this time, a man suddenly appeared among the group of women.

Ma Ketai looks mediocre, with a flat nose, small eyes, and yellow teeth.

Yifan couldn’t even stomach looking at how greasy he was at such an age. If he had grown up like that, he would have certainly turned his back from everything and jumped into the river a long time ago. Why would he still be alive and make a fool of himself? He was not that stupid!

When Ketai saw Zhizhi from the crowd, his eyes lit up and he walked over in a posture that he thought was dashing.

“Zhizhi, I’ve heard everything about what happened. Don’t worry, even without Ye Qingchen, you still have me and I will take good care of you,” he said as he put his right hand to his left chest.

Following that, this ugly man stretched out his hands to hug her.

Zhizhi hurriedly grabbed Yifan’s arm and pushed him into Ketai’s arms.

Yifan glared at her with a questioning look.

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Ketai was also stunned for a moment, but his eyes lit up again when he saw the young and beautiful girl in his arms.

He thought that this girl was so beautiful! Especially the youthful aura all over the girl’s body, which attracted him so much.

He immediately became shameless, then he smiled and struck up a conversation, “Little sister, how old are you? Who did you come with?”

“That’s Fanfan, my younger sister, who usually just stays at home. She is very introverted and timid,” she explained, “so don’t bully her with your horse-like face.”

Ketai embraced the beautiful girl. He just ignored her warning. In fact, he didn’t even pay attention to the name she mentioned.

He took Yifan’s little hand and said, “Don’t worry, Zhizhi, just leave your younger sister to me. I will take good care of her!”

Zhizhi exchanged looks with Yifan and waved her hand. “Go ahead, so I don’t need to worry about getting rid of her.”

Yifan was astonished. He didn’t say a word the whole time and was forcibly pulled away by Ketai just like that.

Kexin stomped her feet after witnessing this scene. She asked his brother to come to this party and his target was supposed to be Qin Zhizhi!

Now that he was gone, how would she proceed with now?

She gave a meaningful glance at the woman beside her. That woman nodded when she received the signal, went to get a few glasses of wine, handed them out, and finally handed a glass to Zhizhi, then she said, “Zhizhi, it’s been a long time since we saw each other. Let’s have a drink.”

Zhizhi gave her a very ‘thankful’ look and replied, “Thank you, you are such a good person. But no thanks, because I brought my own drink.”

She then took out an unopened bottle of wine from her bag, slowly opened it, and raised the bottle at them.

She opened her red lips and shouted, “Come on, let’s toast to our sisterhood!”

Everyone was stunned and couldn’t believe what just happened.

Zhizhi took a sip of the wine by herself. Seeing that the others didn’t move, she raised her eyebrows and asked, “Why don’t you drink as well? Can our sisterhood not stand this test?”

Kexin was the first to react among the group. She gave another meaningful glance, telling everyone not to panic. She thought that it was just one bottle that would be gone after drinking all the wine in it.

She was the first one to clink her glass to Zhizhi’s wine bottle. “Come on, I know you can drink more.”

The others also reacted and took turns to clink glasses with her one by one.

So, Zhizhi’s bottle of wine was consumed in no time.

The woman who handed out the glasses of wine earlier was moved to tears and handed over the wine glass she had been holding in her left hand for a long time. “Zhizhi, we haven’t exchanged drinks yet!”

Zhizhi exclaimed, “Wait! I’ll get another wine first!”

She took out another bottle from her bag and opened it. “Come on, cheers!”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

How much wine did she bring?!

At this time, Yifan came back and complained to her with a resentful and indignant look, “Sister, that ugly man touched my thigh!”

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