April 12, 2022

Chapter 131: Humans

The college entrance examination matter has been lingering in her ears from the moment she stepped into the high school gate. She listened to it a lot for more than 900 days, and it really swooped like a fly.

The time for third-year high school students is so tight that Zhang Yansheng’s 18th birthday this year was celebrated by just eating a cake at home.

In the blink of an eye, the students were already sitting in the examination room of the college entrance examination.

In this examination room, 99.9% of the students are trying to give themselves a future. Only 0.1% of them like Zhang Yansheng, who have mines in their homes, are doing it just for their own verification.

The mentality can be relaxed and there is no tension at all. Zhang Huan was probably more nervous than her, and came to pick her up personally after the exam every day.

But on the last day, Zhang Yansheng opened the car door and only leaned half of her body in, and asked, “Where is my bag? Did you forget to bring it?”

Zhang Huan handed her bag over: “What is this about? What are you doing?”

Zhang Yansheng threw the exam stationery bag to him: “I’m not going home. I’ll go out and relax for a few days.”

She put on her bag, slammed the car door, and ran away.

Zhang Huan: “…”

Zhang Huan moved to the side, put down the car window and stuck out his head and shouted, “Come back early, pay attention to your safety!”

Looking again, his eyes were full of students and parents, and there were so many people that made him dizzy. However, there was no shadow of Zhang Yansheng.

Heh! She’s like a mule that just comes out! But the jumping and running because of excitement is gone!

Zhang Huan hummed a few times and told his driver: “Let’s go, let’s go back.”

As soon as the exam ended, there were too many people. Some students didn’t leave after the exam, and they still got together there to talk. Some were happy and some were sad, some cried when they came out of the exam room, and some jumped three feet high and ran wildly.

“Oh, this is the f*cking youth.” Zhang Huan sighed and smiled.

The entrance where the examination was held is just a small road, and there is no railing between the lanes in the two directions. Zhang Huan’s car and another sports car passed by each other. However, he did not find that the driver of that car is Yue Song.

Yue Song said: “If you are tired, go to sleep first.”

Zhang Yansheng said: “How can I sleep if my mind is still working.”

Yue Song said, “Okay, it will be easier from now on.”

Zhang Yansheng closed her eyes and let out a long, pleasant sigh.

After three years of her rebirth, she overthrew all the abandoned deserted high school days and started over again.

The hard work and effort she put in during this period, self-adjustment, breaking and reshaping, the journey of the heart, the sweet, sour, and spicy flavors… only she herself understands it all.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but turn her head slightly to look at Yue Song — his beautiful jawline, snow-white shirt collar, and long neck.

She closed her eyes and the scene of her previous life flashed in her mind.

He hugged her, with some other people’s blood splattered on his jaw and shirt collar. She remembered the voice that sounded deep in her soul again —

“Tell me.” Zhang Yansheng suddenly asked, “What is the right path in a person’s life?”

But before Yue Song could answer, she asked herself: “In fact, it means… study hard, work hard, and live well, right? There can be no bigger waves, right? Basically, everyone is like this, right?”

This string of ‘right’ made Yue Song laugh, “Did the college entrance examination sublimate your thoughts? That made you start thinking about these kinds of social philosophical questions?”

Zhang Yansheng ignored his ridicule and only asked, “Just tell me, am I on the right path now?”

This is a girl who has just passed the college entrance examination and has just finished her tiring high school life. Many students may be mentally fragile at this time. Although Yue Song felt that Zhang Yansheng would not be in this state as well, he still answered her carefully: “Of course you are.”

His tone was very firm which gave Zhang Yansheng an affirmation.

Zhang Yansheng let out another pleasant sigh, then closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat: “Wake me up when we get to the airport.”



Zhang Yansheng opened the door and walked to the terrace.

This holiday home is built halfway up the mountain, with snow-capped mountains in the distance and gentle and wide hills at the foot. There are not many trees. Looking around, the green weeds are covered with flowers of various colors. There is a fresh smell in the air, and the sky is high, wide and far-reaching, and extremely clean.

It makes people feel that they are all small.

“Did you sleep well?” On the wooden terrace, Yue Song asked while sitting on the recliner chair.

“I slept well!” Zhang Yansheng stretched out, revealing a flat, strong and snow-white belly, “I have completely recovered.”

“Come and sit down for a while.” Yue Song said.

Zhang Yansheng teased him: “You look like the old man in those landscape postcards.”

“The old man has experienced everything before knowing what is best.” He patted his leg, “Come here.”

Zhang Yansheng went over and ignored the other recliner, she sat in his arms and leaned back.

The two did not speak.

After a while, Zhang Yansheng said softly, “It’s so quiet.”

Not only is the surrounding quiet, but the heart is also quiet.

Yue Song said, “You should come to places like this more, be quiet, and change your temper.”

Zhang Yansheng turned her head and bit his chin: “Give up. Other things can be changed, but my temper can’t be changed.”

Yue Song clasped the back of her head, lowered his head, and kissed her.

Zhang Yansheng closed her eyes, feeling extremely relaxed. This is probably her most relaxing moment in the three years since she was reborn.

The kiss between the young couple was lingering and lasting, and it was difficult for the two to separate, but Yue Song finally stopped. Zhang Yansheng could feel his messy breathing and body abnormalities.

As a boyfriend of a senior high school girl, Yue Song’s year has actually been quite hard — there are very few dates and he is afraid of affecting Zhang Yansheng’s mentality of learning. He also keeps converging on himself all the time. Of course, there are also concerns about Zhang Yansheng’s age.

No matter how fierce the desire is, people cannot be inferior to animals.

Fortunately, she has finally grown up, and his girlfriend is now an adult.

Zhang Yansheng used her fingers to outline his beautiful chin and sexy Adam’s apple, thinking to herself that this person always endures too much.

But this will be a sunny afternoon. She changed the subject and said, “This house is very interesting. Everything here is in a pair, the recliner chairs here on the terrace, the sofa by the fireplace…” There are also many small details, which all give people the feeling of being in pairs.

Yue Song smiled helplessly: “You discovered it.”

“The vacation houses of our family all over the world were basically bought by my parents. The two of them…” He couldn’t continue anymore.

But Zhang Yansheng understood. This pair of man and woman born with good fortune and raised in honey have been living in a two-person world from young age to middle-aged. Therefore, their vacation houses all over the world show a state of a two-person world.

“My grandfather doesn’t like to come to these places.” Yue Song said, “Because every time he sees this kind of vacation house arranged by my parents, he gets angry. However, he himself doesn’t like taking vacations. He is a workaholic man. He has been like this since he was young. He is a completely different person from my dad.”

Zhang Yansheng touched his face and said, “Does he want to train you to be that kind of person?”

“That’s not good.” Yue Song’s eyes flashed with cunning and he said, “I am different from him. He is single, but I have a girlfriend.”

Zhang Yansheng laughed loudly.

They left the vacation house, strolled on the hillside, picked a lot of wild flowers, made bouquets, and brought them back to the vacation house.

In the evening Yue Song personally cooked steak, with red wine and candlelight. The altitude and climate here make it hot in the afternoon, and the early morning and evening are as cold as late autumn. From morning to evening, you can experience different seasons in a day. Yue Song lit the fireplace to drive away the cold, and the house became warmer.

The floor in front of the fireplace is not covered with carpets, but animal skins. Lying on it, the fur is soft and very comfortable.

In the warm and leaping firelight, the shadows of the two people overlapped.

But Yue Song hesitated in the end. Although he and Zhang Yansheng have been together for a year, he still worries about their age difference, whether it is too early now.

But Zhang Yansheng honestly and unceremoniously seized control, and has already begun to take off his clothes.

Yue Song: “…” “Hey.” He pressed her hand and looked at this presumptuous girl.

Zhang Yansheng was dissatisfied: “Shouldn’t you keep quiet at this time?”

“That’s too much, Zhang Yansheng.” Yue Song stared at her, “Do you really think you are an alpha?”

Zhang Yansheng’s eyes were provocative: “Otherwise?”

“Even if you are an alpha,” Yue Song turned around and regained control, with deep eyes, “But I am not an Omega.”

The corners of Zhang Yansheng’s mouth curled up and she stretched out her hand unceremoniously…

The flames jumped, the pine trees buzzed, and the fragrance of wood was scattered all over the room.

The portrait floats on the tide.

Every pore, every cell is opened, and it is very comfortable.

When the tide faded, Yue Song propped his head, hugged Zhang Yansheng in his arms, held her hand, and rubbed it gently.

“Zhang Yansheng…” He leaned down and kissed her earlobe lightly, “Do you know how long I have waited for you?”

“Hmm?” Zhang Yansheng’s nasal voice had a unique comfort afterwards, “How long?”

Yue Song kissed her face: “From the first time I saw you.”

Zhang Yansheng smiled bitterly: “I was actually surprised when I saw you.”

“Who would not be?” Yue Song’s palms have a warm temperature, and wherever he goes, they are always warm and comfortable. “Human needs and emotions are not determined by hormones. Your happiness, anger, and sadness are all hormones that tell the brain what emotions you should have.”

“It’s sad.” Zhang Yan sighed, “Humans are such low-level animals. When can we get rid of these low-level needs?”

“Why do you want to get rid of it?” Yue Song pressed her again, “Didn’t your hormones tell you that this makes you happy?”

“That’s not it. I want to make an appeal.” Zhang Yansheng hugged his neck and said with a smile.

Only after studying the low-level needs of human beings, she received a call from Mo Lin the next day.

Mo Lin obviously made this call after considering it.

“Theoretically, I shouldn’t interfere with the private lives of my clients.” She said, “But the two of us don’t have that kind of business relationship only, and this matter only happened because of me. After thinking about it, I think you should know about this too.”

The matter is actually quite simple, it’s just about Zhang Huan, who hooked up with an up-and-coming starlet.

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