December 19, 2021

Chapter 12: Mrs. Wang

Huan spent a lot of money to settle that matter.

At that time, he was already more than half a hundred years old, and his mental and physical strength were going downhill, which was completely incomparable with what he was now. But he had no successor.

Among his three children, the eldest daughter was rebellious and always fooling around outside, the second daughter was too introverted and he didn’t see any strengths in her personality, so she couldn’t hold herself in front of her elders.

His baby son really grew up into a trash and scumbag.

At that time, he finally admitted that his son had been ruined.

He had a lot of gray hairs on his sideburns at that time and he looked much older than he was now. Over the years, he still had the idea of ​​competing with his older brother. But by that time, he had almost completely given up.

None of the three children in the family could compare to Yansheng’s eldest cousin. None of them could reach her grandmother’s eyes and attention.

Yansheng thought maliciously, if he is also reborn and returned to the present, will he regret it? Will he be inspired to discipline Shuocheng now?

However, Huan obviously did not have this thought. He still left all the children’s affairs to women just like before, and the woman he was with now had no idea on how to properly educate the children.

Huan was not reborn, but Yansheng was, so she couldn’t just leave it alone.

She didn’t want to care about Shuocheng’s death, but she couldn’t sit back and watch him repeat what he did in her previous life and hurt innocent girls.

She even heard that the girl committed suicide twice later and suffered from severe depression. The girl’s life was basically ruined by Shuocheng.

She couldn’t just ignore it completely.

No matter how annoying Shuocheng could be, she needed to get involved to control him.

“Now that he steals things, you just think that he did that because he’s still young, right?” Yansheng said, “When he commits murder or arson and even rape someone in the future, then you won’t think that he is young anymore.”

Huan was displeased and exclaimed, “What nonsense are you talking about?!”

Yansheng stared at him. “If your son continues to be like this, what kind of person do you think he will grow into? Is he going to be a successor to socialism? I’m telling you, if this continues, you will regret it sooner or later.”

Huan felt that she was exaggerating things. In his opinion, Shuocheng was indeed a little naughty but his son was not that young anymore.

He also felt that what Yansheng said was not unreasonable. In theory, everyone knew that strict teaching could produce good children. In fact, not everyone could do it, especially last night. Shuocheng had him lose a big face at his aunt’s birthday banquet.

He rubbed his chin and said, “But he is indeed a bit too naughty. His mother is not very good at taking care of children. Anyway, you are their sister, so just take care of them from now on. You are my eldest daughter. As the saying goes, the eldest sister is like a mother. I think you are in good control today, and you have a good sense of propriety.”

The more he thought about it, the more it got better. He simply patted the sofa. “It’s very good, really good. You will control him like this in the future.”

Yansheng was stunned.

She really thought that Huan would defend Shuocheng no matter what and would not let her interfere. But he not only supported her, she could see that he even became very emotional because of this.

“I will discipline your son, but will your wife be willing?” She sneered.

“Well…” Huan rubbed his chin again. His mood was indeed very good. “I think you managed him very well today, you really have a bit of your mother’s posture.”

Yansheng suddenly became irritated. “Don’t mention my mother!”

Putting her mother and Yingying together again, she was really about to explode.

“I won’t! I won’t do it anymore!” Huan knows when to stop. “You also have to control your emotions. If you can’t do it in the future, then don’t raise your hands on her. You scared her this time, I think she will not come after you in the future. Her courage is actually very small.”

Yansheng didn’t answer and just looked at her father faintly.

In her previous life, she had clashed with Yingying many times and quarreled with her so many times. She couldn’t remember a time when her father took the initiative to come and chat with her and make friends.

Today, she raised her hand in anger, suppressing Yingying’s momentum in one fell swoop, and Huan came to her immediately.

She finally understood that her father’s mentality was like this.

For him, the contradiction between the eldest daughter and the little wife was irreconcilable, and he knew it very well. These two women lived together, either the east wind overwhelmed the west wind or the west wind overwhelmed the east wind.

But he didn’t actually care who overwhelmed who.

Whether it was the daughter who suppressed the wife or the wife who suppressed the daughter, they were all living in this home, and they could neither be beaten nor abused. It was just that one person was happier and the other was less happy.

But for him, as long as one of them could completely subdue the other, he could gain peace.

Quietness was harmony.

Harmony was happiness.

As for who crushed whom, he didn’t care. He just wanted his quietness, harmony, and happiness. As long as one of them could control the situation, keep the house quiet, and let him relax, he would be fully satisfied.

It was just that in the previous life, how could the young Yansheng be able to suppress Yingying. Later, she gradually grew up and became more and more extreme. It became clear to Huan that if she overpowered Yingying, then he would not think about living a quiet life.

So later on, Huan stood on Yingying’s side instead.

The former Yansheng couldn’t understand her father’s mentality as a man at all. He hoped that all the women in the family could have cordial relationships, and he hoped that one woman could help him manage the other women and bring him peace and harmony.

But now that Yansheng returned to this point in time, she went to see everyone again, to see their relationships, and to see those subtle attitudes. Suddenly, she had an insight into Huan’s mentality.

Once, the young her felt so angry that her father had not supported her unconditionally.

Her many extreme behaviors were just to make him look at her more and care about her more.

But this man was actually so selfish and he just wanted to live that ‘harmonious’ life in his mind.

Yansheng once again felt that her former self was too ridiculous and unworthy.

His daughter’s gaze made Huan a little awkward and he felt like she was a little creepy, not resembling a child.

“That’s it.” Zhang Huan coughed and stood up. “Don’t mind them for now. Rest early, I will go upstairs first.”

After comforting his daughter, he felt that he was a great father so he planned to retreat now. He didn’t know that his eldest daughter had completely given up on him this time.

Yansheng really didn’t feel anything for this man anymore.

She watched him as he was about to leave, but she suddenly stopped him.

“Heling is going to be in fourth grade soon and should have pocket money.” She explained, “When I was in third grade, my mother let me start taking care of my pocket money by myself.”

Huan also had an impression of this matter.

At that time, his wife told him, “I don’t know when will I give up. You are not a person who can take care of your children. It’s time for Yanyan to learn how to manage money by herself.”

Back then, he gently comforted his wife who had lost a lot of hair due to chemotherapy. Later, the eldest daughter began to manage her own pocket money and she seemed to have been managing well.

Huan was surprised once again. His eldest daughter really seemed to have grown up overnight. She could not only teach her younger brother, suppress her stepmother, but also cared about her younger sister.

Isn’t this the family and harmony I always wanted to see?

“Okay, then I—” He pondered for a while. In the past, Yansheng ignored Heling completely, so he thought that it would be a great opportunity for these sisters to love each other. He said, “I’m actually busy so why don’t you do this instead? You get a bank card for your sister and you take care of her spending money. What do you think?”

“I can do it.” Yansheng said, “Then you have to give me another fifty thousand yuan a month.”

“Okay.” Huan agreed. “Hehe is still young, don’t let her spend too much money.”

“Since you leave it to me, don’t worry about it.” Yansheng sneered. “Warn your little wife that our family does not beat children, except Shuocheng. Tell her not to slap and pinch Heling. Tell her to put away her rural behavior as soon as possible.”

Huan was also not satisfied with his wife either. Indeed, as Yansheng said, it had an earthy taste. There was no way for Yingying to match him.

He didn’t care about his children before, but because of what Yansheng said today, he suddenly felt that Yingying being a mother was not able to teach her daughter and take care of her son as well. He immediately became very dissatisfied with his wife.

In the past, Yingying was kept outside by him and he thought that she was young and beautiful, so he doted on her.

But now that she was already Mrs. Zhang, she should assist him in educating their children. However, she was still in the same state as before—shopping, grooming, playing cards, and playing everywhere.

Her status had been promoted from mistress to wife, but her level had not kept up.

Huan was really not satisfied.

But yesterday and today, he was unexpectedly satisfied with his eldest daughter. This child, who had suddenly grown up, had a little bit of her mother’s demeanor.

He went upstairs with relief. He also forgot to ask his eldest daughter why she had become so powerful now.

When she was young, she did participate in competitions everywhere and came back to comfort her mother with certificates and awards. But since the death of her mother, she had lost her enthusiasm for those competitions and she had not seen her come back with any certificates.

He just concluded that it was because she had been training for a long time. Indeed, he had never cared about the level of the skills she had learned. Who knew that the little girl had become so powerful before he knew it?

Yansheng watched him leave and slammed the door with a ‘bang’.

She sat back on the sofa, stretched out her hand, and clasped her fist.

All the piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting skills that her mother arranged for her to study since she was a child were later lost. After all, she had discarded her school studies, so how could she care about those lessons?

Only taekwondo and boxing were not lost. These two sports were really good ways to vent out. The depression and hostility in her chest could be released very well with punching and kicking.

The sparring coaches she later looked for were all professional players. She herself had already reached the professional level as well.

But today, she calmed down and realized that her strength was a bit amazing. Not only was it not something that a fifteen-year-old girl could have, but it was not even something that a twenty-one-year-old girl could have.

That kind of explosive power could exceed the strength of many men.

Does my rebirth also come with the benefit of growth of strength?


The next morning, Huan held a cup of coffee and watched her eldest daughter train in the courtyard.

The sound of the glove hitting the target was clear and crisp, and it sounded rhythmic and beautiful early in the morning.

His eldest daughter had grown up and was sensible now, so he went to the company in a good mood.

Yansheng didn’t see Yingying and Shuocheng when she had breakfast after she took a shower.

Yingying’s beauty sleep usually took until ten o’clock or even eleven o’clock before she got up. Yansheng didn’t know if Shuocheng hadn’t woken up yet or went to play already.

Breakfast was eaten quietly. Heling seemed to be eager to try and always wanted to talk to Yansheng, but Yansheng only lowered her eyes and ate unhurriedly, so Heling obediently ate breakfast in frustration.

After breakfast, Yansheng called Mrs. Wang, who was in charge of looking after Shuocheng, into the hall.

“You have always been responsible for Shuocheng’s daily routine.” She said, “My request is to let him do his homework every morning and you will supervise it.”

She glanced at Heling and assigned her a task as well. “Heling is in charge of checking it.”

Heling was surprised. “Me?”

“Yes,” Yansheng said, “If he fails to do his homework on time, you must tell me immediately.”

Heling immediately promised, “Okay!”

Yansheng turned her head and looked at Mrs. Wang again. Her gaze was too cold for the person receiving it. Mrs. Wang couldn’t help but twist her hand and clear her throat.

“Yesterday, my father handed me over the management of Shuocheng.” Yansheng explained, “I don’t care what happened before. From now on, you should keep an eye on him for me, when it’s time for him to study and sleep. If he asks for help with his homework, don’t do it. If you accept money from him…”

Heling looked at Mrs. Wang in surprise.

Mrs. Wang’s face also had a look of surprise that could not be concealed.

“Heling doesn’t even have pocket money yet, but where did Shuocheng get his money?” Yansheng’s eyes were sharp. “In this case, if you instigate minors to steal or illegally possess your employer’s property, you can stay in the prison for two years!”

Mrs. Wang’s face turned pale.

How did Yansheng know that I took Shuocheng’s money to help him with his homework?