March 28, 2022

Chapter 116: Shoulder

Zhang Yansheng calmed down and called Director Xie.

“Director Xie, this is Zhang Yansheng. It’s been a long time. I have something to ask you about.” Zhang Yansheng said, “There are several assistant directors around you who are familiar with my friend, Xu Lichen. I would like to ask you to help me ask them if they know where Xu Lichen is… What? You know?”

“Xiao Xu, I know, he’s in H City now.” Director Xie said, “It was me who introduced him. Why are you looking for him? Okay, I will tell you the address and the contact person.”

Zhang Yansheng got into the car and told Xiao Zhou: “Go to the airport!”

Xiao Zhou was surprised: “Where are you going? You’re not going home?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “I have some matters to attend to, so I have to go out of town.”

Xiao Zhou determined his responsibility first: “Does Master Zhang know? Today is Wednesday, don’t you have to go to school tomorrow?”

So, this is troublesome for minors.

Zhang Yansheng had no choice but to say: “Drive to the airport first. I’ll make a call.”

She called Zhang Huan: “I’m going to see Xu Lichen in H City, so you help me ask for two days off from the school.”

Zhang Huan: “…”

For a moment, Zhang Huan thought that he was the child and that she was the parent.

“No, I’m just telling… to delay school for him, that…” He tried to stop her. He didn’t like the kid surnamed Xu from the beginning, and his family was in such a mess.

He originally thought that the father was a scumbag. But now, as he looked at it again, the mother is also very cruel. Zhang Huan is really unhappy about the people with the surname Xu.

“He is my friend.” Zhang Yansheng said, “He is a very special friend to me.”

Zhang Yansheng’s voice was very low, and she didn’t mean to quarrel with Zhang Huan. It was just a statement, just a statement.

Calm like an adult.

Zhang Huan was silent for a moment, then bitterly agreed: “Okay! Go and come back as soon as possible!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…thank you.”

Zhang Yansheng arrived at the airport and directly bought a ticket with the latest flight going to H City.

Director Xie gave her a contact person and said that she could ask this person for help with anything, such as running errands or something. Zhang Yansheng called this person, asked him to arrange a car and driver for her, and then transferred him a sum of money.

This person replied: “You are so kind. It doesn’t take this much.”

Zhang Yan said: “The extra is for your hard work.”

It was already 2 o’clock early in the morning when she arrived in H City. The man drove to pick her up and said, “Xiao Xu is still filming. Are we going there now? Or go to the hotel and wait for him instead?”

Zhang Yansheng did not hesitate: “Let’s go to him now.”

It is common for the crew to film all night. When Zhang Yansheng passed by, Xu Lichen happened to be on the stage.

He was surrounded by people in the night. The leader is a young fresh meat. Zhang Yansheng has seen him on the internet, and he should be the male protagonist. The male protagonist and his brothers blocked Xu Lichen, and after a few arguments, they raised their hands.

Xu Lichen first started with two strikes and was quite fierce. But soon, he was ‘unable to resist’ the power of the male protagonist and was ‘knocked to the ground’. The male protagonist stopped, but the male protagonist’s brothers still continued to ‘punch and kick’ Xu Lichen.

The quality was not bad. The director raised his hand and was about to shout “Stop”, when he suddenly heard an angry voice one step ahead: “Stop!”

The director… is still raising his hand: “…” Who robbed him of his line?

Immediately, a beautiful girl who did not lose to the lead actress rushed into the camera, smashed the young fresh meat that was in the way, and grabbed Xu Lichen with both hands. Those ‘brothers of the male lead’ all staggered back involuntarily.

Xu Lichen was also startled when he heard that voice. He opened his eyes and sat up, and saw that it was indeed that person.

“Zhang Yansheng!” He sat up with a dazed expression, “You, why are you here?”

So, everyone saw that the boy, who was introduced by Director Xie as an amateur actor, was kicked over by the beautiful girl who just appeared suddenly!

Zhang Yansheng already knew that Xu Lichen was just acting when he was being ‘beaten’, which was all false. But when she saw Xu Lichen curled up and rolled on the ground while protecting his head, she still rushed straight to his head with anger!

When did Xu Lichen get beaten up like this?

Regardless of whether it is fighting for money or fighting with fist, they have always walked sideways and have never suffered a loss! Never been bullied! When is it time for others to beat up Xu Lichen?!

“If you don’t want to go to school, you will just run here and get beaten up! Are you that cheap?!” Zhang Yansheng raised her fist, “If you want to be beaten, then look for me! I’ll accompany you!”

Xu Lichen knew how good she was, and when he saw her angry again, he didn’t dare to ignore her, so he rolled on the spot and got up in a defensive manner. Zhang Yansheng’s fist has already come, the strength when she is angry!

The young fresh meat and the other young actors who played as his ‘brothers’ were so scared that they backed away, completely deprived of the ‘brave and fierce’ and ‘boldness’ they had just now, for fear of being swept away by that whistling fist.

The whole crew watched in amazement.

Zhang Yansheng’s fist can make a dull sound when it hits the flesh, which sounds scary.

Xu Lichen was embarrassed. He glanced at the sky, shook his head, suddenly opened his arms to hug Zhang Yansheng, and held her tightly: “Zhang Yansheng! Calm down! That’s just filming! You are so cold…”

Everyone opened their mouths and watched Xu Lichen swing like an arc in the air, and was slapped by Zhang Yansheng and thrown to the ground, making a dull sound of falling to the ground.

Lying on the ground groaning/moaning.

Zhang Yansheng’s chest heaved, and she calmed down as she looked at Xu Lichen, who was groaning/moaning half-true and half-false on the ground.

The lighting engineer was still holding the reflector with his mouth open blankly, and the light just hit her. Everyone around looked at her with their mouths open, silent.

Zhang Yansheng closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she opened her eyes and strode out of these people.

Xu Lichen got up, staggered, and gestured to the director: “Excuse me, Director Liu! That, I! That!”

The director gestured hurriedly: “Go ahead, go ahead, quickly go!”

Xu Lichen said “thank you” and hurried to chase after Zhang Yansheng.

As soon as he left, everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief and began to discuss: “Who is that? She’s so amazing!”

Everyone knows that Xu Lichen was introduced by Director Xie, and it is said that he is a young master of a financial backer’s family. So, who is that beautiful girl?

The cameraman shouted: “Director! Director!” He hooked his finger to Director Liu.

Director Liu leaned over and took a look. It turned out that the camera hadn’t been turned off just now, and it was all recorded.

“Oh, play it for me!” Director Liu rubbed his chin, “These two kids are really photogenic! This action is also beautiful, both of them might have been trained, right? They are really good seedlings…”

Xu Lichen chased after her all the way: “Zhang Yansheng! Zhang Yansheng!”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her: “What’s wrong with you? Have you calmed down already? What are you angry about? Isn’t it just going to school? My mother asked for leave for me, I’m not playing truant…”

Zhang Yansheng stopped and looked at him.

Xu Lichen grinned and said, “If you come here suddenly, then you must have heard about our family, right?”

“My mother has won a big victory. My dad has no civil capacity. She is now my dad’s legal guardian, and all assets are in her hands.” He said triumphantly, “I am her only child and these will all be mine from now on. I can live a hundred times better than others by lying down, eating, and drinking for the rest of my life. What’s the point of going to school now? It doesn’t matter. What about those in Class 1 and Class 2, what about those who are admitted to prestigious schools? They will work for me in the future.”

This is indeed the truth, but it made Zhang Yansheng angry. She waved her fist.

Xu Lichen caught her wrist quickly!

“Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Please!” Xu Lichen felt that his head became bald, “What are you so angry about? It was all acting just now, so it’s not true! They would not dare to really kick me! Only you can! The tricks have been messed up and I don’t know if the scene was a success or not, or if we’ll have to remake it tomorrow.”

Zhang Yansheng’s fist seemed to suddenly lose strength and hung down.

Xu Lichen breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m telling you, don’t worry about me. You don’t understand, but filming is interesting, and I’m really happy.” He whispered, “It’s true, hey, you won’t understand even if I tell you, you really would not understand…”

His voice stopped abruptly.

In the night, he clearly saw Zhang Yansheng shed tears.

Since he saw her in the corridor for the first time, Zhang Yansheng has been a girl who was cold and arrogant. She was also very irritable, beating people if they didn’t agree with her. All the students know that Zhang Yansheng is an alpha. She is not a school flower, but a school grass is more appropriate to describe her.

Xu Lichen never thought that one day, he would see Zhang Yansheng crying in front of him.

Zhang Yansheng cried silently, and looked particularly weak in the night.

Xu Lichen was a little frightened, and hesitated: “You, why are you crying…”

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t control her tears.

She raised her eyes to look at him.

“Is there anything I would not understand?”, she asked.

“It’s not like that, I just want to be someone else.”

“But it’s not that I don’t want to be myself.”

Before, every time she goes out, she would apply a thick makeup to cover her dark circles and pale skin. Her hair was dyed like a demon and there are many tattoos and piercings on her skin…

She did that because she just wanted to erase ‘herself’ and don’t want to be ‘herself’ anymore. She broke herself, but she couldn’t fix herself and could only remain as dregs all over the place.

Both of them.

But in this life, so much has obviously changed. Why did Xu Lichen still come this far?

Zhang Yansheng felt particularly powerless.

The indifferent and grinning expressions on Xu Lichen’s face faded away.

The light of the street lamp hit the leaves, casting a mottled shadow on his face, flickering in the night breeze.

There was no expression on the boy’s face.

Because they are shooting a fashion drama, their outdoor scene is taken in the urban area. It was only in the middle of the night that the road was empty, with a little sound, as if there is an echo.

After a long time, Xu Lichen let out a long breath.

“Zhang Yansheng, f*ck you, f*ck you…” he murmured, “You are such a deity.”

In this world, how can there be someone who knows yourself better than yourself?

Zhang Yansheng didn’t expect that in this life, she would still be the same as in her previous life, sitting shoulder to shoulder on the road with Xu Lichen, smoking and drinking.

At her feet were a dozen beers and cigarette butts picked up from a 24-hour convenience store. She listened to the young man talk about the extremely disturbing thing that happened.

“The two bodyguards couldn’t hold him, and one of them even had a broken arm. My dad was held down, the nurse gave him an injection, and he stopped struggling.”

“They stuffed him into the car and left.”

“From beginning to end, I seemed to be dreaming. I don’t know who to help, I have no strength and I have been sweating all the time.”

“When the car left, my mother came over and hugged me. She told me that she could ask for leave from school and let me rest for a few days.”

“She said that I can go wherever I want to play, and I can come back after I have relaxed enough.”

“Her voice was very gentle, very gentle… telling me that we won.”

“Zhang Yansheng.” After all, the young man couldn’t bear it and burst into tears, “Lend me your shoulder.”

Zhang Yansheng gave a soft “um”.

Xu Lichen pressed his forehead on Zhang Yansheng’s shoulders, and his tears wetted her clothes.

“I didn’t know this would happen…”

“She said she just wanted to talk to my dad. She said my dad refused to see her.”

So, he made an appointment with his father. His father, who was not so vigilant towards him, took only two bodyguards, and finally got caught in an ambush by his wife.

And the young man witnessed with his own eyes the cruelest fight that took place between his biological parents.

In the previous life, she said: Hey, I’ll lend you my shoulder!

He said: Forget it. My shoulder is almost the same as yours. You can’t even carry your little shoulders by yourself, so keep it to yourself.

He said: When the time comes that you can carry yourself first, and then lend it to me.

“Zhang Yansheng…” In this life, he cried like a child on her shoulder.

“She lied to me.”

“She lied to me!”

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