March 26, 2022

Chapter 114: Relax

Yue Song was shocked when he saw the videos of Zhang Yansheng and her classmates traveling during the Golden Week in October, because the conditions of their accommodation are really poor.

Yue Song has grown to this age, but the worst condition he has experienced is the university dormitory he is living in now — a four-person room with a separate bathroom. Strictly speaking, he has no chance to come into contact with worse conditions.

The conditions of the youth hostel like the one where Zhang Yansheng and the others lived were so simple that before he saw it with his own eyes, he didn’t believe that a young lady with a rich background like her would go to.

Those children even went to record a video of the bathroom. It was a very small area with a squatting toilet, and the shower head was hung on the top of the squatting pit.

Yue Song could hear them chattering in the video —

“What if I slip my foot in?”

“If you slip your foot in there, how will you pull it out?”

“Ahhhhh~ it’s so disgusting!”

“Wash it off first before taking a shower, hahahaha!”

“Ahhhhhh~ shut up and stop talking!”

As the camera shook, those boys and girls could be seen laughing together. Zhang Yansheng also bent over with a smile. She didn’t seem to be unhappy because of the poor conditions. She seemed to enjoy the trip. Yue Song always felt that he was grounded enough, and he was by no means the kind of dude who is to be ‘oblivious to other people’s plight’, but he didn’t expect Zhang Yansheng to be more grounded than him.

He didn’t know that the two lunatics, Zhang Yansheng and Xu Lichen, indulged in extreme sports and various nerve-stimulating challenges in her previous life. They had been smashed in the mud in the wild and they naturally have no pressure to accept such so-called ‘harsh’ conditions.

Yue Song frowned unconsciously.

He clearly remembered that when he saw her at the charity event hosted by Xue Xintong, he felt that her dress, temperament, and demeanor obviously did not show any harsh mistreatment in material terms. But he is not so sure now.

What if she was well-nurtured only when her mother was alive, and the millions of yuan investments handed by her stepmother were merely superficial?

Yue Song covered his lips with his palms, held his chin and thought for a while, then decided to test it out.

He picked 10 of her videos from several accounts of her classmates and rewarded them with a total of 100,000 yuan. It’s so obvious that as long as these children are not stupid, they can tell that he is directly giving the rewards to Zhang Yansheng.

Then, he has to wait and see what the reaction is.

After the holiday, a few days later, those account owners suddenly uploaded the same video.

In the video, a girl represented everyone and said, “Thank you all for your rewards. We are really flattered. But we make these videos purely for fun and not to make money. We are still high school students and our study tasks were quite heavy, so we only recorded videos to relax during occasional breaks. And now, we all feel that we should still focus on our studies and should not be too distracted, especially our heroine…”

The girl made a gesture of muscles, smiled and said, “Well, it’s our heroine who is an A burst… She decided not to make these videos in the future. Therefore, in the future, we may share some daily videos, but there will be no more such small videos with plot stories. In short, we would like to thank everyone for all your support along the way, especially the local tyrant who rewarded us. Thank you very much.”

As soon as this video came out, Zhang Yansheng responded to Yue Song through the air, and Yue Song was relieved.

If she is really treated harshly and is really short of money, she will most likely feel that this is a way to make money after receiving rewards, and then make more videos. But she didn’t, so Yue Song was relieved.

Thinking about it, too, a family like the Xingnan Group shouldn’t be harsh on their children in terms of money no matter what.

He was completely worried.

At this time, Yue Song hadn’t realized that there is a word called ‘concern’, which is caring about someone indiscriminately.

He always felt that he and Zhang Yansheng were separated by a very safe distance. He didn’t face it squarely, but he had actually given Zhang Yansheng too much and proactive attention.

And he also forgot that when he used 100,000 yuan to test her out, he actually envisioned another possibility — the possibility that Zhang Yansheng would be treated harshly. If this possibility is confirmed, Yue Song will not sit idly by. He will definitely reach out and take care of it.

Although this idea only flashed past in his brain, there is no denying that it did exist —

He planned not to watch from the sidelines, but to lend a helping hand to Zhang Yansheng, who ‘might be treated harshly’ in the three dimensions.

It’s just that reality didn’t give him this opportunity.


Ever since she had a late self-study in her second year of high school and lived a life full of stars and moon, Zhang Yansheng felt that the flow of time has made people very dazed.

At that time, she felt that the time every day was very long, but in the blink of an eye… a semester had passed, and the final exam began again!

Long before the final exam started, Liang Yingying told Zhang Huan in advance: “One of my girlfriend’s family had invited the rest of us to play together…”

Liang Yingying’s attraction to Zhang Huan withered like a yellow flower yesterday. At first, she tried to use various methods to recover Zhang Huan’s heart, but later found that they were all in vain. A 30-year-old woman, even if you still feel that you are beautiful, why should you compete with those of the 20-year-old girls outside?

Liang Yingying had already turned off the fire.

Since Zhang Huan didn’t care about her existence, but because of Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng, he didn’t seem to want her to be laid off. So, Liang Yingying began to let go of herself — she didn’t plan to serve Zhang Huan as before. Anyway, Zhang Huan didn’t even give her the opportunity to serve him.

Then, she decided to have a happier life on her own.

Zhang Huan knew as soon as he heard it that she was not happy to take the children on vacation. He actually didn’t care, he just wanted her to leave him alone and keep him quiet.

“Fine, go, go,” he said.

This is what Liang Yingying wants, but that kind of carelessness in Zhang Huan’s expression and attitude still made her bitter in her heart.

When she was just in her most beautiful time of her youth, this man also said “Xiao Yingying will stay with me forever”. But after 10 years, it has become a car exhaust, not as good as a fart.

Thanks to her cleverness, she gave birth to two children for him, and the meal ticket was stable for the rest of her life.

On the day Zhang Yansheng finished the exam, she told Zhang Huan: “Don’t arrange internships or anything for me this holiday. Just don’t arrange anything for me.”

Zhang Huan was taken aback: “What’s the matter?”

“I’m going on vacation. I want to relax.” Zhang Yansheng said.

Zhang Huan smiled and said: “Oh, who told me before that she doesn’t like to go out and just loves to stay at home?”

Zhang Yansheng bulged her eyes at him and gave him a real talk: “I have to be at school as early as 7:20 in the morning and go out at 8:40 in the evening for a whole semester. And now, I don’t have time to relax anymore. Will you be happy because of my sudden death?”

“Of course not! Ah pooh-pooh! I won’t blame you for saying nonsense!” Zhang Huan said quickly, “You go out and play, go out and play! Let my secretary book you the flight ticket and hotel! You can relax, ah. I don’t want to tire out my daughter, ah.”

This was said at the dining table. When Zhang Heling heard this, she looked over eagerly.

Zhang Yansheng held it for a while.

Thirty seconds.

In the end, she asked Zhang Huan: “Did you arrange anything for them?”

“No.” Zhang Huan said, “Their mother ran away yesterday… and went on a trip. No one will take care of them now. Why don’t you sign them up for a winter camp, study tour, or something?”

“You take care of Zhang Shuocheng.” Zhang Yansheng said, “I will take Hehe with me.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhang Heling’s small face instantly turned into a flower with a smile. How could she change her face so quickly?

“Look at this child!” Zhang Huan scratched her little nose, “Have fun with your sister, don’t run around.”

Zhang Shuocheng also cast his gaze over, Zhang Yansheng’s eyebrows lifted, and then she looked away with a ‘whoosh’.

Two days later, the final exam results came out, and Zhang Yansheng’s ranking was stable.

The champion climbed up again, which is normal.

What surprised Zhang Yansheng was that Xu Lichen’s grades had improved a lot. Could it be that he was reborn as well?

Anyway, it’s a happy thing.

So, during the winter vacation, Zhang Yansheng took Zhang Heling with her, and they first flew to the snow-capped mountains of Europe for skiing, and then to the tropical island beaches for diving and sunbathing. The spa there was very comfortable.

The two sisters wore the same two-piece swimsuits and the same sunglasses, lying on the beach chairs while drinking cold beverages and basking in the comfortable sun. The bling blings on their newly made nails shine in the sun.

“It’s a pity, my sister’s clothes will not be worn again when school starts.” Zhang Heling raised her two small hands and sighed.

She is studying in a private school and was very relaxed in dressing. Girls often have shawls, all kinds of beautiful skirts, and some seniors even wear light makeup and jewelry.

“It’s pretty good.” Zhang Yansheng said with her arms resting on her back, “Our school can wear casual clothes from Tuesday to Friday at least, although skirts are not allowed. You know that in some public schools, girls must cut their hair short, the kind that cannot grow past their ears. Many girls have been cut into watermelon heads, which are so ugly. This effectively put an end to puppy love — it’s too ugly, so it’s impossible to fall in love.”

Zhang Heling let out a ‘hiss’ and rejoiced: “Fortunately, I didn’t go to that kind of school. Sister, what is that, let me try taste it~”

“Go away.” Zhang Yansheng pushed her head away, “You can’t drink it, you’re still a kid, just drink your juice!”

“Sister, you are also underage ah!”

The elder sister stopped paying attention to her, as she continued to sip her own alcoholic beverage. Her elder sister could only allow her to drink juice, so she was full of curiosity about her elder sister’s alcoholic beverages.

Zhang Heling bit the straw and asked: “Sister, do you have a boyfriend?”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

A claw hand suddenly clasped the little girl’s head: “Don’t care about these useless things!”

Zhang Heling shielded her head: “Everyone in our class is in love, even Shuoshuo and the others in the different grades.”

Zhang Shuocheng is only in the third grade, are the kids so precocious now?

Zhang Yansheng took off her glasses and asked, “Has Shuoshuo ever been rude to any girls in school?”

Zhang Heling said, “He has not, has he?”

Zhang Yansheng said more clearly: “Like… lifting girl’s skirts, touching girl’s butts and chests or something?”

Zhang Heling was shocked: “Isn’t that a hooligan?”

Zhang Yansheng: “So, has he ever done any of that?”

Zhang Heling waved her hand quickly: “No, no, that’s impossible!”

Seeing Zhang Yansheng’s eyes, which didn’t seem to believe it very much. Zhang Heling vowed and said, “How could it be possible? If he dares to do such a shameful thing, I will beat him up with you! But he really did not, he is still a child, and he doesn’t even know what hooliganism is!”

Indeed, he is still young.

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while, Zhang Shuocheng did those things after he entered puberty. Before that, he was just naughty, but not a hooligan.

Zhang Yansheng guessed that he was probably in adolescence stage, and she didn’t know that he would be exposed to the pornographic information from the internet or other channels, and eventually would go rogue without an adult to discipline him.

But she doesn’t think about it in this life.

She really doesn’t want to kill him!

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