March 24, 2022

Chapter 112: Expose

When everyone saw Zhang Yansheng being called upstairs, they all guessed that Fang Xiaohan ‘looked for someone’. But judging from what happened today, Zhang Yansheng seemed to be confident, and they didn’t know who was behind her.

This matter depends on who has a strong backer. Everyone glanced at each other, watched the fire from the other side, and watched the excitement.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Yansheng to come back, with a normal expression, as if nothing had happened.

Fang Xiaohan followed her, bowing her head and her hands on her chest, her face was ashen.

Just looking at their postures, the vote for knowing who was the victor and who was defeated was divided. For a while, the eyes in the office flew wildly. Some people lowered their voices in the pantry to guess who Zhang Yansheng’s backer was.

A working day passed so normally, and the next day, the intern named Zhang Yansheng did not come into the office.

Everyone was stunned again, wondering who won and who lost. Did they guess wrong yesterday?

There were people who liked to be lively, holding glasses and chatting with Fang Xiaohan, and asking if Zhang Yansheng had been fired. Fang Xiaohan vaguely responded, making everyone even more confused.

But Fang Xiaohan couldn’t bear this kind of pressure. After two days, she talked to her uncle and didn’t come back to the office as well.

Although Vice President Wang felt that this was a matter between ‘children’, so he thought that the people ‘above’ shouldn’t bother him for such a matter. However, middle-aged senior workers like him are actually more afraid of unemployment than young people.

At his age, the salary level of this position is really good. Once he loses his job, it is extremely difficult to find a suitable position.

In fact, he really wanted to have the opportunity to apologize to Zhang Yansheng’s ‘parents’, but it is a pity that he is only a vice president of a subsidiary company. At this level, he still can’t reach Zhang Huan, who is known as Young Master Zhang, let alone Song Lanying, the chairman of the group.

The group headquarters suddenly issued a letter asking all subsidiaries and branches to rectify their corporate culture, eliminate the bad atmosphere in the office, and clarify the scope of employees’ work, so that people in every position can work with peace of mind and do their part.

Vice President Wang’s heart went up and down.

After waiting for a few days, although he didn’t see any other movement from the headquarters, he still acted as a man with his tail between his legs, trembling, and since then, he has become quite amiable to others.

Zhang Yansheng went home and told Zhang Huan about what happened.

This kind of small office friction won’t rise to the point where you want to fight or kill. Zhang Huan didn’t take it to heart and just said, “If you don’t like it there, change to another place.”

He turned around and told the old lady about this and said: “Look at her temper who really doesn’t want to suffer a loss. Who is like this?”

The old lady laughed, “Me!”

Zhang Huan said: “This just proves that she is a child of our family. If she is really an ordinary part-time worker, she would have been overturned early if she played like this.”

“So what?” The old lady said, “Since she was born in our family, we will turn her back even if she overturns!”

Zhang Huan: “I should just get used to her.”

Complaining on the mouth, but happy on the face, the typical heart is not the same.

Zhang Yansheng moved to a different subsidiary company.

At the beginning of August, Liang Yingying returned with Zhang Heling and Zhang Shuocheng.

The two little ones are full of energy. Zhang Heling’s white skin has actually tanned a lot, which shows how wild she was playing outdoors every day.

Liang Yingying was depressed. As soon as they came back, she was relieved, so she quickly looked for her little sisters to play cards and went to recharge.

Zhang Heling has bright eyes and full energy. Although she is a little tanned, she looks very healthy. Her voice has become louder as well, completely different from the girl with a small voice and cowardice a year ago.

As soon as they came back, she pestered Zhang Yansheng, and told her non-stop about what they were playing outside, what they saw, what did Zhang Shuocheng do and so on. Then, she asked: “Sister, what did you do at home?”

Zhang Yan bit the ice cream: “I did my homework and went to work.”

Hearing that Zhang Yansheng’s life is so monotonous, just like her former self, Zhang Heling suddenly became uneasy, thought for a while, and said, “Sister, why don’t we go out to play together next time?”

After a pause, she added: “We will not take my mother.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows and looked at her, feeling that this silly girl has become cleverer than before. Yes, there is progress.

“Okay.” She promised, “Definitely, next time.”

Zhang Heling breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again, “Sister, what are you doing at work? Is it interesting?”

“Interesting.” Zhang Yansheng bit the ice cream and said, “It’s interesting to see the society so dangerous and the hearts of the people so unpredictable.”

Zhang Heling: “?”

Zhang Yansheng handed her the ice cream stick: “Here.”

Zhang Heling took the ice cream stick and ran to the trash can.


Yue Song traveled for a month, returned to K City, rested at home for a day, played games, and watched videos.

He noticed that there are new videos of Zhang Yansheng posted.

The background seems to be in the school. A boy was arguing with a girl, and suddenly he raised his hand and wanted to hit her. The girl held her head in fright.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and caught the boy’s wrist. Immediately afterwards, Zhang Yansheng entered the view. With a twist, she wrung the boy’s arm and held him down.

Then she lifted her leg and kicked the boy away, blocking the girl in front of him.

The slow motion started there, and the BGM sounded. The girl hugged her from behind, buried her face in her back, as if she had found a support.

Zhang Yansheng glanced back slightly, then turned her head back, and made a thumbs-down gesture to the camera, froze the frame, and ended the video.

Yue Song: “…”

A person like Yue Song who was calm and self-sufficient couldn’t help but cover his eyes and laugh with a ‘puff’. The acting skills of high school students are too fake and they are really uncontrollable. The expressions and movements of boys and girls are too exaggerated. Zhang Yansheng’s face was cold which can still be seen.

Yue Song felt that she didn’t seem very happy.

Looking through the tidbits and videos, she was indeed surrounded by a group of girls begging (forcing) and demanding (forcing).

“Let’s shoot, let’s shoot a video!”

“The final exam is finally over, so let’s relax!”


She seems to be a person who doesn’t talk much, as you can tell from those tidbits. And obviously, she couldn’t bear the other girls being so coquettish and cheating. So, she was very helpless, and cooperated with the shoot with a stinky face.

Compared to the main video, the backstory is more interesting.

It can be faintly seen that she is a cold-faced and soft-faced person. Otherwise, how could those girls not be afraid of her, but be close to her instead.

Yue Song watched them so many times, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.


Xu Lichen finally came back crazy a week before the start of the school. As soon as he came back, he asked Zhang Yansheng for an appointment.

This made Zhang Yansheng unhappy, so she beat this kid up in the training ground.

Xu Lichen fell on the ground and groaned: “Zhang Yansheng, did you grow up taking Dali pills?”1大力丸 – Dali Pills – A kind of pill promoted by martial arts and buskers in the arena, which is known to strengthen the bones and strengthen the vigor.

Zhang Yansheng slammed her two fists together covered with gloves: “Cut the nonsense, get up!”

However, Zhang Yansheng was actually aware of Xu Lichen’s emotions. She guessed about something, but she didn’t ask Xu Lichen directly. She went home and asked Zhang Huan instead.

Sure enough, Zhang Huan also paid attention to this relatively well-known gossip in the K City business community. Especially if the other party might be his future in-laws, he is even more concerned.

When Zhang Yansheng asked about it, he told her in a heavy tone: “I know you will be upset once you hear it, but as a responsible father, I still want to tell you that I still disagree with this matter!”

Zhang Yansheng: “…what’s the matter?”

Zhang Huan: “About you and Xiao Xu.”

Zhang Yansheng: “?”

“Before you marry a husband, you must look at his parents first.” Zhang Huan said earnestly, “Look at his parents making a fuss. It’s just so ruthless. Anyway, if a husband and wife have a fight, even if they can’t settle it to the end, they wouldn’t have to use a white knife to get in and a red knife to get out, right? Dad is telling you that I would rather find you someone who is a little bit soft-hearted, even if he is a little bit indiscriminate, than someone who looks affectionate and turns his face mercilessly. If a father is like this, then his son is not much better.”

He resolutely said: “Yanyan, Dad really disagrees!”

“…One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is having subjective ideas.” Zhang Yansheng said, “Where can you say that Xu Lichen and I have a relationship beyond ordinary classmates?”

In fact, what Zhang Huan said was not unreasonable in itself.

But considering the character of the speaker himself and the various deeds he has done… Zhang Yansheng would rather listen to the aunts at home talking about the moral values brought from the countryside than to Zhang Huan to instill in her the philosophy of life.

Zhang Huan still wanted to speak, but Zhang Yansheng said, “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. Just tell me what happened to my classmates’ parents recently.”

Zhang Huan grunted and said, “What else is going on, it was so chaotic. The couple used to love showing their kindness and affection the most. This time, they became hostile to each other and it was such a great show, like martial arts!”

It’s all about breaking the safe and rushing to the office, which is similar to what Zhang Yansheng knew in her previous life.

Zhang Yansheng was silent.

Because at this stage, no one can help Xu Lichen. On this kind of day in his life, he can only survive on his own.

In fact, even until the two of them separated after graduating from high school, his parents were not able to divorce and were still married. Coercion, aggression, and property competition have always been in progress.

Fortunately, school started soon. At Yi High School, the evening self-study starts in the second year of high school. The school closes at 8:40 in the evening. The second-year students were busy from morning to night. In contrast, the freshman year of high school was really leisurely at that time.

More students began to rent houses in the nearby Dongfeng Dongli area, just to save commuting time and to have more sleep at night.

One day after returning home from school, after hearing the new deeds of the Xu couple from Zhang Huan, Zhang Yansheng carried her schoolbag upstairs and sent a voice message to Xu Lichen: “When you are unhappy, just brush up some questions. There is nothing to worry about, but a set of papers can’t be driven away. If you’re done, then just brush another set.”

Xu Lichen turned on his cellphone to look at her message, he could not help but curse: “My ass!”

He swore again: “Preposterous!”

But the person who was telling this nonsense was reliable and trustworthy. Xu Lichen looked at the cigarette butts stuffed in the ashtray on the coffee table in front of him, pressed out the cigarette in his hand, and really sat down at the desk to brush the questions.

He wouldn’t say it, but slowly, the depression in his heart was really suppressed. All he has in his mind now are formulas and theorems.

Those formulas and theorems seem cumbersome, and those difficult questions are complicated, but compared with the adult world, they are after all simple and clear, which makes people feel at ease.

After solving some questions, he looked at his phone and found that someone sent him a message: “Brother Chen, I found a suitable person from Yinghua Experimental High School. The other party agreed to help, just for a thousand yuan.”

Xu Lichen moved his finger and transferred 2,000 yuan.

“Thanks, Brother Chen!” The sender replied, “Leave this matter to me! You just wait!”

Xu Lichen pushed the desk and the chair slid back. He tilted his feet on the table and lit a cigarette again…

A few days later, two boys suddenly clashed at Yinghua Experimental High School. One of them is Xu Mulin, who is known as one of the excellent students of the school.

Xu Mulin has a superior family background and is also a polite person. He has always been known as a ‘noble son’ at Yinghua Experimental High School.

The conflict on that day was provoked by the other boy first. Although Xu Mulin has always shown people with a gentle image, after all, he is also a 16- or 17-year-old boy, so he also raised his hands, which aroused a lot of people’s onlookers.

When the others successfully pulled the two boys apart, the boy who provoked first suddenly shouted in front of so many onlookers:

“Pretending to be a rich second generation, you are only an illegitimate child!”

“Your mother is a mistress raised by someone’s husband!”

“You are a child of a mistress!”

The shocked glances of the classmates were cast in unison, and after a moment of silence, they began to whisper in each other’s ears.

And Xu Mulin, who originally felt that he hadn’t lost his reason, froze on the spot.

It’s like a person who has been skinned alive.

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    大力丸 – Dali Pills – A kind of pill promoted by martial arts and buskers in the arena, which is known to strengthen the bones and strengthen the vigor.