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Chapter 29: Repair the Truck 3

Qingguo admired Xiulan very much. Indeed, he should really not judge people on how they look. She was a plain and unremarkable girl from the countryside, but she actually could repair trucks.

Cheng also looked at Xiulan more, and felt that in addition to being thin and dull, the girl in front of him was also very pretty and charming.

Especially that pair of jet-black eyes, which were as bright as gems.

When she smiled, there were two shallow dimples on her cheeks, which was somewhat lovely.

He didn’t know if it was his own delusion, but he felt that the girl standing in front of him was definitely extraordinary.

Qingguo exclaimed, “How can this be nothing?! Comrade, you have helped me a lot!”

Cheng from the side asked, “Comrade, why don’t we invite you to lunch the next time you come to the county seat?”

Qingguo hurriedly agreed with his proposal. “That’s right, we’ll invite you to lunch!”

But Xiulan shook her head. “You don’t have to be so polite! And I don’t know when I’ll be back in the county seat as well! I have to go back now, so go ahead and do your business.”

She was carrying a basket on her back and was about to leave.

Cheng and Qingguo saw that she didn’t want to be thanked or rewarded, so they had to stop reluctantly.

“Comrade, where do you live, shall we take you back? If you don’t let us invite you to lunch, you should be able to agree to this request, right?” Cheng suggested.

Qingguo thought it was appropriate, so he agreed as well. “That’s right, Comrade, you don’t let us invite you for a meal, but we have to send you back at least, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep well at night.”

Xiulan thought about it and she knew that it would take three hours to walk back by herself. During her journey earlier, her legs suddenly became weak. If these men were able to send her back, then this would really save her from this trouble.

Seeing their sincere eyes, Xiulan nodded in agreement. “All right then, I won’t be polite to you either, so I’ll trouble you this time!”

Qingguo smiled humbly, showing a row of big white teeth. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing!”

There was a shallow smile on the corner of Cheng’s lips, then he retracted his gaze from her.

Xiulan got into Qingguo’s truck, and together, the three of them drove towards the production team according to the road she pointed at them.

On the way, the three chatted for a while and she learned something about these men.

Lu Qingguo worked in the transportation team in the county seat and was a decent city worker.

Jiang Cheng came from Lu City, which was a municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the central government, and he was involved in the technical field. As for what kind of technical job he had, they did not disclose it. But those who could take out special coupons were probably not simple.

Maybe his identity was that special, so it was not easy to disclose it to the outside world, and Xiulan could also understand this.

Everyone had their own private things, just like her, she wouldn’t tell others about her own affairs as well.

If Cheng didn’t say it, then she wouldn’t ask, as a sign of respect.

According to the information she had learned, Lu City was the region with the best economy in the 1960s. It was located in the south of the Yangtze River, so it was rich in various resources and it was also along the coast. There were many foreign exchanges and trade there. Coupled with the preferential support and policies, it was much better than the other regions.

Due to the slightly closer ties with foreign countries, novel foreign goods would appear there as well.

Cheng could not only take out special coupons, but also came from Lu City, which meant that he was definitely not a simple person.

The two of them were university classmates. After Qingguo graduated from university, he was assigned to a work unit in the county seat where he was working now, while Cheng continued his studies. Listening to them talking, although they didn’t say it clearly, Xiulan could also deduce that Cheng seemed to have been abroad to study.

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