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Chapter 28: Repair the Truck 2

Who knew that Xiulan would say, “I know how. I can repair trucks. My skills may not be that good, but I can try it!”

After listening to her words, both Qingguo and Cheng looked at her in surprise.

She can repair trucks?

No way, right?

These days, trucks were not common and there were too few mechanics who could repair trucks. It was possible that one or two would not be found in the county seat. So, they couldn’t believe that Xiulan, a girl from the countryside, knew how to repair trucks.

Looking at the expressions on these two men, Xiulan knew what they were thinking but she couldn’t tell them the truth.

Knowing how to repair cars and trucks was an essential skill in the apocalypse. In order to avoid those zombies, cars and trucks were very important tools.

Before the apocalypse, she deliberately went to an auto repair school to study.

Although she was not as good as professional mechanics, she could solve most of the common problems.

In any case, she had fixed all the problems with the cars and trucks she encountered before.

While the two men stared blankly at her, she opened the hood of the truck and checked it.

When Qingguo saw her checking the truck, he thought that she really looked like someone who knew how to repair it.

Even if she couldn’t fix it, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

He suddenly felt some expectation in his heart, hoping that she could really fix it, otherwise it would be impossible to just leave the truck there.

He had to find a mechanic to repair the truck, but there were many troublesome places, so he was afraid that it would take a lot of time to find one.

If she could directly help solve this problem, it would naturally save him a lot of trouble.

After Xiulan checked it, she quickly discovered the problem and asked Qingguo for tools, then she took the tools and repaired the engine.

Both Qingguo and Cheng stood aside while watching her repair the truck.

She was relatively thin, because of long-term malnutrition, so her whole body was skinny.

For some unknown reason, Xiulan’s burning eyes and serious expression when she repaired the truck made them think that this young woman looked completely different from what she looked like on the surface. There was an inexplicable energy in her body, which was a bit attractive.

Cheng felt that he had never seen such a ‘special’ girl.

After fiddling for ten minutes, Xiulan put away the tools and rushed to Qingguo’s side. “Okay! Comrade, please try it out. It should start now!”

Qingguo hurriedly responded and took the key to start the engine, but he didn’t expect that the truck would really start.

He got out of the truck, walked up to Xiulan, and said gratefully, “Comrade, thank you so much! If it weren’t for you, I still don’t know how to repair this truck!”

Xiulan wiped the sweat from her forehead and a bright smile appeared on her small face. “It’s nothing, I didn’t do much. Let’s live with the spirit of camaraderie, so we have to be more helpful!”

She said this in her mouth, but she didn’t exactly think so in her heart.

She had seen clearly in the restaurant just now that these men should not be simple people.

Especially Cheng, he probably had a special status to be able to take out special coupons.

She was weak and helpless in this era, so it was naturally best to make a few more awesome friends.

Now that she had lent her hand to help them, she wondered if she might be able to use their help when needed.

Since she had the ability to help them, she could make friends after helping them, and it would be considered as saving herself a way.

Naturally, Qingguo and Cheng didn’t know what she was thinking.

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