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Chapter 27: Repair the Truck 1

If the two of them split it in half, Qingguo wouldn’t have to refuse.

Xiulan ate in small sips and after eating the noodles, there was still half of it left in the bowl, but her stomach could no longer keep up.

It might be that the living conditions of the original owner were too poor, so for so many years, she had been in a state of starvation and her intestines had become thin, so her appetite was only this big.

Unlike her, Cheng and Qingguo were two grown men, who had much bigger appetites.

The serving of their noodles had already been increased, and one of them had eaten a pig trotter as well, but he still didn’t feel full.

Fortunately, Cheng ordered two more steamed buns.

The steamed buns were a bit hard, so he dipped them in the cabbage and egg drop soup before eating.

With the addition of these two dishes, he finally had a full stomach.

Although he ordered a lot of dishes at their table and they finished them all first, Xiulan chewed and swallowed slowly, finishing later than them.

There was still a little left on the bowl, but she couldn’t eat anymore, so she just put it on the table.

It was shameful to waste food these days.

But she couldn’t take it back because the Zhao family were all going to stare at her, so it could only be wasted like this.

She wiped her mouth, got up, and left the state-owned restaurant.

As soon as she got out of the entrance, she found a Jiefang-brand truck parked in front of the restaurant.

Jiefang Truck

She was a little surprised as she didn’t expect to see a truck in such a small place.

Thinking of the information she read from the space earlier, cars and trucks were still relatively rare at this point.

Generally, such Jiefang trucks were used by work units for transportation, but only very few units have them.

Like in their production team, there was no such thing as cars or trucks. So, when you wanted to go to the county seat, there was no public transportation to use for convenience of travel.

Those who were far away would drive ox carts and donkey carts. Under normal circumstances, they just relied on their two legs.

The only way to go further was by bus or train.

The Jiefang truck parked in front of the restaurant was about ninety percent new. Facing this kind of ‘antique’, she observed it with great interest.

Just as she looked at the truck, she found that Qingguo was fiddling in front of the truck with tools.

He muttered, “Oh no, what’s going on here? Its condition is good, so why did it break down? It was fine just now!”

Cheng couldn’t help much from the side. “Qingguo, there’s no hurry, just fix it slowly.”

“Hmm, then you wait there for a moment!”

“Okay, just take your time!”

Qingguo checked everything in the truck and found no problem. He scratched his head and his ears anxiously. “It’s weird, I can’t find anything that’s broken! What can I do about this? There are no mechanics here, so there is no way to repair it.

“Sigh, it’s my fault because my skills are still not good, otherwise I would be able to find where the problem is. But now, I don’t know where to start.”

Upon seeing this, Xiulan took a step forward. “Comrade, is there anything I can help you with?”

The two men both looked at her and realized that she was the girl who also ate at the restaurant.

Qingguo shook his head. “Thank you, but my truck is broken and this thing is not easy to repair. I am helpless and you can’t help much as well.”

It was not that he despised her, but trucks were special and only few people could repair them.

He also had a special training and learned how to repair trucks, but he had no way to fix them. At first glance, Xiulan looked like someone from the countryside, so she must had never been exposed to the method of repairing a truck. She might not have even seen a truck, let alone repaired it.

But of course, he also appreciated her kind intentions.

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