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Chapter 26: Male Lead 4

Because there were special meat coupons, the chef in the restaurant knew that with these coupons, they would definitely be able to buy pork. In addition, they would have priority when buying meat and they could also pick the fat ones. No matter how good the pig trotters were, they were no better than the fatty meat. It was a very good deal. Otherwise, as the waiter said, there was no meat for sale in their restaurant.

After hearing the waiter’s explanation, Xiulan realized that there were still so many avenues in the middle.

In this era, you had to use coupons to buy things and there were also different types of coupons.

Seeing that she didn’t know anything, the waiter secretly thought that she was indeed a country bumpkin, but he didn’t know where her money and coupons came from, and she even went to eat in a restaurant.

After Xiulan learned about the differences between the coupons, she did not continue the argument with the waiter. Instead, she looked at Qingguo and Cheng with some envy.

Cheng coughed slightly as he was a little embarrassed. He had a feeling that as if he had taken Xiulan’s things.

Although the ladies should be given priority, there was only such a pair of pig trotters left in this state-owned restaurant and he was reluctant to let it go.

After all, he wanted to treat Qingguo to a good meal. If he was eating alone, he might probably let Xiulan have it.

Xiulan didn’t bother so much. Soon, the waiter served the noodles she ordered and a plate of stir-fried shredded radishes.

The noodles were made with black flour, which were not as good-looking as white flour. However, white flour was so precious right now that most people couldn’t eat them at all, and some might only be able to eat them several times a year. On the black market, white flour and rice were considered as fine grains, rare and good things, and it was normal for state-owned restaurants to have no white flour.

However, in the current unfortunate situation, even if black flour was not as good as white flour, they had been classified as fine grains.

She didn’t dislike it either. After all, compared to the food at home, this bowl of black noodles was pretty good already.

There was a little clear soup in the noodles, with a little green onion floating on it, and two small pieces of cabbage were added, which exude bursts of fragrance.

The stir-fried shredded radishes were crisp and delicious, these must had probably been marinated, and the taste was quite good, just a little less greasy and a little lighter.

She could understand that oil was more expensive than gold now, and state-owned restaurants were reluctant to put too much oil in cooking.

It was probably because of hunger, so she ate while holding the bowl in her hand.

The dishes at Cheng and Qingguo’s table also began to be served.

A pair of braised pork trotters smelled seductively, and Xiulan glanced at their table with envy again.

It was a pity that the things in her space couldn’t be taken out at will, otherwise, she could have gone back and cooked a bowl of braised pork to relieve her cravings.

The two men on the other table were also very hungry. After their food were served, they hurried to eat.

Although Qingguo was a city worker, he could only get a small amount of meat coupons every month, and the meat coupons at his home had long been used up.

Every time he came back from buying such a small amount of meat, there were several children in his family, so there was not much to eat even if they shared a few mouthfuls.

Faced with such a pair of fragrant pig trotters, he had long since swallowed some saliva into his stomach.

Qingguo was embarrassed to use his chopsticks to eat first, but Cheng was straightforward as he took one pig trotter and shared the other one to him.

Cheng wanted to give them all to Qingguo. He knew that there were several mouths in Qingguo’s family who depended on him alone, so his life was really not well-off.

As for pig trotters, he usually ate a lot of meat, so they were not so rare for him.

However, he also knew that if he gave them all to his friend, Qingguo would definitely be embarrassed to accept them.

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