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Chapter 19: Go to the County Seat 5

“Heh! If you are really capable, then don’t eat the foodstuffs grown in our countryside! You’re eating the foodstuffs grown by the country folks you despise, right? Do you know that this is discrimination against farmers?”

Xiaohong was speechless when Xiulan slapped her with those words. But she looked at Xiulan unwillingly. She wondered why this country bumpkin, who had never read a book at first glance, could she speak so well. She didn’t even know how to justify her hate now.

Xiulan still felt that she had not scolded this girl enough, so she continued, “New China1新中国 – New China – The People’s Republic of China is sometimes referred to as “New China” to distinguish it from the “Old China” of the New Democratic Revolution. It was established on October 1, 1949, so October 1 every year is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. has been established. We are not a feudal country, nor a capitalist country, but a socialist country. Both workers and peasants are the masters of the country!

“So, what’s wrong with you? With such regulations, you still engage in class discrimination? You looked down on peasants, right? In your eyes, should these state regulations not be taken seriously?

“Which work unit do you belong to or which work unit your parents belong to? I have to ask your leaders if they should discriminate against the peasants and whether they should engage in class discrimination!”

Xiaohong felt scared when she heard that.

She was disgusted at the country bumpkins like Xiulan because they were just disgusting for her. If Xiulan really accused her of class discrimination, once this happened, she would definitely not be able to eat and walk around, and their family might not be able to turn over for the rest of their lives.

If Xiulan really inquired about her parents’ work unit and ran to the unit leader to make trouble, then her parents would probably lose their jobs as well.

She could eat commodity grains because her parents work in the city, otherwise, she would be the same as the country bumpkins.

She didn’t want to get into such big trouble for such a small thing.

She was really annoyed. “Forget it! I… I don’t want to argue with you!”

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But Zhao Xiulan didn’t just stop there.

Why does this girl have such attitude when she is in the wrong?

“Comrade, you must apologize to me for what you just said!” Xiulan demanded solemnly.

Xiaohong widened her eyes and looked at Xiulan, then exclaimed, “Apologize? You want me to apologize to you?!”

A country bumpkin, just a mere peasant, are you worthy of my apology?

She didn’t want to argue with Xiulan anymore and it was already her biggest concession, but Xiulan still had to make an inch and asked her to apologize.

“Don’t go too far!” Xiaohong gritted her teeth.

“Shouldn’t you apologize for saying the wrong thing? If you don’t apologize, then I’ll find someone to be the judge!”

Xiaohong was still very afraid of what Xiulan had just said.

Although very reluctant, she finally endured and apologized to Zhao Xiulan, “I’m sorry!”

Regardless of whether Xiaohong apologized sincerely or not, Xiulan had gotten the result she wanted anyway. She snorted softly, ignored Xiaohong, and left the supply and marketing cooperative.

The shop assistant of the supply and marketing cooperative watched Xiulan leave, and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

She also heard what Xiulan said just now. Just like Xiaohong, she also ridiculed Xiulan as a country bumpkin. She always had this attitude before. Although these kinds of people who came to buy things were dissatisfied, no one could give such claims like Xiulan.

If Xiulan also argued with her and got her into trouble with the leader, she would most likely lose her job.

This job was a secured job, with light work and leisure benefits, and she could also eat the commodity grains. If she lost this job, she would cry to death.

Fortunately, Xiulan did not mind her earlier.

But next time, if Xiulan came to their shop again, she wouldn’t dare to neglect her anymore.

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