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Chapter 30: He Thinks That Zhao Xiulan Is Special

Cheng came in Anxian County this time to find a close relative.

They had not been in contact with this relative for many years, so the information that he could grasp now was limited. He only knew that the relative was in this county, but he didn’t know where he was.

When he came there, he asked Qingguo to help him find a reliable contact and see if he could find his relative.

Time passed quickly when talking and chatting.

Originally, Xiulan had to walk for two to three hours. But by sitting in the truck, she arrived in just twenty minutes.

Not far from the production team, she asked Qingguo to stop.

Although the truck could be driven up to her home, she didn’t dare to be so flamboyant.

The truck was really eye-catching, and Qingguo and Cheng were both male comrades.

If she went with the two of them, it was certain that she would be gossiped about.

These days, if anyone was rumored to be having improper relationship with a man or woman, the situation was very serious.

In order to avoid these unnecessary troubles, she asked Qingguo to stop the truck at a distance, “Comrade Lu, Comrade Jiang, thank you for sending me back. You can stop here and I can just walk back from here. We’ll talk again when we have the opportunity to meet next time.”

Then, she got out of the truck with a basket on her back.

“Okay, Comrade Xiulan, then be careful on your way!”

“You too, be careful!”

With a bright smile on the corner of her lips, she turned around and walked towards the production team.

Qingguo was about to start the truck for them to return, but he saw that Cheng’s gaze hadn’t taken back from Xiulan’s body. He was still staring at her back as she walked further away.

With a playful smile on his lips, he bumped his shoulder to Cheng. “What now? Are you interested in that female comrade?

“She looks normal. I think this female comrade is excellent. She is really good and can repair trucks. Except for being a little younger, she is pretty good.

“You are not that young anymore. We are of the same age, but look at how many kids I have now and you don’t even have a girlfriend! So, you have to work harder, otherwise you will become an old bachelor in a few years, and it will not be so easy to find a good female comrade by then.”

After being teased by Qingguo like this, Cheng’s cheeks showed some crimson.

So, Cheng retracted his gaze from Xiulan. “Qingguo, don’t make fun of me, I just think that this female comrade is a bit different.”

Not to mention her ability to repair trucks, she was obviously a country girl, but she had an indescribable temperament and even had a bit of a bookish aura. Generally, only by studying often and after long-term education, would you have this temperament.

The most important thing was that she didn’t have the rustic air of a country girl at all, and she even had a bit of ‘noble aura’.

It was reasonable to say that she should be from a good background, so how could she be a little girl from the countryside?

Anyway, all the characteristics of Xiulan were incompatible with that of a country girl.

Qingguo understood the meaning behind Cheng’s words.

In fact, it was not only Cheng who felt this way, he also noticed something special about Xiulan.

He sighed and said, “In these troubled years, no one knows what others have experienced before and what they will experience in the future. This female comrade said that she is a country girl, but you can’t tell if they were transferred to the countryside because of some problems in her family or if her family suddenly had some misfortunes, so it’s not really that surprising.”

Hearing his words, Cheng also thought that it made sense now.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many people with bad family backgrounds were delegated to various rural areas.

In particular, those were the people who were considered as capitalists, landlords, businessmen, or wealthy.

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