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Xiù Cè (袖侧)

The Eldest Daughter was Reborn

In her previous life, Zhang Yansheng wasted her life because of her scumbag father and stepmother — smoking, drinking, getting tattoos and drag racing. Reborn back to high school, Zhang Yansheng, a rebellious girl, looked at the luxurious mansion and million-dollar cars at home… What is rebellion? Isn’t it good to inherit the family business?

Ah Ru (阿茹)

Transmigrated to the 1960s: The Peasant Wife Has a Space

When she woke up, she traveled to the 1960s. There was a shortage of clothes, food, supplies, provisions, and everything. In addition, there is also an evil stepmother, a rake-eared father, a weird stepsister, and a weak and pitiful younger sister.

Liu Qingyang (琉晴阳)​

She Became a Villainess

What will you do when you wake up and find that you have transmigrated into a book? And what if you have transmigrated as a villainess?

Qin Zhizhi falls down in front of the male and female leads. She hugs the big boss’ legs tightly and complains, “Yuyu, she pushed me.”

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