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Chapter 62: Trade Again 1

Previously, Weigou was really blinded and had always been nice to Lijuan and Yumei, and just ignored his biological daughters.

Lijuan suffered a lot from that meal. She was very hungry at first and she thought that it was fine if she didn’t have to eat. But now, she also had to smell the delicious food and watch Xiulan and the others while eating.

She couldn’t bear that anymore, so she went back to her room angrily and blamed Xiulan for all the grievances she had suffered that day.

A few days after that, Lijuan became a little more honest. She would go out to work every day and she could also get four to five work points. After she came back from work, she also didn’t complain about being too tired.

After working for a few days, Xiulan proposed to go out and beg again.

Weiguo naturally didn’t stop her because she was different from Lijuan. She could get foodstuffs back every time, but Lijuan used the method of stealing.

The next morning, Xiulan got up early and went to the county seat to visit the Chen couple first.

Last time, both of them had fainted from hunger. And now, they had foodstuffs to eat so they both looked much better.

They had a little bit of blood now compared to their faces which looked were very sallow before.

Xiulan gave them good things, including fine grains, bacon, sausages, and eggs, which were enough for them to make up for their bodies.

Mr. Chen sighed that he had not lived this kind of life and had eaten these good things for many years.

If it weren’t for Xiulan, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to eat them anymore.

They were very grateful to her.

Seeing that they were living well now, Xiulan was relieved.

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A middle-aged man, who was about the same age as Mr. Chen, came to their house when she was about to leave.

Although his hair was gray and his clothes were shabby, the temperament she could perceive from this old man was not ordinary.

At a glance, she could tell that he used to be a person with good family conditions.

Mrs. Chen hurriedly greeted the old man and asked him to come in.

Then she explained, “Xiulan, this is your Uncle Chen’s old classmate.

“There is really no foodstuff at their home and there is no way for him to get any. I decided to give him some of the foodstuffs we’ve got from you, so they can get through this day. If he doesn’t have anything to eat, then they will starve to death.”

Mrs. Chen sighed and sympathized with his family.

Because she had the same experience, she couldn’t bear seeing the people around her reduced to the point of starvation.

However, if she would give more foodstuffs to this man, then she must inform Xiulan as well. After all, the foodstuffs were all given by Xiulan, so she needs to get Xiulan’s approval.

When the man saw Xiulan, they exchanged greetings.

“Auntie, since the foodstuffs are given to you, then you can decide for yourself if you want to give them to anyone,” said Xiulan. She was also very sympathetic to people who had suffered this kind of experience. If she could help, then she would not hesitate to lend a hand, even with just a little bit of foodstuff.

The couple and the man were very happy upon hearing that, and they were very grateful to Xiulan for giving her consent.

The man looked at her and couldn’t help but ask, “Girl, thank you, but I want to ask. Can I trade with you as well?

“I also have a lot of good things, which I secretly hid in the past.

“However, going to the black market to exchange using jewelry is not only risky, but those who don’t know the value of these things are seldom willing to exchange.

“If you can get foodstuffs later, can you help me trade a little? Anything is fine for as long as it can be eaten.”

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