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Chapter 63: Trade Again 2

If the man could trade with Xiulan, then Mr. and Mrs. Chen could eat all their foodstuffs by themselves. He didn’t want to drag down his old friend.

The most important thing was that if Xiulan agreed, it would be a long-term business.

Xiulan nodded in agreement when she saw the man’s pleading gaze.

The man became very happy and he hurriedly took out a box from his pocket.

Xiulan took the box he handed over, but she didn’t look at the contents yet. The jewelry box alone had already attracted her attention.

The jewelry box was actually made of precious red sandalwood and the patterns carved on the box were very delicate. A jewelry box like that alone was probably worth a lot of money.

The jewelry box was so precious, let alone the contents inside.

Sure enough, as she had expected, the jewelry inside was indeed very precious.

There was a ruby ​​bracelet in pigeon blood red, which was the highest color in rubies. Both purity, concentration, and vividness were very good.

Just this ruby ​​bracelet, if you would sell it in the 21st century, the buyer would probably have to take out around one to two million yuan.

There was also a pair of jade bracelets with a very pure emerald green color. The texture was delicate and the transparency was very good. It was more valuable than the ice green bracelet from Mrs. Chen. This pair of bracelets would cost millions in the 21st century.

In addition, there were a sapphire ring and a big diamond ring.

The center stone on the diamond ring was about the size of a pigeon’s egg and it was in pink color, and the surrounding area was dotted with white diamonds.

As a woman, no one could resist the charm of diamonds, even Xiulan.

This diamond ring was very expensive and a diamond that was about the size of a pigeon’s egg was equally valuable in the 21st century.

If the contents of the entire jewelry box were randomly picked out and sold in the 21st century, then it would be enough for ordinary people to eat and drink for a lifetime.

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Seeing so much precious jewelry, Xiulan couldn’t help but be moved.

As someone who had been in the future, she understood the preciousness of these things.

It was also an advantage to be in this era because she could trade a little foodstuff for so much precious jewelry. If this happened in the 21st century, she would not be able to find such a cheap price.

From this trade, it looked like she was helping him out, but in fact, she actually benefited the most.

So, she wanted to take this opportunity to trade for more precious jewelry and go back. It seemed that she would have to go to the black market more in the future to see if she could find more good things.

After she looked at the jewelry, she exclaimed, “Uncle, these are all good things!”

She really didn’t make a mistake—the identity of this man was not simple.

His previous family background should have been very rich, and in the 21st century, he could be regarded as a wealthy man.

The man was very happy to see that she liked them and had knowledge of these things.

“Yes! But Girl, no matter how good these things are, they are not as precious and important as foodstuffs now. I am very happy that you are willing to exchange with them. I must not treat you badly in this regard.”

Xiulan put away the jewelry box and said, “Uncle, I no longer have any foodstuffs today. How about I deliver them tomorrow?”

She still had a lot of foodstuffs in the space, but if she took some out without preparation, it would arouse suspicion from others, so she could only say that for now. 

The man naturally had no objection. “That’s fine, you can deliver them when it is convenient for you.”

“Good! Then, I will send them directly to Auntie Chen and you can pick them up here.”

She didn’t know where his house was, so she would simply send the foodstuffs there at the Chens’ house.

The man agreed forthwith.

Xiulan said goodbye to them after saying a few more words.

She still had to go to the black market and made some trades, then go back with some money and coupons. But of course, she would also see if she could meet someone willing to exchange antiques and jewelry for foodstuffs.

As soon as she left, Cheng and Qingguo rushed over to that area.

Qingguo pointed at the same western-style house and uttered, “Cheng, I have inquired about it for you. Your mentor, Chen Deming, lives there. He has been living there and hasn’t moved since their misfortune. It’s possible that he still lives there now, so you should go in and have a look.”

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