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Chapter 61: Eat Eggs 2

Yumei thought for a while that if Xiulan and Xiuzhu could also eat the same meal with her, then it would just be a waste for these two shrews.

Facing her request, Weiguo refused without even thinking about it.

Lijuan had already annoyed him today and he even had some complaints against his wife, considering that she did not discipline her daughter well. And now, her selfishness made him even more dissatisfied. How could you still think of swallowing all the eggs that my daughter picked up?

Xiulan’s thoughtfulness and understanding contrasted greatly with the performance of the mother-daughter pair, so he naturally favored Xiulan.

“The eggs were picked up by Xiulan and we’ll all eat them just like what she said!” he replied with a cold face.

Yumei pouted but didn’t dare to say anything.

An imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of Xiulan’s lips and her mood became much better.

Ignoring the mother-daughter pair, Xiulan happily said, “Dad, it’s getting late, so I will go prepare dinner now. Since we’ll eat tonight, then let’s have a good meal. We’ll eat all these five eggs, a plate of steamed eggs and a plate of fried eggs.”

Weiguo nodded in agreement. “Okay! Xiulan, you don’t need to tell this to me, you can make your own decision.”

Xiulan smiled in response, then went into the kitchen and got busy.

When Xiuzhu heard that there were eggs to eat, she exclaimed happily, “That’s great! There are eggs to eat! Sister, let me help you cook too!”

With that said, Xiuzhu followed her and prepared to help her make a fire.

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On the other hand, when Lijuan heard that they were going to eat eggs for dinner, she almost vomited blood in anger because she was punished for not having that meal.

Having a good meal could happen rarely, but she was unlucky this time.

Xiulan was busy preparing their dinner. There were five eggs, two eggs and a little water could make a plate of steamed eggs.

Most people didn’t have a chance to eat steamed eggs and they could only eat one egg with a lot of water, so steaming a large plate was barely delicious for the whole family. Xiulan steaming a plate with two eggs was considered a luxury.

For the remaining three eggs, she chopped some green peppers and fried them together with the eggs, so this would make a plate of scrambled eggs with green peppers.

The green peppers were grown in their private plot. When frying the eggs, she deliberately put a little more oil, because putting too little oil would not taste good. The oil in their oil jar had bottomed out, and after doing that, it was almost emptied. She had to think of a way to find an excuse to get some canola oil back for them to use in cooking.

In addition to the eggs, she used the oil in the pan from the scrambled eggs to stir fry another plate of cabbage.

Then finally, she cooked a pot of cornmeal mush. This kind of dinner was a rare and rich meal for the Zhao family.

Xiuzhu sniffed and said, “Sister, the smell of eggs is really fragrant!”

“Haha, that’s right! Can such precious things not smell good?”

“Sister, you are so amazing. You can even pick up eggs. It is your blessing that our family can eat eggs today!” said Xiuzhu with a happy expression. She realized that she was able to eat well in the past few days. Her sister could beg and come back with delicious food to share with her. And now, she was even able to pick up eggs for them to eat.

Xiulan smiled slightly at her. “Go and wash your hands, let’s get ready to eat!”

“Okay!” Xiuzhu then hurried to wash her hands. She couldn’t wait for the meal.

For that meal, because of the eggs, everyone was very happy to eat.

Xiulan’s cooking skills were also good. While eating, Weiguo praised her daughter who was capable of everything and very diligent. Compared with Lijuan, she was much better.

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