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Chapter 51: Li Lijuan Begs for Foodstuff 1

“Auntie, I’m not giving them to you for nothing. I’ve exchanged these foodstuffs with your jewelry, which has a much higher value, so you don’t have to be too grateful.”

Xiulan’s words made Mrs. Chen’s heart a little more relieved. Otherwise, taking advantage of her too much would really make Mrs. Chen feel uneasy at all.

Mrs. Chen sighed and nodded. “All right, Xiulan. Then this aunt will make a trade with you again later.”

“No problem, Auntie. Then, I’ll go ahead now.”

Mrs. Chen did not keep Xiulan either. Whoever came to get closer to them while they were still in that situation, he would probably be implicated together with them.

Xiulan was a good person and Mrs. Chen didn’t want her to be implicated.

Prior to leaving, Mrs. Chen recalled something and didn’t hesitate to give an advise. “Xiulan, if you go to the black market to exchange your foodstuffs next time, you should disguise yourself so that people won’t recognize you.

“Otherwise, if you trade there too many times, then people will always remember you based on your looks. You must be careful these days. You have foodstuff on you, which is the most precious thing. There are many good people and there are also many bad people. If you are not prepared to encounter bad people, something terrible may happen.”

Mrs. Chen’s words reminded Xiulan that she did not disguise herself in the black market since yesterday.

Once or twice was okay, but she would be remembered if there were too many times.

The next time she decided to go to the black market, she had to be prepared and couldn’t show her face directly. In addition, she couldn’t go to the black market too often.

After today, Xiulan planned to come back to the county seat again in two days.

She nodded heavily. “I got it, Auntie Chen. Thank you for the reminder.”

“Hey, I should be the one to thank you instead. Xiulan, this aunt only hopes that you will always be safe when doing your business.”

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Xiulan finally said goodbye to them. Next, she went back to the black market to trade her foodstuffs with some coarse grains from others, and then went to that same state-owned restaurant for lunch.

After an exhausting trip, especially when she made some money, she didn’t want to treat herself badly.

When she went to the restaurant this time, her luck was a little better than last time. There was still a small portion of braised pork left. She also ordered a bowl of noodles and a side dish just like yesterday. Because of the braised pork, her lunch meal was very satisfying.

There was no truck driven by Qingguo as she went back this time, so she dragged her tired body for another three hours to get home.

This took a lot of time and it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon when she got home. Since it was already too late to go to work in the production team, she simply rested at home.

She brought home the coarse grains she had gotten from trading with other people on purpose. She would tell the family that she got them from begging, otherwise it would be too dazzling to bring the fine grains from her space back. Who would give fine grains to anyone these days?

She exchanged half a kilo of rice for one and a half kilos of wheat bran and one and a half kilos of sweet potatoes.

Fine grains were more precious than coarse grains, and a half kilo of fine grains could be exchanged for several kilos of coarse grains.

Normally, if she would not go out to work and earn work points, then she would definitely be scolded fiercely by Yumei. But if she went out to beg for foodstuff and returned with a few kilos of foodstuffs, even if Yumei had the intention to pick on her, with Weiguo’s amazing protection to her now, Yumei wouldn’t dare to make too much noise.

When Weiguo came back from work, he was very happy to see that she had obtained a few more kilos of foodstuffs, so he praised her hard work.

Why didn’t he know that his daughter was so capable before? Speaking of which, he was too negligent and didn’t notice that she was really excellent.

Lijuan was dismissive when she heard Weiguo’s praises directed to Xiulan.

“Isn’t it just begging people for a little bit of foodstuff? What’s so impressive about that?!

“How comfortable is it to run out to beg for foodstuff? Compare to me who was very exhausted and my skin was about to lose a layer under the scorching heat of the sun. If this continues, I guess it will turn into black charcoal.”

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