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Chapter 49: Emergency Rescue 6

Mr. Chen was really hungry right now, but he wanted to refuse. In the end, he couldn’t resist his inner desire, so he took the meat bun and ate it.

“Girl, thank you for your meat bun!” He also thanked Zhao Xiulan gratefully.

“Uncle Chen, you’re welcome, let’s not be polite. I am also very happy that I can help you.”

Mr. Chen was eating a meat bun and Xiulan could tell that he was also someone from a good family, just like Mrs. Chen. She could tell just by his eating manners.

This man had a different temperament from a person with a good background. Although he was old and so depressed, he still looked very elegant.

It was precisely because of this that the couple ended up in such a situation, so Xiulan sympathized with them even more.

After Mr. Chen had eaten, his whole body recovered a lot, and the feeling of fullness in his stomach also made him feel a sense of happiness that he hadn’t felt for a long time.

Thinking of the past few years, when his family hadn’t fallen yet, they had experienced a lot of good days.

But now that he couldn’t even eat a mouthful of food, he couldn’t help but sigh.

The mentality of this couple was really good. Although life was difficult and the gap was too big from before, the two of them did not give up on themselves, but worked hard to live instead.

Although the days were difficult, there would always be those days in the past. The couple believed that they would always survive this dark times and usher in the light.

Xiulan also admired the mentality of this couple.

Sometimes, the gap was too big and not everyone could bear it.

According to the memories in her mind, everyone only need to persevere during this special period and there would indeed be good days just like those in the past.

Because Xiulan had rescued Mr. Chen as well, the relationship between Xiulan and the middle-aged couple had become a lot closer, and they had completely put aside their guard against her.

After they chatted for a while, Xiulan had learned something.

They were both highly educated people, especially Mr. Chen, who also taught in colleges and universities. Later, the country engaged in construction, so he left his teaching job and invested in engineering construction.

If one wanted to get rich, then you had to build a road first. It was becoming more and more important for citizens to travel, and the construction of the country’s highway and railway projects was on the agenda.

As an engineer, Mr. Chen had participated in many highway and railway construction projects.

According to Xiulan’s memory, not long after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the country’s railway construction level was not good, there were many shortcomings, and the technology was not that advanced, so railway construction encountered many technical difficulties.

It was through the unremitting efforts of many engineers like him that the country’s railway construction was able to get better and better.

For such people, Xiulan really admired them from the bottom of her heart.

Knowing the later history, she knew better that with the development of time, the country’s railway technology had developed to a world-leading level, especially high-speed rail technology, which had made many foreigners marveled and looked sideways. This was something worth to be proud of.

If Mr. Chen was lucky enough to see that, he would definitely be happy for the country’s later development.

During the chat, Xiulan could feel Mr. Chen’s concern about the country’s various constructions. If it weren’t for being implicated in the social status issue before, he would have definitely stayed on his post and contributed to the construction of the country.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Xiulan also had to prepare to go back, although she still wanted to chat more with them.

She took out the foodstuffs from the basket, and when she took them out, she deliberately added a few more things.

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