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Chapter 52: Li Lijuan Begs for Foodstuff 2

Lijuan was very depressed when she thought that her skin, which had been whitening for a long time, would have to be tanned again.

On the contrary, looking at Xiulan, she didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that Xiulan’s skin seemed to be a lot smoother and whiter.

She concluded that it must be because Xiulan had not been working in the field for the past two days.

Heh! She stops working under the pretext of begging for foodstuff to nourish herself white.

Lijuan believed that it would be better for herself to hook up with Jianguo later.

Jianguo was the son of the team leader and the Liu family’s life was better than that of many people in their village. Other families couldn’t have enough meal, but the team leader’s family could definitely have enough. They could even eat some meat or other good things from time to time.

Among other things, Liu Lanlan, the team leader’s daughter, was very fat. She was only 160-centimeter tall, but weighed more than eighty kilograms, shaking with fat all over her body.

These days, most of them were people who couldn’t get enough to food to eat. Everyone was always hungry and skinny, but the team leader’s family could raise their daughter into a pig.

This only showed that their family’s meals were pretty good and they always had something to eat, otherwise Lanlan wouldn’t be so fat now.

It would be a blessing to anyone who would get married into their family. That woman wouldn’t need to worry about eating or drinking, and the most important thing was that she would have a good relationship with the team leader, so she could also pick easy tasks to do and it might even be up to her if she wanted to work or not.

Of course, Lijuan couldn’t see Xiulan’s good qualities. She didn’t think of the reason why Jianguo liked Xiulan which gave her an opportunity to marry into their family.

In Lijuan’s opinion, if one needed to marry into their family, then it had to be her.

Xiulan was not worthy of Jianguo. She really didn’t have any idea why he had taken a fancy on her.

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When Xiulan heard Lijuan’s words, she sneered and said, “If that’s the case, why don’t we exchange roles? If you think that begging is not difficult and is better than working at home and earning work points, then you can beg for food and I’ll work. Do you agree?

“If you can get foodstuffs back like me, I don’t mind handing over the job of going to the county seat to beg for food, then you can do whatever you like. But if you can’t get anything, then you will work honestly at home in the future, and don’t even complain about being tired as well.”

Lijuan stared at Xiulan and caught a glimpse of a smile at the corner of her mouth. Lijuan always felt that Xiulan was a bit malicious.

She wondered if she was deliberately using an aggressive tactic this time.

She thought for a while and decided to agree.

Isn’t it just begging?

If Xiulan can get something back, I can do that too! I am definitely not worse than her?

“Okay, then I’ll beg for foodstuff tomorrow and you will go to work.”

“Sure, no problem.”

After making an agreement with her, Xiulan went to prepare dinner. For dinner, Xiulan steamed a few sweet potatoes and added a little porridge.

Weiguo wanted to keep the remaining sorghum flour for Yumei. After all, she was still pregnant and there were no other good things at home that could make up for her body. Xiulan agreed when she saw Weiguo’s look of pleading.

It was just some coarse grains, so it didn’t matter if Yumei ate the remaining. The most important thing was that she could leave a thoughtful and sensible image in fer father’s heart.

She had been sweating a lot in the past two days and hadn’t taken a bath for two days, so she also boiled some water. After eating, she took a bath and felt much more refreshed.

But before going to bed, she called Xiuzhu into her room and handed a boiled egg for her to eat.

Since she would not go to the county seat tomorrow, she couldn’t use the same excuse of begging for foodstuff to give her sister some good food, so she could only take advantage of what she could give now.

As usual, she put on a facial mask and went to sleep after some facial treatment.

When she got up early the next morning, Lijuan also went to the county seat to beg for foodstuff with a confident look.

Lijuan specially dressed herself up because she was going there. Her hair was neatly combed and she was wearing her best and latest clothes.

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