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Chapter 99: Improper Relationship 1

“Comrade Xiulan, let’s go!”

Xiulan sat in the back seat of the bicycle in a formal manner. After they bid goodbye to the couple, Cheng started to pedal the bicycle and left the residential building.

When the two had gone far away, Caixia asked her husband to get more gossip, “Cheng has taken a fancy to Xiulan, right?”

Qingguo nodded with a smile. “Yes! So, if we want to create opportunities for him, we have to give them time to be alone. If they get to know each other more, then they might find themselves being suitable and become a couple!”

Caixia laughed and said, “Haha! Yes, this is a good thing. Look at my mouth, I almost messed it up for them!” 

She actually had some hint of guilt.

“Everything went well in the end anyway, so it’s okay! Come on, let’s go back to the house now. Cheng has been given the opportunity and the rest is up to him!”

On the way back, Cheng and Xiulan chatted again and they talked about everything under the sun. No matter what Xiulan said, Cheng could pick up the conversation. They chatted very happily along the way and they arrived at the production team unknowingly.

Both of them lamented in their hearts that the road was too short and the time passed a little too quickly. So, they hoped that the road would be longer at that moment.

Xiulan was about to get off the bicycle, but who knew that they would run into Lijuan. Standing next to her was an eighteen-year-old girl named Xu Cuihua. The two of them were good friends and liked to play together before.

With the help of Lanlan, Lijuan had been herding cattle work these days, so she was very relaxed and comfortable. She took advantage of having a good relationship with Lanlan.

There were a lot of weeds on the ridge next to the main road, so she led the cattle and put them there.

The purpose of herding cattle at the edge of the production team was mainly to be lazy. The cattle could just be pulled and tied there. If they were seen leisurely sitting in the production team, the other villagers would call them out and would be labeled as lazy workers.

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At first, Lijuan hadn’t recognized Xiulan from a long distance away, she only saw someone riding a bicycle. 

In this era, especially for the villagers, bicycles were a rare thing.

Seeing someone riding a bicycle on the road, Lijuan and Cuihua’s eyes were drawn over.

Lijuan even exclaimed, “A bicycle?! My God, someone is actually riding a bicycle here!”

Cuihua was equally impressed. “It’s amazing! This person can afford a bicycle. I heard that a bicycle costs at least one hundred and fifty yuan!”

In the countryside, one hundred and fifty yuan was simply an astronomical figure and the wealthy families in the village couldn’t afford to spend that much money. Therefore, owning a bicycle was a very rare thing.

While they waited for the bicycle to get closer and closer to them, Cuihua frowned and said, “Lijuan, why do I feel that the person sitting behind is a bit like Xiulan?”

Lijuan also took a look. Although she thought it was quite similar to Xiulan, she still snorted disdainfully. “How could it be possible? With Xiulan’s virtue, can she get on a bicycle?”

Cuihua felt that it made sense when she heard that, but as the bike got closer and closer, she couldn’t help but grab Lijuan’s arm and exclaimed, “Lijuan, look! It’s really Xiulan!”

So, Lijuan quickly took a closer look and found that Cuihua was right. It was really Xiulan sitting at the back.

How is this possible?

She then looked at the man who sent Xiulan back. He was so handsome. She had never seen a better-looking man than him. Aside from being handsome, he even had a bicycle.

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